JTE Movie Thinks! – Ep 14. Sara Stretton

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A mini podcast where JTE from the Schmoes Know Movie Show interviews fellow colleagues from the Entertainment Industry about the last movie they watched whether be at home or theater. You never know just what movie will be discussed each episode. On this episode I welcome fellow co-host of Box Office Breakdown Sara Stretton

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steven T100 says:

The Voices was a great movie that Anna Kendrick was in. 

Brooks Wilkins says:

Pitch Perfect is a total guilty pleasure of mine. Glad you got Sara on the
show, JTE. Also, get a Twitter account Sara!

SK Podcast says:
jollyblue says:

Why not just add video of you guys talking for this podcast?

Candace Williams says:

I loved Runaway Ralph when I was a child! I was a huge Beverly Cleary fan
as a kid though and Fred Savage was a popular kid actor in the late 80s.

Tyler Myers says:

Thanks for the shoutout man. OFOTCN is one of my favorite films and Jack
Nicholson is incredible in the role of Randle McMurphy.

simplyrecommended says:

sara the box office popcorn talk queen
i have never seen pitch perfect i have 2 it hear sara sing 2 believe it

Michael Hickey says:

Solid episode JTE.

MovieAce says:

Totally agree with Sara on standalone original movies. If you want to make
sequels have a plan for it and an ending. If it just because the first made
money, don’t make it.

Ollie Maltby says:

Hottest lady of Schmoeville.

Joseph Johnny Hartwell Albertoo Heisenberg says:

Sara’s fantastic. Great seeing her on the show :P

matt G says:

Anna Kendrick has been performing on stage since 1998 when she got
nominated for a Tony award.

Brentsfriend says:

POOF! I miss him too JTE :(

jack harrington says:

I hated the first pitch perfect lol

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