Jurassic World Super Bowl trailer review

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During Super Bowl XLIX, there were a couple new movie trailers….and one of the worst game losing calls I’ve ever seen. In any case, Jeremy gives you his thoughts on the “Jurassic World”
Super Bowl trailer!

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TempoArces says:

Training vilociraptors is your shit on the movie? Wow… I kinda lost some
respect for you Jeremy.

Vinh Tran Quang says:

Why do people hate the fact that Chris Pratt is training the

Roof1975 says:

We’ve also trained horses, dolphins, birds, seals, sea lions, killer
whales, dogs, monkeys…should I go on??

Stephano Brizzio says:

+JeremyJahns Let’s dissect your poor dissection of the trailer shall we?
The movie has more than made it clear that it want’s to recapture the first
film and disregard the less adored sequels by making SEVERAL parallel’s to
the first in this trailer alone aka, how the I-rex broke the glass of the
kids vehicle and the kids are on their back yelling upwards which is
exactly the same as the rex’s first scene in the first movie, 2nd when
Chris Pratt and Bryce Howard were positioned over the “Sick” apatasaur is
the same as the triceratops scene in the first with Alan and Ellie. Lastly
the flair scene just like Jeff Goldblum.

Next you said this movie is “unbelievable” because the raptors were
trained, well it’s possible even today let alone a movie universe based
where genetic science is decades ahead of us. Humans have trained many
animals that are thought to be brainless and vicious like sharks. Ron and
Valerie Taylor were noted as being able to train Reef sharks to follow
orders and commands. Also train-ability is also related to intelligence a
smart dog (Border Collie) can learn more tricks than a less intelligent
breed (pug) and Raptors are and I quote Alan Grant “They were smart. They
were smarter than dolphins or whales. They were even smarter than
primates!” An animal this intelligent can EASILY be trained.

More over Fox’s are considered wild animals that can be tamed but not
trained, this changed when Russian scientists over the course of 60 years
bred out the wild genes in fox’s and bred 100 healthy domesticated fox’s.
they expressed over 100 different gene’s than wild fox’s had shorter back
legs and wagged their tails when they expressed joy all features wild fox’s
don’t express. they were literally IN THE REAL WORLD able to genetically
modify a wild animal into a trainable pet. and YOU’RE telling me a science
lab this advanced can’t just remove the aggressive gene’s in raptors?
Please Jeremy I thought you were smarter than this, don’t let your
ignorance of science blind you from a movie that has already proved it self
to be smarter than you are.

James Wheeler says:

I still don’t understand why Americans enjoy a “sport” that has about 10
minutes of play and about an hour of ads…
You say that football (soccer) is boring because it often ends in a tie,
but at least shit happens

HollVids2 says:

I really don’t know why people are losing there shit because Chris Pratt is
a Velociraptor trainer. Humans have been able to train and tame nearly
every animal on this planet, Wolves can be trained and they are like
velociraptors of this time. Even Crocodiles and Gators which are the same
species can be tamed. I know they can’t be tamed to the level of mammals,
but it’s very hard to tame them, there’s even a man from Costa Rica who
swam with a Crocodile and domesticated him. So my point is if this was real
and Humans were able to bring back a velociraptor, In time some expert
would be able to tame a Dino. 

Alex Yanakiev says:

super bowl is shit

antromy says:

Jurassic World is looking less impressive than before. I’m a huge fan off
the first movie but recent leaks about the new story has really put me off.
I’m mean really? Why haven’t the dinosaurs been updated with the latest
scientific knowledge like some killers had feathers?
Why are the raptors trained like attack dogs?
Why is a mutated dino and not the T-Rex the villain?
Hell I can think up at least 10 giant carnivorous dinos they could’ve used
if they wanted to bring something new. This movie is getting less and less

Elvire B says:

Seriously ? You’re talking about the fucking trailer of Jurassic World but
not about the Game of thrones one ? Jeremy Jahns, get yourself some new
priorities in life god damn it 

Ben Dover says:

The velociraptors are probably domesticated from birth making them
trainable dumbass so are the the other dinosaurs but clearly not all of

JeremyJahns says:

Add a message to your video

DEADPOOL ™ says:

For once I disagree with ya, Jay. I actually LOVE the fact that Chris Pratt
trained the raptors. We have men who can train wolves, killer whales and
hell even Lions. Training raptors since birth wouldn’t be too far-fetched.
Idk – I guess I just like It when the villains of a franchise have a turn
on the good side. Maybe they’ll loose their shit on one scene or two since
they ARE raptors, but its still pretty cool seeing them running along Chris
hunting down the holyshitasaurus.

Uberslick says:

This trailer was much more exciting than the first one. But why the hell
would you have a problem with training raptors? They are incredibly smart,
its hardly a stretch at all. 

Martin Sanchez says:

Yes, I got this from a meme so no copyright intended.

Loki: I have an army
Tony Stark: We have a hulk
Starlord: I have raptors

N Slater says:

The theme of Jurassic Park was always about man’s attempt to manipulate
nature so they could control it, but in the end nature finds a way to
balance itself out. Jurassic World seems to be heading in the same
direction. Man creates an Abomination and it runs wild, killing everything
in sight.

This is how the movie SHOULD end. Man will not defeat this creature, but
will only be able to survive it. Nature will kill the abomination. I want a
three-way fight between the Abomination, two T-Rex’s, and a pack of

John Canuck says:

You can’t recapture the magic of the original, it never works so it would
be stupid to try. I’m actually glad they are taking the story in a bit of a
different direction rather than just cutting and pasting the plot of the
first Jurassic Park. Also, why is Pratt training Raptors a negative? It was
already shown in the first trailer so I don’t know why you are acting
surprised. Plus, we train tigers, lions, wolves, orcas, etc in real life,
so why is it so far fetched to think that we would train amusement park
Raptors? To be honest, I think people are just looking for something to
hate because this movie will never be the “original”. I’m really excited
for the movie, the hybrid dinosaur looks scary as shit and it’s been too
long since we had a good dino film.

NikkiNak111 says:

I personally see no problem with training raptors, we already learned that
they are highly intelligent, so they probably are trainable. Plus we have
to keep in mind the movie takes place several years after the original
Jurassic Park trilogy, so there probably has been more research done on
Dinosaurs and their behaviors. I mean from the trailer they obviously
aren’t all cuddly and sweet, but I don’t think it’s totally outlandish to
train a raptor not to kill you 

Axel Quatripolar says:

If you don´t have a problem with the trained velociraptors is because
you´re probably retarded. If you´re ok with every dinosaur being “good”
expect for the evil genetic created dinosaur, you´re probably retarded. If
you´re ok with the idea of a 30 year old scientist being able to reach the
summit of her career at that age becoming not only a scientist but also the
manager of a park filled with dinosaurs and still look bangable as hell,
you´re probably retarded.

The thing is, hollywood is retarded. But can somebody explain to me why do
we keep watching this movies? I´m skiping this, the inteligent
velociraptors was precisely what ruined the third movie, lucky for
hollywood, people is even more dumb, so this time around people will think
is awesome. That´s what you get when you get evolution out of the classes
and give them Justin Bieber as music and Hanna Montana as a show. Fucking
millenians and their stupid time period.

3Djunkie1984 says:

So let me get this right…..you give Dawn of The Planet of the Apes an
awesometacular, a movie with fuckin’ talking apes!!! but you draw the line
at trainable raptors???? 

thisisnancybot says:

Well, it’s Chris Pratt and dinosaurs, so I’m probably going to be there no
matter what.

Pink Guy says:

Movies these days take things way too far, they always try to make it over
the top to make it seem bigger and better but really it not only sucks but
its insulting to the older movies.

Matthew Pickett says:

Why are these “Velociraptors” about 10 times the size of actual
Velociraptors and made out to be some sort of incredibly smart creature
when they likely had the intelligence less than a dog and closer to a
rabbit. And the larger size of their brain was largely due to their
impressive senses not their thinking ability. (it is thought they would
come across as dumb chickens if you were to see one)
could they not have picked a more appropriate dinosaur for the part
instead? There is plenty of choice and instead they decide to just
completely change a species.
It is surprising how a movie can completely change an entire society’s view
so drastically.
Troodon was the smartest dinosaur discovered and it could be outwitted by a

DoggySpew says:

I wonder if there even if a T-Rex in this movie. Why have a T-Rex in the
logo, if it isn’t even in the movie? Even JP3 had a good reason to feature
the Spinosaurus in the logo, and it still had the T-Rex in it.
My big gripe ever since JP3 is that the makers forgot that Dinosaurs were
animals, not monsters. Dangerous animals, but not monsters.The first 2
movies the Dino’s were animalistic in their behaviour (T-Rex wrecking the
place to establish territory, Velociraptors hunting, T-Rex drugged on
anesthetics and rampaging because of it, not for the hell of it) Why the
need for a fake hybrid never existed monster Dinosaur?
I accept the training of Velociraptors (which is possible with animals, not

wolfman8325 says:

I want to see this scene . . . when all the shit kicks off, one of the
only ways out is through that gigantic door that leads to the sea world
part right? The place with the gigantic underwater dinosaur? The line for
the monorail runs over the water. I wanna see people try to run across
that, the monorail could be operating, so that could be a hazard, and then
below them they have the gigantic sea monster. That would make for some
tense, pant shittingly terrifying scenes

yankeesniper57 says:

Too much CGI, even the glass breaking looked fake. It looks like a typical
popcorn action dumb blockbuster. Not excited anymore after seeing this. I
thought JJ’s effects looked much more physical, like you might even believe
they’re real (because he is using practical effects for as much as
possible). I’m not a fan of the CGI trend, maybe I will once you can’t
tell the difference, but this looks just plain bad to me.

Brian Crockett says:

Didn’t the director come out and say that the velociraptors aren’t
“trained”, but rather they just sort of “tolerate” Chris Pratt’s character?

Shadow07Warrior1989 says:

Trailer looks cool, but I do agree with Jeremy that the raptor training
is… well, “Meh?”

Raptors are speculated upon by scientists to be pack hunters like wolves,
but does that mean they actually are? No. It doesn’t. Science only
speculates on how dinosaurs behaved based on where bones were found as well
as their size and basic anatomical construction are. However, nothing about
dinosaurs is actually known for a fact save for their eating habits thanks
to the teeth.

To me, while raptors are cool I highly doubt they are smart enough to learn
complex commands spoken from the mouth a human. Try training an alligator
or a crocodile with complex vocal commands and tell me how that goes. Then
imagine that with a speculated pack hunting raptor which very likely has no
higher mammalian brain function to understand such commands any better than
an alligator or crocodile and tell me that the raptor training is a good
idea and one that’s believable.

Joseph Johnson says:

I noticed in a photo from the movie something pretty cool.. There are kids
looking at a board of all the dinosaurs in the park, and there’s more than
one sea dino…..I think they’re going to attack those boats!

hamish valeri says:

Even I don’t have a single inkling of interest in this movie I will say it
is stupid people are reacting negatively to Chris Pratt training dinosaurs
I mean cmon they are dinosaurs just put realism aside for a bit peeps it’s
just a film 

Marblez3 says:

So they’ve turned one of the most infamous and feared movie monsters into
pets. Fucking fantastic.

balthier74 says:

Dinosaurs are actually alot more stupid than depicted. You can easily abuse
their senses and tame them if you show authority, especially if theyre
genetically modified with dog genes (which they most likely are). There
really is no reason to why they wouldnt be able to tame them other than
people forgetting Jurassic Park is about genetically recreated and modified
dinosaurs.. If they had the carnotaurs in previous movies and explaining
their invisibility is due to spliced genes with carnotaurs & chameleons
people wouldnt go insane over this taming raptor shit. I like it

iKhanKing says:

Wait, Legendary Pictures is involved in this too?

So does that mean that GodzillaXJurassic Park is possible too?

jaysplace01 says:

I don’t understand the hate with the training raptors… in the series
raptors are depicted as rivaling the intelligence of apes(JP3). We can
train, not domesticate, but train modern day alpha predators today such as
lions, cheetahs, tigers and other intelligent predators when they are bred
in captivity. Having the raptors being trained like modern day predators
adds a whole new dynamic to the series and makes them seem more like
animals instead of vicious monsters

Max Calder says:

I think that the complaints about the films premise are unfair. firstly The
Velociraptors were never set up as the main antagonists in the first film
that was what made them scary, from then on we the audience expect the
raptors to hunt the human characters as such by having them ally with the
humans (or just chris pratt as the director suggests) is a twist
reminiscent of T2: judgement day, it makes sense that after the original
park’s raptor population killed most of the staff any future parks would
want one of their main attractions under control. secondly, Stop
complaining about CGI what you remember as looking authentic is about as
real looking as you say the CGI is. Thirdly creating a Hybrid species
happens in zoos today e.g. Ligers, Tigons, Zonkeys, Zorses ect. in this
story where dinosaurs can be cloned from their dna, it is not a stretch to
say that the park could mix the genes to create a hybrid (my thoughts are
Spinosaurus and a T-rex)

ThatGamerGuy52 says:

I don’t get the point of the scientists making a new dinosaur that’s more
deadly than any of the ones that actually existed to begin with. Like, did
they really not learn from bringing dinosaurs back to life in the first
place from the original trilogy?

All the other stupid shit in this trailer just made it even worse.

Free_bird02 says:

What’s wrong with having an army of freaking velociraptors? It may be a
crazy idea but you know it’s freaking awesome. You know if you had the
opportunity to have a velociraptor army you would

Veikko Elo says:

I absolutely agree. My pet velociraptor from seven million years ago, which
I know everything about, is absolutely uncontrollable. It doesn’t make any
sense at all *in any version of reality* that such a thing could be

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