Let’s Be Cops movie review

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2 average Joe’s pretend to be cops in this comedy…..about 2 average Joe’s who pretend to be cops. Jeremy reviews “Let’s Be Cops”!

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lusteraliaszero says:

jeremys impressions using a moustache and sniffling is like, at least 95%
of why I’m subscribed. And I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Salmon Salad says:


Nate Davidson says:

wow, what luck, i literally just stopped watching the Aladin Review

aspasiz says:

That EA joke tho lol

TheStealthPrince says:

OMG that intro was from your speeding ticket/picture ID video Jeremy!!!
(I’m a hardcore Jeremy Jahns fan).

basketofpuppys says:

that sucks it looked like a good movie 

Pooltastic says:

Jeremy. Dude. Why deprave us of a Hercules review? Why?

Jeff D says:

Aren’t they both from New Girl?

DJDanniDarkness says:

I am doing my best to circulate the Aladdin vid, but I got kind of attacked
for it. o.O Apparently when you say “watch this link it’ll help out a
charity” people get butt hurt about it. Sorry. :(

TheGoldenCaulk says:

EA is not a developer, Jahns. They’re a publisher. Lol, common mistake
though, I still laughed

Josh Hansen says:

Still no Hercules review? Wtf

Super Brad says:

I’d get some free donuts

pepper Mill says:

so….the movie ripped off Dick Figures?

fisayoolat says:

I personally loved it. Funniest cop movies ive seen in a while, Dont know
why it has negative reviews but i give it a positve.

BoogerLeader says:

Just saw this movie, kept putting it off. I got 30 minutes in and couldn’t
deal with it. It was just uncomfortable to watch, not even funny at all.
No normal person is going to be dumb enough to mess with gangsters and no
one is going to be dumb enough to completely miss gangsters when you see
them. That and the whole ridiculous premise where the white guy keeps
blowing things up further and further. I like dumb comedies as much as the
next guy, but this one just felt uncomfortable and awkward to watch. I
like a premise to, at least, be somewhat realistic.

RacelineMatt says:

Just watched the movie last night and it was pretty enjoyable. It was
funnier that I expected it to be. My rating: A Good Time, No Alcohol

You tried says:

I really liked this movie, I might be biased though since I watch these two
on New Girl. I really think they weren’t trying to be all that serious as a
cop comedy. They sort of played outside of that trope, but stayed within
the confines of it so people would still be able to understand it. I didn’t
even know it was rated R. Yeah some kids curse in it, but not enough to be
rated R. Some parts wren’t really all that funny, but the whole thing made
laugh here and there. There hasn’t been a good comedy movie out lately.

Gent M says:

The funniest movie of 2014 for sure.

Freddy gabriel says:

I would say the movie was a good time no alchohol required just cus it
honestly wasnt bad at all it just wasnt original whats so ever except the
fact that they were pretending to be cops. Other than that shit was

Jazai Nagamasa says:

I’m just glad I got to see another Wayans being funny.

Aside from Marlon, not enough of them are in anything current.

Jaxsen Wright says:

You say that the best comedy’s are the ones were you bust out laughing …
And you reviews are comedy reviews. Rewatch your own ‘comedy review’ and
see if you start bust gut laughing. Therefore your no funnier than the
movie. My OPINION. Personly i like your videos but i dont have the same
taste of movies than you jeremy.

bryan Kinser says:

Really bad couldn’t finish it. 

Luke Morry says:

arrest Megan Fox and leave her in the woods somewhere lol

The Fallen Titan says:

“No one cares until a celebrity dies” I literally said that yesterday.
Guess I’m a “d!ckbag” but it’s still true. The majority of people don’t
care about causes until someone they know and love is affected by it.

Team Solution says:

I thought this movie was pretty good, a lot better than I thought it would
be. There was only one part though that I really busted out laughing. Idk
if Jeremy understood it cause it was in spanish. But the part where the 2
cops kidnap the spanish truck driver for info. The Hispanic guy is teaching
one of the cops how to say “Suck my dick and my balls” in spanish, But when
the guy says it at the party he messes it up and says “I suck dick and
balls” and people start walking away from him and he thinks it’s cause he’s
scary. I was rollinggg at that part. Everything else was pretty chuckle
humor. Good time no alcohol required for me. 

Eric Adrien says:

I like how theyre the 2 guys from new girl

JeremyJahns says:
Jason Warnecke says:

I laughed so hard at the EA joke. EA sucks so bad.

Jim Stewart Cohen says:

Yeah.. this was pretty bad. It doesn’t even qualify high in the cop-comedy
subgenre, in that list you’ll find it somewhere between the later Police
Acadamy sequels. No shit, you wanna see funny cops you watch Super
Troopers! You wanna see idiots fight bad guys you watch Pineapple Express.

Let’s Be Cops is a comedy that’s afraid of offending people. AND IT’S STILL
RATED R! And the things that made it Rated R wasn’t even necessary in the
first place, I would have appreciated the movie more if it would be cut to
a PG-13 because then I would get it. I mean.. There’s a kid in the movie
that has no function at all, other than “oh yeah wouldn’t it be fun if a
kid was there too?”. And I’ll piss on it further when it has the plot of
the movie becoming this awesome game, like that’s gonna trick you into
feeling you’ve seen a good movie. No! You’ve just watched a sloppy ass

ghiiitrooper says:

Jeremy, you should watch New Girl.

Nicolas R says:

And Nina Dobrev is the movie!!!

YoHinomuraVV says:

Both guys are in ‘New Girl’ which is Awsome by the way..,

Prof. Plump says:

…Am I the only one who never thought Robin Williams was funny?
Don’t get me wrong, his death was tragic and I am greatly in favour of
depression awareness and all that, but I thought that everything RW did was
just the same kind of over-Americanised crap like Two and a Half Men, where
all subtle humour is tossed out the window and the remaining humour is so
obvious and predictable that you already know what the joke is going to be
about 10 seconds before it happens.

cameron thomas says:

My friend took me to see this movie. One of the worst comedies I’ve ever
seen. 95% of the reason I even chuckled was to make it less awkward. if you
want to known how bad it was, they used a naked fat guy and “wrecking ball”
as a joke.

c21dickcracker says:

If I dressed up as a cop I’d bring a ton of pepper spray and unload it on a
group of pro-life demonstrators.

MrAxileas says:

i was laughing the whole time

stripgaga says:

i’m really bummed at how unfunny this movie was. i really wanted to like
it. it had a good premise, but i think all the funny parts were literally
all in the trailer.

Cynima Rapscallion says:

Well that was a cynical and negative review… lol it was KIND OF pretty
hilarious, albeit forgettable. 

andvas1994 says:

If i could fake being a cop…. There’s a lot i would do. But most are kind
of creepy so i won’t share it. People might think i’m strange or something.

K Pierre says:

This movie was awesome and it had tones of gut busting moments… the hell
u talkin bout?

Shy Scythe NEON says:


svik71 says:

I want to watch to this movie so much, the trailer made me laugh

Gabriel Ong says:

Nobody cares until the celebrity dies…

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