Jupiter Ascending movie review

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Jupiter is an average girl down on her luck who learns she’s galactic royalty….with Eddie Redmayne talking like the love child of Dumbledore & Buffalo Bill! Jeremy reviews “Jupiter Ascending”!

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Luke Lengic says:

Question: Was there a Batman V Superman trailer?

Camw1n says:

Poor Eddie, his Oscar buzz has to be met with….this.

ReaderGamerSinger says:

The only original thing in this movie is that Sean Bean survives.

Oh wait, he survived in Percy Jackson and National Treasure. So nope,
nothing original.

charlestwoo says:

So t-1day rating is worse then if ur drunk rating?

Toonses says:

Mila Kunis is so very overrated. Blocky body, short legs, big head, and
frog eyes.

Brian MacLeod says:

I’m assuming this will be like Cloud Atlas or the Matrix sequels, everyone
will claim it’s a mess but in reality they just couldn’t keep track of the
plot threads because they’re stupid.

Nadheeran's Deep Space says:

ONE QUESTION: Does Sean Bean die?
The Wachowski’s haven’t made a good movie, since the first Matrix. Their
movies are always a visual treat, but they just lack in the other

enjoi0555 says:

Just saw this in IMAX 3D and boy are the critics wrong. The visual FX were
AMAZING. The world building was really great, and it was overall a lot of
fun. The strained romance was barely there and shouldn’t really hurt the
overall score. It did take me a little bit to get into it because there was
a lot of info and you’re kind of thrown into it, so the pacing is off at
first. BUT I was totally onboard and engaged after the beginning. It’s not
nearly as bad as critics make it out to be.
Great original sci fi film in a world full of unoriginal remakes, reboots
and adaptations. And I’m pretty sure the earth family was suppose to be
completely tongue in cheek/satire. At least that’s how I looked at it.

taco14king says:

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GeorgeTheGreek1978 says:

I liked it because it’s like watching an episode of ancient aliens

Liam Shields says:

Does anybody actually like a film the Wachowski’s did after the Matrix (not
including V for Vendetta)?

LawofGaming says:

My brother worked on this movie :D

Titxnium-_- says:

Finally im first~

MrCamBam91 says:

So I’m taking it there wasn’t a BatmanVSuperman trailer?!

Kyle Christine says:

Just seen Jupiter Ascending tonight. I thought it to be really good but not
great. It was The Matrix meets Star Wars. And Eddie Redmayne (from Les
Miserables) was a really good villain here. Loved Tatum and Kunis in their

Ram King says:

As soon as I heard Channing Tatum was in this movie I wrote it off,
terrible actor. I’ve never seen this guy improve.

Harrison Goertz says:

Jupiter Ascending? More like Jupiter
DEscending…………………………into garbage.

doubleP says:

So,to sum it up,it’s like Matrix Reloaded all over again.Great
effects/action sequences,a cool concept/world but characters,storytelling &
dialogue are horrible.Question:does this movie has characters,giving
overlong,boring monologues,like in Reloaded, the Merowingian about ”Cause
& Effect” or the final speach of the Architect?

king killa says:

Jeremy this is a perfect review of the movie well explained I just saw the
movie nine hours ago and I mostly forgot about it

The visuals and the scope was great. The Buffalo Bill talking weird dude
just got on my nerves and if it was just me I could not understand half the
dialogue because of their weird accents.

Its funny how all these spaceships appear these guys flying around in the
air yet nobody Recordz or remember anything

Too many plot holes and all these flaws 

Danny Kroulik says:

You lost me when you said you were “impressed with Channing Tatum”.

JeremyJahns says:
Amillerbiller95 says:

Honestly if they ever do get that Mass Effect movie off the ground I want
Channing Tatum to play Commander Shepard.

Renzy Wenzy says:

I am so glad that Eddie Redmayne had The Theory of Everything this year or
else this piece or crap would have been the movie everyone will remember
him for.

sijjiin says:

Sounds like I could have more fun watching “My Testicles Descending”.

AgentJohn says:

Where is the sponge out of water REVIEW?!!?!?!

McCammalot says:

This felt like it would have been better as the pilot for a series. Or the
PROPOSAL for a series, before release to the general public. Or something.
It feels like the extremely vague sketch of a fictional (and potentially
cool) universe that needed to be filled out be a large group of novelists
over a long period of time.

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