JTE Movie Thinks! – Ep #12. Mark Ellis & Tom Dagnino

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A mini podcast where JTE from the Schmoes Know Movie Show interviews fellow colleagues from the Entertainment Industry about the last movie they watched whether be at home or theater. You never know just what movie will be discussed each episode.

On this Special Episode JTE brings Mark Ellis and Tom Dagnino to a special LA screening of the John Woo Classic THE KILLER

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SK Podcast says:
KillerZeli says:

Melancholia has the biggest body count if you count off screen deaths …

Brannon Hautanen says:

You get a 4.9/5, not 5/5

Keath Warlick says:

Shrapnel? Extremely unlikely, unless there was a catastrophic malfunction
involved with the firearm and/or ammunition. Keeping in mind we are
talking about fiction, what are nonetheless “real world” considerations
when using firearms (with specific respect to the eyes) are the hot
expanding gases and still burning powder fragments that exit the firearm
through the muzzle and ejection port. This is why wearing some form of eye
protection is generally a good idea when discharging firearms, particularly
if you are utilizing dirty/cheap ammo and/or a suppression system. Good
discussion though!

Chris Austerman says:

JTE fucking kills me, hahaha!

Luke Beard says:

Man how does he even mispronounce Tom Dagnino?? So great 

Joseph Hampton Jr says:

JTE…does it again

Shane says:

Loving this podcast JTE. Keep up the great work.

mat joh says:

thanks for Another great episode JTE! looking forward for more!

Kentor Talas says:

amz episode the show is gueting beter and better

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