Jurassic World – Super Bowl Trailer Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews the new Jurassic World Super Bowl Trailer.


NickonAquaMagna says:

Sometimes, animals like wolves may kill sheep just for the hell of it. Not
even eat them, just… kill them off to show how much of a badass
muthafucka they are. As cheesy as it sounds, maybe this dino’s kinda like
that. Not evil as we know it, just… overly aggressive. Heck, they even
say in the trailer, “kills for sport.”

SerCambria358 says:

Yea im really not understanding why training raptors is the step too far,
these people have “successfully” controlled Jurassic Park into the
amusement park it was meant to be, so the next logical step after having a
controlled environment would be to explore what they can do with the
creatures, eventually leading to training them to an extent. They’re
animals like anything else in a zoo so to do this is not far fetched at all
and not to mention, its a damn movie. At least give it some room for
creative liberties, its not like theyre keeping them as house pets, he’s
still very much aware and cautious from what we see. 

CarnivoreFightClub says:

The Velociraptors are NOT trained/tamed/domesticated. That was confirmed by
the writer and director of the movie several times. Owen (Chris Pratt’s
character) is TRYING to train Raptors but it doesn’t go well.

And yes, Jurassic World has a T. rex. The female T. rex from the first
movie is back and will fight the new hybrid!

JNCrane Uploads says:

Training dinosaurs to fight is awful, but talking apes on a horse with
machine guns is Oscar worthy? 

John Canuck says:

It seems like you didn’t pay attention to the trailer. They clearly say in
the trailer “it’s hunting for sport”. Read: it’s not just an animal acting
on instinct anymore, it has intent behind its act of violence. Also, you
say that the plot of this movie sounds like it was written in crayon. How
exactly is the original movies plot so much deeper? Guy engineers dinosaurs
for an amusement park, then they get loose and kill everyone. The end. The
only major difference with this one is the hybrid dinosaur, which already
had a precedent from the first movie in the fact that all the dinosaurs
from the original were hybrids of frog and dinosaur DNA. I, like most
people, love the original, but I think we hold up all sequels to an unfair
standard. This movie will not recapture the magic of the original, so we
shouldn’t expect it too. Judge it on its own merits. 

NRB6425 says:

Let me get this straight. You said in the begining of the video that you
grew up with the JP movies. So it’s safe to say that you were young. Your
early teens at the oldest, right? So why does it bother you that this movie
is “family friendly”? I remember the theater being packed with kids while
watching JP. And when it came out in theaters again for the 3D release, the
majority of the audience were kids. At least when I went to go see it. Does
it really surprise anyone that a movie about dinosaurs will be appealing to
younger audiences? 

UR BONED says:

I feel like Im the only one that loves JP3. I hate the Lost World, I’ve
said it so many times, but I feel like it’s an African Safari film, and ugh
its so lame >.< Like it doesnt feel like a tropical island at all, it feels like its shot in a mixture of Africa and Canada or something. To me JP3 was extremely cool, getting to see all the things on the park that were all old and run down, giving you this ability to imagine what it was once like before everything went downhill. Like the whole film is really dark and adds to the whole ‘run-down’ island thing. The Spinosaurus is like the coolest dinosaur that has ever existed and it was like yes! finally! No more T-Rex!! Also we got an extremely cool Pterodactyl scene. Its amazing. 

Vuyisile Sibeko says:

Training RAPTORS..



I can’t get over that idea.

Doing something original. Oh yeah perfectly original just like Croods. >>

The big scary idea of jurrasic park for me was the idea that yes, if it
wasn’t for the comet, Raptors would have eaten the prime apes and raptors,
or their evolution would have been the thing in charge. That was what made
Jurrasic park scary.

Not the evil super geniuses are basically gonna be pets????

Humans er…..ummm…..having other none traditional pets? On no that never
happens…(Seriously what is up with…certain groups of people trying to
own living things??)

You know like not in
Night of the Museam
Cripton part of Man of Steel(Counting it!)
Game of thrones, (I’ll let you choose between the Dragons or the Dire
The list goes on…

Mmmm…originality….Now I’m not trying to judge a book by it’s cover but
let’s not call it original. It’s as original as the Bad guy becmes the good
guy to defeat a common enemy trope. The only difference is that before we
were always underestimating the bad guy before because we never really
understood the bad guy and now we understand the bad guy so well he’s our
mentally handicapped partners.

I’m not saying trained raptors are gonna make the movie bad, i’m nt even
saying the movie will be bad, but I’ll be shocked if they aren’t the worst
part of the movie. It would have be more challeging and smart to surprise
us with a new way the raptors are getting smarter. 

Mr. Vega says:

I’m also one of the very, very few who enjoyed The Lost World. I loved the
first two JPs. The third one, no.

Also, I agree: the film looks a lot like Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. I
couldn’t put my finger on it but I knew the way it looked bothered me.

Also, “what are your guys opinion” statement needs to be outlawed. :)

Josh Sobel says:

I think they’re playing us, and I really think this movie is going to be a
self-aware fable on the dangers of getting too far away from what makes an
original idea special. Kids bored of dinos and texting the whole time,
scientists trying to one-up themselves with the hybrid in the same way that
they’re making us think Hollywood is with this movie. I think the movie
will climax with the original awesome dinos (possibly including the
original scarred T-Rex from JP1) taking down the lame hybrid dino and
bringing everything back to the core wonder that made JP1 so special. It
just seems like everything is pointing towards the theme of this story
being the risks associated with trying to constantly improve upon ideas
through sequels, in a very Lord/Miller meta-sorta way. Maybe making
everything look like an apple store at the beginning is even pushing this
so that the transformation from insane spectacle to basic wonder becomes
even more apparent. Thoughts?

FlareKnight says:

I don’t get much of the criticism that has been put towards this trailer so
far. Too family friendly? Does no one remember how damn chipper some parts
of the original Jurassic Park were? They were a feeding brontosaurus while
relaxing in a tree! Or how about everyone happily petting a sick

The set up seems far more interesting than is being given credit either.
This is not just people ignoring what happened the other times. They
learned from it and accomplished it. This is a fully functional park! It
works! This thing has been in business for a long time. No one shuts down
all the zoos on Earth because some idiot climbs into an animal habitat and
gets killed.

Dinosaurs are animals, not gods or demons or whatever. This thing looks way
better and seems to have a much more intelligent setup than the previous 2

FillmFilms says:

The fricking Seahawks. They almost killed me. I almost didn’t watch this
video, because someone said New England clam chowder and I thought about
the last drive and that interception, and how easy it would have been to
run the ball. From the one yard line! THE ONE YARD LIIIIIINNE! So don’t say
New England or Boston, because then I’m going to think about that play.
I’ll be glad when I can forget about that last play. It feels like a
thousand knives are stabbing me repeatedly.

Good video though! :)

Chris Stuckmann says:
Jordan Arndt says:

i liked jp2 the best out of the first 3 and some spinosourases were know
to kill for the heck of it or thats what the discovered about them

Epic Luko says:

I can see where your going with the color argument. However, I think that’s
a little intentional to contrast with the tone of the movie. The park is
open to the public and is trying to show that that is being overthrown by
everything that is going wrong in the film. It uses the brightness to
convey what was supposed to be a fun experience has suddenly gone awry. I
may be wrong, but that’s what I see.

Brandi Marie says:

I’m very excited for the movie. It was one of my favorites as a kid (I did
like Lost World… last one was meh). I’m also really nervous. Just don’t
want it to be screwed up. I’m sure many people feel that way.

As for the coloring and “brightness”… I almost think that it is a good
idea for the first part of the movie that has a “family friendly park”. The
Jurassic World website and the trailer portray the new park as a “Disney
Land” with dinosaurs. So I’d understand if the first part was bright,
cheerful, fun, safe… but then it gets dark because things go wrong.
Seeing that transition would be interesting. Can’t wait for the movie!

Alessandro Villain says:

I think this is more of a reboot than a sequal, so they don’t know the

Dr Famine says:

… Am I the only one who thinks these new dinosaurs look… so much more
fakish than in the original film? I mean it could be because the better the
image becomes, the easier it is to spot CGI, or because the original
Jurassic Park is a bit shrouded in nostalgia fog, but still… This doesn’t
look as good as it could/should be.

mmmtunes says:

i knwow hat you mean about the brightness. Check out the first trailer and
the super bowl one and compare the scene with big fuckshitup fishy and the
the re-edit is even brighter! They also removed the monorail thing which
goes over his water enclosure which rules him jumping out the water and
tearing it down :(

Chris Hale says:

Does anyone else but me get super distracted looking at all the stuff in
the background…like I just realised I tuned out for like 4 minutes of
this drooling over the Fett in the background wanting to just crawl inside
one of those blue shelves and live there, and had to rewind and watch it
again lol. I do this every damn time. Stuckman! From one Chris to another,

Ragitsu says:

I find the debate as to whether a fictional species (body plus behavior of
a deinonychus/name of velociraptor) can be tamed/trained to be a bit silly.
Realism or unrealism shouldn’t even factor here.

Why doesn’t it matter? Simple: the velociraptors of the Jurassic Park film
franchise were never meant to be one-hundred percent realistic: they are a
mixture of horror-movie monster and the (at the time) latest facts about
deinonychus. Remember that the horror genre sometimes requires one to
exaggerate or even omit details in order to achieve a desired feeling of

Having JP velociraptors be trainable robs them of their status as
uncontrollable sadistic bloodthirsty reptilian monsters that Spielberg and
the writers/special effects team established in “Jurassic Park (1993)”.

UNFORTUNATELY, the modern trend of realism (more specifically, trying to
achieve realism) in our escapism has clouded the minds of too many when it
comes to fictional entertainment. We’ve already seen this with superhero
movies, and we’re now seeing it with portions of the Jurassic Park fanbase
as it applies to the viability of trained movie velociraptors. There’s also
the fact that many fans are supposedly not going to watch Jurassic World
because the raptors do not possess feathers…but that’s a discussion for
another time and place.

So, while it is disappointing that the horror-movie context in regards to
these prehistoric serial killers went way over so many folks’ heads, it is
not too surprising.

Javier Angeles says:

We shouldn’t complain about the CGI, they fix it and make it better in

Nick Santillo says:

This movie is the most anticipated movies of 2015 for me. By far the
longest I’ve been waiting for and I kept wondering if they were going to do
the splicing angle (such as the toys after the third Jurassic Park movie
were spliced/combined) and actually enjoy the take on it so far. I have to
agree about the brightness and I honestly didn’t consciously take note on
that. My feeling is that we haven’t seen the nastier/darker side of this
movie and my hope is that when it’s actually out and we sit down to watch
it, it’ll def unleash the beast.

I’m about 90% on board with everything shown so far, my only concern is
just how far this movie could go… and stop half-way. For example: The
first Jurassic Park movie feels heavy and quite dark with a bit of a subtle
horror layer under all that wonderment and magic. Where as the third film
had ONE instance of that with the abandoned research lab where Dinosaurs
were made…the rest of the film was too campy and hammy. I def get a vibe
of that darkness with the reveal trailer, the music and talk of the Hybrid
def sent a few shivers down my spine. I just really hope they keep that
for the full length film. The trailer itself here def excited me and I’m
totally ok with the trained Raptors. I mean they are intelligent, like man
trained and disciplined animals….just extra dangerous xD! The movie
could have a technology angle that helps aid in training/restricting them
OR it could be a case where they are not 100% tamed and could be a
liability. Either way, I’m absolutely excited for this!

N Slater says:

The new dinosaur, I call it Abomination, it actually not as far fetched as
I had originally thought. They have spliced genes in the dinosaurs before
(frog DNA in the first one) so the idea of splicing several of them
together to make a predator with more ferocity isn’t that out there. Hell,
we crossbreed dogs all the time for those very reasons.

And remember that the Abomination isn’t just killing to eat, but killing
simply for the pleasure (like the lions from Ghost and the Darkness). This
also keep in line with the themes of Jurassic Park, nature finds a way to
restore balance. I sincerely hope a couple of T-Rexs along with the raptors
will be involved in the final battle

Andrew Anson says:

I’m disappointed that the new movie won’t be incorporating recent
(real-world) research concerning dinosaurs into the designs and behaviors.
The first one was cool because it used the (then new) theory that dinosaurs
were fast-moving animals rather than the older theory that they were slow
cold-blooded creatures.

Amelia Bee says:

I’m still convinced this movie is supposed to be a comedy. A balls to the
wall, over the top Sharknado-esque B movie.

The Dashboard says:

I love the idea of trained raptors. They’re smart animals in the series,
sure, but they’re still animals. F-cking orcas are smart and vicious too,
and we’ve trained those. The hybrid dinosaur doesn’t wow me. We haven’t
seen a lot of it, but the bits we have seen haven’t grabbed my attention
yet. Overall this Superbowl spot hasn’t budged my interest in this film. It
looks okay, but…eh.

ODpwnn says:

first it not fare-fetch that they train the raptors because if they can
make a new dinosaur the probably put DNA in the raptors to make them more
obedient like dog DNA and no the new dinosaur is not being a normal one
because if u listened to the trailer it said the dinosaur is killing for
sport which means it not eating them its just killing them and moving on

AttentionJunkie says:

I guess I hadn’t really thought about it but trained raptors seems like
something a kid would come up with while hes playing with plastic dinosaurs
and GI Joe

Gabrielprog says:

All I’m gonna say is I’m just gonna enjoy the movie as I enjoyed Indiana
Jones 4, while all self called movie experts complain about stuff.

Peter Zanetti says:

1. I’m curious as to why you would want “lots” of animatronic dinosaurs,
when animatronics looks like animatronics….CGI is the only chance at
making something look like a real animal. Unless someone is extremely up
close to something thats barely moving, CGI is going to look better.

2. Indominus Rex written in crayon? Well, yes, you’re right….sort of. I
interpret that to mean that it didn’t take a lot of thought to come to the
realization that the next logical step for a dinosaur theme park that has
been open for a decade and needs to influence return visitors to stay busy
and relevant, is in fact pushing the limits. It stands to reason that
corporate ownership + a mad man like Henry Wu, would eventually toy with
the idea of creating a new animal from scratch. And what a theme park
attraction it would be!

This couldn’t possibly make MORE sense to me, and is pretty close to the
only acceptable explanation and justification for another movie.

Daniel Catallo says:

Holly cow, they have a Mosasaur in this film, it was the inspiration for
Alien. I hope it appears not just in the trailer. I’m more excited about
that than a hybrid dinosaur.

Anthony Fins says:

I feel the same way about the trilogy! Love the first one with all my heart
and childhood nostalgia, I really like Lost World, but I really don’t enjoy

F0XYr4bB!T says:

co-directed by george lucas, perhaps?

Miccollo says:

So, you didn’t listen to the part of the trailer where they said the new
dinosaur was killing just to kill? Like it was attacking other dinos and
just leaving them dead, without eating them or anything? 

Jason Rodriguez says:

I’m not a movie buff, but the brightness has been bugging me too. I know
what you mean.

TheBullerdaddy says:

I think it sucked dick, and thank you to the people who is going to ruin my

minecraftdude2468 says:

That’s not true in the trailer it shows a dino dead but not eating and
Chris says “it’s killing for the sport”

Minetic says:

Im with you chris I really enjoyed the lost word. Whats better than one
trex? Twoooo

varan04276 says:

Did you completely miss the line where Chris Pratt says ” It’s killing for
sport.” ????!!!!

Austin Sellers says:

I don’t care about the movie looking family friendly, if its about
dinosaurs than HELL yah!!

Van Mor says:

Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time, ALL TIME!!!!!!!

eleszar1 says:

its going to be an awesome movie

tylermolander says:

Just my thoughts:

Maybe what you’re seeing is an abundance of various share of blue, which I
noticed. I thought about it for a bit and I feel like it was a decision
that was made to make the tourists feel more secure, as security is
something that blue stands for. This, however, probably has something to do
with increasing tension in the movie to hopefully add a false sense of

I also noticed that the female lead was the only one not wearing blue, sort
of like a pinker color. This might mean a bunch of things but I’m sure it
has to do with her being a dissenting figure in a broad sense. Destroying
Eden as an Eve allegory perhaps. Hopefully nothing to do with Jesus
analogies. Potentially anti-feminist, in any event.

Digital technology is also a pretty recent development in general, so I
feel like movie makers still aren’t sure how to deal with lighting to make
it look natural. It’s sort of uncanny valley effect.

But I feel like the film is trying to make you feel like it’s a happy,
cartoony world to have the illusion of safety and then maybe turning
“darker” throughout. It’s at least something one could try to analyze.

shawn00m says:

I’m like you Chris, I hoping this movie will be good but I’m skeptical –
very skeptical. I feel like this movie might be heavy on the cheese factor,
but I hope I’m wrong.

TheUpsideDownGamer says:

jurassic world has 13 letters in it
jurassic world 2 confirmed?

Jim Stewart Cohen says:

Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain should do lesbian porn. With me. I
will rip off my dick and punch open a vagina in my crotch to get in on that
bush fire action!

AlfredoTheGr8 says:

I’ve finally heard someone else say that they actually enjoyed The Lost
World.. All I hear from others about that movie is that it’s an extemely
dissapointing sequel that didn’t live up to the expectations brought by the

I also genuinly agree about the brightness of the movie being an issue.
I’ve also seen very few cuts/injuries sustained by the characters in the
trailers, that equally worries me.

However I reckon the movie will be great anyway, the hype it’s already
created is such I’ve never really experienced before!

Supertron says:

As a student graphic designer, I think the reason this movie looks
‘brighter and more colorful’ and less dark and gritty than the previous
films is because of yhe colors they chose for the logos. This films logo
and theme park rides are cool, blue colors, while the previous ones had
tons of warm tones, like red and yellow. I think this was a genius choice;
since the park in this movie has been open for quite a few years without
any accidents, the character (and the audience) have been given a false
sense of calmness, which will become juxtaposed by all the chaos that will
eventually happen.

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