JTE Movie Thinks! – Ep #6. Mark Ellis

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A mini podcast where JTE from the Schmoes Know Movie Show interviews fellow colleagues from the Entertainment Industry about the last movie they watched whether be at home or theater. You never know just what movie will be discussed each episode. This episode JTE welcomes one half of the Schmoes Mark Ellis

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marvincontendo says:

This is freaking Youtube.
Save podcasts for Itunes or something like that.

Candace Williams says:

Hey JTE! I like your podcast. I’ve listened to all of them. If you can, you
should get some of the Screen Junkies, AMC, and Cinefix crew on your show
in addition to the Schmoes. Also, Scott Mantz and Jeremy Jahns. It’s
possible I’m just listing all the movie people I like and by possible I
mean I am. =D

ETA: I think of In&Out when I think of Kevin Kline.

TripleAGamingHD says:

Awesome podcast as always JTE! Mark was a great guest too, good work


how old is JTE that he saw Dave in theatre? that was 93 i was going to see
The Mask and Aladdin in those days lol

Nolan Vogel says:

To correct you Mr. Ellis, Dave came out a year before Junior. But great
choice, would watch this with my mom when I became ill when I was younger.

Travis Bunch says:

I can’t stand itunes. Thanks for putting your podcasts on YouTube! I would
like video with this and the Napzak files, but I’ll take what i can get 

Daniel Epler says:

I’ve never heard of this movie but I REALLY want to see it now! Thanks JTE!
You’re awesome!

Ricky Longo says:

I love Wild Wild West

Chris Heffernan says:

Never heard of this movie but it sounds like Kagemusha, I watched it today,
and when mark explained the plot for this I was like WTF

MrTweedlerdslol says:

So far for most of these that have come out ive watch up to the movie
selection pause it and watch the movie and then finish the podcast turns
out the schmoes look good movies.

SK Podcast says:
Colin VandenBerg says:

Dave is an awesome movie. I think it may be on cable now and then, but I
haven’t seen it in a while. This show is great.

Parker Thompson says:

Haha you guys should do a Weekend at Burnie’s spoof/short film with Ken on

kingsportcal says:

Pacific Heights is one damn fine film.

Brian Goins says:

Anybody here like IQ ? It’s a guilty movie pleasure for me

MorsecodeZ says:

Dave is one of my favorite movies from the 90s. Fun Podcast ^_^

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