Last Vegas Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas Movie HD

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Last Vegas Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas Movie HD

Three sixty-something friends take a break from their day-to-day lives to throw a bachelor party in Las Vegas for their last remaining single pal.

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siwalan lor says:

hangover grandpa version !

willisapril says:

They should have put Ric Flair in this movie 

kinggeorgewashington says:

It was too PC for me men, not acting like men, where the women were
I love those actors, but no to strange? True friend doesn’t support the


Morgan Freeman is the best person in the world

Morgan Freeman is love,Morgan Freeman is lifee

bogdan pop says:

2:07 what is this montagne

catapy1998 says:

Soo funny 

Gilbert Aslor says:

This got me hooked the minute it started. lol. 

Valerie Renee says:

Had preview tickets to see Last Vegas tonight. It was a great movie. Adults
of all ages would enjoy this. I am loving all these free movie tickets I’ve
been getting . You can’t beat free. Lol. Thanks for going with me +Tony Ace

Hyosciamus Albas says:

I rolled when Morgan spelled Black Jack :D

Nathalie Gaul Kaisu says:


Anghel Ionut says:

no comment. incredible.

Алексей Смолянов says:

Первый трейлер фильма *Последний Вегас / Last Vegas*. Четверо пожилых
мужчин отправляются в Лас Вегас, чтобы бурно провести традиционную
вечеринку, предшествующую вступлению в брак одного из них. *Такой себе
“Мальчишник” для пенсионеров.*

Jozef Kušnírik says:

Like this :-D

Titi Constantin says:

Tare filmul , recomand.

Eduard Ptitcyn says:
Cathy Estro says:

Funny movie!

Hibernating... says:

Go see it its amazing

Marux Cedeño says:

Demasiado buena!

Mohamed Yassin says:

where is 50?

Dom D says:

great film – recommended. so funny

1821prime says:
TCM666 says:


dollydog99 says:

OMG the song ! What is it ???

barbara vitali says:
Victor Marroquín says:
Mohamed Yassin says:

gonna wounder how these actors looks like without makeup.

Harry Zet says:
Non Dizzle says:

does anybody remember what that lady,Diana(Mary Steenburgen) said about eye
contact?something like eye contact is only eye contact if you make eye
contact or something like that…what did she say…i loved the line but didn’t
actually get the full saying…

megacultureman says:

I saw it is a very nice movie have a good time

Mariano Nieva says:

Quiero ver esta pelicula…!

Jason K says:
Nikhil Yalamanchi says:


MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

Last Vegas Trailer 1

MusicAreaHQ says:


Mitch O says:


TheOnlyVex says:


LittleBiGShow84 says:

Token black guy

Robert Coalson says:

ahahaha going to be awesome!

LDMASTER14 says:

morgan freeman is in every movie lmao

Andrew Pace says:

of course De Niro could kick Turtle’s ass

Little Miss Stamper says:

Lol omg I love this! ♥

memitobonito says:

Damn, I hadn’t seen Kevin Kline in like 15 years, he looks 80 years old in
this movie.

LDMASTER14 says:

I love movies with a gang of fantatic actors. Can’t wait to see this :D

Morgan Freeman says:

I outshine De Niro like my teeth in the dark.

CebuLightsandMusic says:


Mohamed Farouk says:

hahaha That window jump! lol

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