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Deadline is reporting that talks of a live action Robotech movie are being resurrected at Warner Bros. Robotech was a popular Japanese anime about transforming fighter jet robots and was adapted for US audiences in the 1980’s. Michael Gordon who wrote movies like 300 and GI Joe: Rise of Cobra is reportedly penning the script.

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James Enk says:

i really want it to happen but the chances of it being good are slim. i
hope they do it and turns out an amazing movie

HELLASgate7 says:

When I was a kid it went like this..

Robotech.. Then Star wars

What is taking them this long! This property has sooo much potential. It’s
not about the transforming jets which are just machines piloted by humans
to combat the giant sized alien Zentrati. It’s a epic war drama of emotions
and the survival of the human race. Not to mention the godfather of anime



And it’s Valkerie fighter NOT Veratech

lethallady says:

Hmmm maybe this could work but America has a history of fucking up when it
comes to doing movies based on anime and games. Fingers crossed! 

Jovan Mitrić says:

This is your shot, Warner Bros! Don’t fuck this up and for the love of the
entire Universe, *don’t try* to outbay Michael Bay!

TheoKabala89 says:

Never really cared much for Robotech, so I’m not really worried about what
Hollywood will do with this. Just glad they’re not going after Gundam or
Evangelion, because those are my babies.

Joao-Pierre Ruth says:

Special effects technology has finally reached a level to make this
feasible from a visual perspective; the writing “talent” that is attached
to this possible project MAKES ME CRINGE.

I get that studios want special effects driven movies they believe will
yield huge profits. But they forget that if the story sucks, they run a
greater risk of losing a ton of money as well.

So how about they invest some of the money for laser blasts and explosions
in script writers who can actually tell a story?

Skull Squadron deserves proper handling. 

SuperShadow781 says:

As long as Michael Bay keeps his filthy mitts off of Robotech, it should be
good :)

barbara doug says:

SDF Macross is one of the greatest anime of all time

potaka79 says:

Their going to need better script writers then the ppl who wrote GI Joe
even I no that. This is WB being lazy & pushing something out to make
money. Still I’m very excited for a Robotech movie as I was a big fan of
the tv series growing up as a kid. I just pray WB don’t Fuk it up. 

Savvysap777 says:

I buy it. I think it will be the opposite of Transformers… Actually good.

Revolucas says:

Will be complete shit. Warner Bros makes absolute garbage.

Grim Invictus says:


Pei Kang says:

Cool Transformers t-shirt, Dennis. Also- Ashley Mova initially said it’s
about transforming robots; as Dennis mentioned, technically it’s a love
story and about human survival against a superior alien invasion force….

I am both eager and terrified at this being made, I hope to see it one day
yet I hate the thought of my favorite all-time anime ruined. I also liked
Macross, to me they are not the same entities. Robotech is an homage of
Macross in some ways, and it brought my attention to anime like no other
“cartoon” had.

I just hope they have terrific background music, because that struck me as
one of the most fantastic things about both Robotech and Macross. I can
live with a barely passable script if the actors are decent, dialogue is
good etc and music is memorable. (hoping and praying it’ll be okay and they
will get it done).

ov3rdos311 says:

An American film studio doing anime. This is going to be fucking terrible.
Give it to a Japanese film studio instead you morons. Take a look at the
Kenshin movies and how brilliantly it was translated from the comic. This
is going to be another explosion driven, American, Pacific Rim shitfest.

SpaceFlight Insider - Official Page says:

I would rather see it not made as opposed to having it move too far away
from the source material.

Jon Miller says:

First :) if they did this iD be so happy :) 

I Bramblebush says:

I’m not holding my breath on this one.

SerothTalon1 says:

I was so excited to see Pacific Rim. Not because I gave a damn about
Pacific Rim, but because the success of that movie would open the door for
more mech suit movies. There is really not much I would rather see as a
big budget summer blockbuster movie than a Gundam movie. Except maybe
Brian Herbert’s Dune series.

ibjeepr says:

Glad to hear this is still in the works but I’m terrified of what they’ll
do to it. I’ve actually got notes of how I want the Robotech movie to be
done. I thought the first Transformers was fun but not what I hoped for. I
hope Robotech is at least better than that. Robotech Valkyrie Project on
Youtube has the right feel.

francisco solorzano says:

And I hope they script this with a person who knows and loves anime so they
know what they are doing. Not like dragon ball z and freaking avatar the
air bender. Which had a director who knew nothing about the material.
Please don’t mess this up for all of us!!! Oh and no Michael Bay thank you.

mariabenz07 says:

OMG, if they do get the rights issue solved and do the series justice, I’m
all for it but the writer of Rise of Cobra, sweet jesus, no

Ian Hockabout says:

Robotech was comprised of 1.the Super Dimension Fortress Macross 2. Super
Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and finally 3. Genesis Climer MOSPEADA

49ers1975 says:

they better not screw this up… betetr have the good story line love
triangle, dialogue, action and all..we will just ahve to wait and
see…..if the movie sucks the toys better not…

Bonnie The Bunny says:

Hope this will be better than Transformers. I know about Robotech but I
NEVER saw it or know anything about it. So it looks interesting!

pieman2906 says:

Ugh… can’t it just be Macross? Or heck, even just it’s own thing taking
ideas from Macross? Why does the branding have to be of some cut-and-paste
hack job instead of the actual show. Damn you Harmony Gold.

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