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Deadline is reporting that talks of a live action Robotech movie are being resurrected at Warner Bros. Robotech was a popular Japanese anime about transforming fighter jet robots and was adapted for US audiences in the 1980’s. Michael Gordon who wrote movies like 300 and GI Joe: Rise of Cobra is reportedly penning the script.

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Revolucas says:

In the U.S. anime is considered cartoons for kids which isn’t how anime is
viewed in Japan and many other cultures. It’s very hard to break that
perception and doing that by turning popular anime and manga series into
live action is just a money pit. The Japanese have a very hard time
understanding Western culture and they make very bad business decisions.

LazyBazooka says:

This is gonna suck.

The Magic Robot [•_•] says:

I’m having Dragonball: Evolution and The Last Airbender flashbacks.

ButtonBashingBros says:

I have Astroboy on DVD, I didn’t think it was amazing but as a child when I
saw it, it was ok, not too sure why they are making a live action film.

Rev55 says:

Isnt astro boy the animated series from the 50s?
Im calling B.S on her actually seeing this s a kid.

I hate calling my girlfriend out on sguff, but im not sure theres a newer
version of this that played om air when she qas a kid.

TheoKabala89 says:

Really liked the 2000s anime and liked the CGI film, so I hope they get
live action right, but I’m not sure of how it’s gonna look.

hashknight1 says:

a lot of anime are not actually for kids ( doraemon) and the makers of
anime always give importance to minute details either its the storyline or

lethallady says:

Again? Wow! Thought one was enough. 

FatmanDD1 says:

Told everybody Astro boy before ghost in the Shell live-action movie hell
no let’s see how ghost in the Shell does live-action then Asheville boy
live-action movie because we need to see how one does before the other in
this one can do good live-action cat.

Gabriel C says:

Oh, come on, I’d LOVE to see a live-action Astro Boy movie! As long as it’s
done wisely, this film could be great.

O.G. Erik says:

I was excited when I heard about this. There’s so much potential there and
the market is ripe for it. Hopefully it’ll turn out well!

starfishsicko says:

Frankly, I think they would do better to follow Pluto than Astro Boy.

Cheetara the Thundercat says:

I love Astro boy I really want this film to be good and not turn out like
The last airbender or Dragonball evolution the last astro boy film was ok
but it could have been better i really hate how everyone views animation (
anime and western) as just being for kids and that there is something wrong
with you if your older and like it

kingofpop581 says:

If anything I would like them to make the film CGI, but one of the original
storylines of astro boy was “The World’s Greatest Robot” story arch even to
the extent of them using the alternate story called “Pluto” made by another

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