Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2!

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The newest casting news for “Man of Steel 2″, or “Justice League Beginnings” as I’m calling it now has hit the web….Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor! Yep. Jeremy’s got a few things to say about it.

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JeremyJahns says:
SamDean BobbyCastiel says:

Zack Snyder directing, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman & Jesse Eisenberg as Lex
Luthor. This movie is doomed!!!!

deusxinvisiblewar3 says:

Lex Luthor with hair, that’s like Vegeta with a moustach…. UNBEARABLE

Chris O'Keeffe says:

Seen the first look of him as Luther. He looks the part!!!! Now can he play
the part? I think so

Sawsers says:

jesse eisenberg really would be a good riddler, but definitely not lex

johnwayne87 says:

I reeeeeeeeeeally wish Kevin Spacey had been Lex Luthor in this upcoming
film instead of Superman Returns. Spacey is absolutely PERFECT for the
role. Bummer, man.

Jonas Nordin says:

Idris Elba was my pick….

mrbilra says:

So Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera are two different people?!!!

Styles Ejay says:

Before Bryan Cranston was Heisenburg, he was the goofy dad from Malcolm in
the Middle.

Food for thought. Don’t judge a book by its cover. 

I'm Gandalf and Magneto deal with it says:

its gone to a point where i am so interested in this movie, i don’t care
about anything Marvel

Ben Harrison says:

I feel like with the casting of this movie they’re trying to make me hate
it! Besides Cavil,he’s a beast. Batflek could be good but…..who knows?

Santosh Kumar Desai says:

Jeremy, Keep calm and wait for 26 hours.

Oliver Child says:

Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luthor. How would you guys react?

Ikrani says:

I disagree that Michael Rosenbaum is the best Luthor.
Best Luthor is and always will be Clancy Brown.

Smoky The Arsonist says:

This movie is really going to boost the attention Jesse Eisenberg will be
getting in the next couple years. We might get to see him in a lot of
amazing films after the release of Dawn of Justice. 

charlotte t. says:

Jesse Eisenberg does kind of have a coldness in his eyes so I think he’ll
at least give everything he could
…so if it fails I’m gonna blame the director and whoever was in control
of the casting :P

Simon Belanger says:

Batman V. Superman Dream Cast:

Lex Luthor: Mads Mikkelsen
Batman: Ben Affleck
Superman: Henry Cavill
Wonder Woman: Michelle Rodriguez
Alfred: Irons

chris Moore says:

I hated him in Now you see me so I cant imagine that he will go much
further that that.

He has built a imagine that because he talks fast that this is a indication
of intelligence.
When really its just the hipster in Starbucks claiming to know the secrets
of the universe.

Sling Blade says:

Michael was the ONLY good thing about Smallville.

Trent Walker says:

Look at the image that just dropped of him. It looks great…. shockingly

Ryan Fink says:

You can’t say that a bald jesse Eisenberg doesn’t looks JUST like a lex

EvilLeprechuan says:

I am getting worried that the budget is going to be blown on all these
well-knowns price tags and then wont be able to make any money, therefore
not have a sequel. Rosenbuam as Lex… Was Friggin Awesome.

Mad Max Rockatansky says:

My thoughts on this is… DC is desperate. Don’t get me wrong, I am no
Marvel fanboy. I like both equally (I troll sometimes in favor of Marvel,
but reality is I like both universes). But Marvel is kicking DC’s ass in
the movie industry. TDK trilogy has been DC’s only success, while Marvel’s
only failure was Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four 2. So you see, everything
Marvel is doing on films, is killing DC. So they got desperate and tried to
do this film.

Why I say they are desperate? Because first, TMOS was average. Not a big
success like TDK trilogy or the other Marvel movies. So making a HUGE
sequel like this is a risky move. I’d say they should had made a normal
sequel and a Wonder Woman sand alone, and then make this move. But their
desperation made them rush it.

Second, They released a teaser this soon at comic-con when the movie is
releasing two years from now. Trying to set up hype this early, it’s
something that can hye the movie too much. And that is a bad thing, since
hype is what makes movies fall.

Third, This casting. The fact that they are taking this actors to play the
roes they are gonna play, tells me two things: 1/ They never read comics.
2. They are desperate enough to accept the first individual to say “I’m in”.

That right there, is sing of desperation.

James Hallock says:

I’m not excited about Affleck playing Batman or Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.
To be completely honest while most people are excited for Dawn of Justice
I’m probably going to put that off till the DVD release. What I’m
personally excited for is Suicide Squad.

Colin Wyatt says:

Like ic your watching in 2015 because of the picture.

Bentley Meowcifer says:

Bryan Cranston for Lex Luthor 2014

Tobi Hofer says:

Jesse Heisenberg lol

mike hickman says:

I actually think he will portray the character well, if you look at a lot
of pictures and certain versions of Lex you can actually see it :) I think
they will all be fine

Chris Parkhurst says:

Jeremy, you should watch the movie the Double, Jessie Eisenburg is freaking
amazing in that, I highly recommend you check it out.

Danny Shechter says:

you will see.. these actors will surprise you and you will regret you
lathgh at them

King Elijah says:

They should have nicholas cage as lex luthor

jarod lechadores says:

I really do feel like we shouldn’t judge the talent until we see them on
screen (for example) if breaking bad never existed and Bryan Cranston was
casted as Lex luthor we would have been like “The guy from Malcolm in the
middle he’s gonna suck.” But after breaking bad we can see him as Lex
luthor because he was awesome. Also when Ledger was cast as the Joker we
made the Eisenberg argument and were like “He’s gonna be awful” and he
killed it. (Yes I know Ledger hadn’t been a known actor) With Affleck and
Eisenberg I feel they both have potential they still haven’t unleashed yet.
Remember Michael Keaton as Batman, he is a comedic actor and did a great
job and was known. So I feel like Affleck and Eisenberg can be awesome
because we haven’t seen an iconic role from either of them yet.

Crystal Pelepchuk says:

J.K Simmons as Lex he nailed it in whiplash 

warnutztheloser says:

I Agree witchu 200%! Breakin’ Bad should’ve Been Lex Lurtha


terrible, and also superman used to be more than just powers that can save
people… Man of Steel did a terrible job of communicating Superman’s moral
compass for what is right and how the world is today.

Shun De Andromeda says:

Terry O’Quinn. Period.

Chimp Pimp says:

It could be worse. We could’ve gotten Jesse from Breaking Bad. 

Vampirerockstar says:

DC should do what marvel has been doing establish the characters first then
team them up

SteveTheDruid says:

We got Zack Snider as a director Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Gal
Gadot as wonder woman!This movie is probably going to suck!Dont get me
wrong i think that they can pull it off i am just saying that Snider made
only 1 good movie (300) when the rest of his movies are averege at best(And
yeah man of steel isnt good guys admit it just admit it and movie on stop
being fking fanboys)!Jesse Eisenberg is too young and doesnt look like Lex
Luthor and Gal Gadot is too fcking skinny!We need a muscular wonder

P.S. I would love to be proven wrong though!

Pimpstripe says:

Jesse Eisenberg is not gonna fit, yes he fits the technical genious
profile, but Lex Luthor is supposed to be charming which I have a real hard
time seeing Eisenberg be, 

Sling Blade says:


RokyBalboa99 says:

6:21 Jeremy says Jeremy irons is playing Lex Luther 

kickliquid says:

Here is who i’d cast in the main roles

Nicolas Cage as Superman, Wilhem Dafoe as Batman, and Larry David as Lex
Luthor :)

David Díaz says:

I didn’t give a shit about this Movie when was announced, I don’t give a
shit now, only the news amuse me and of course the reactions of people
having hope in this movie XD

jjGaming says:

I wanted Cranston but he was Heisenberg, and he worked with Jesse, Jesse
Heisenberg, Jesse eisenberg.

fred johnson says:

5:28 *alfred

Tristan Phillips says:

I have faith in Jesse Eisenberg. He’s one of my favorite actors, and I
LOVED him in Now You See Me. (which, btw, do you have a review on that. I
wanna see that) I believe he could pull off the maniacal, scheming Lex
Luthor I want to see. I don’t want to see him as evil Lex who just wants to
destroy, which I often hear people wanting to see, a violent Luthor. I want
the scheming Luthor, the one who sits back and watches his mayhem, and he
knows what he’s done, but he does it for a cause he believes in, and will
stop at nothing ’till his task is complete. I believe Eisenberg COULD pull
that off. I’m hopin’ for the best.

Lobo _ says:

Bryan cranston would’ve been a better choice 

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