JTE Movie Thinks! – Ep #9. Lou Santini & Ken Napzok

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A mini podcast where JTE from the Schmoes Know Movie Show interviews fellow colleagues from the Entertainment Industry about the last movie they watched whether be at home or theater. You never know just what movie will be discussed each episode. This episode JTE welcomes the dynamic duo and roommates Lou Santini and Ken Napzok

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themaker151 says:

Simpsons is alright, but the new ones are just God awful. I personally
prefer South Park, that show is STILL hilarious! Haha

kmerrill03 says:

I loved The Simpsons Movie. Hope we get a sequel someday. It was teased
during the credits. Maggie takes out her pacifer for a second and says

SK Podcast says:
lucas maglio says:

the simpsons is my all time favorite show… its tv gold…

MorsecodeZ says:

This is a great episode, and I can never get enough of the Pit Boss!

*elAndres says:

Fav joke (laughed hardest at the time), Bart’s April fools day joke to
Homer involving a beer can and a paint mixer

MrGameOFame says:

Awesome podcast!! Had a awesome time listening to this episode!!

girlie cat says:

Awesome. JTE movie thinks is a show I never miss. Good work.

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