Jersey Boys movie review

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Clint Eastwood brings us the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Complete with music and the Mob! Now…can Eastwood make us forget about Jay Edgar? Jeremy reviews “Jersey Boys”!

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Roronoa Zoro says:

Who are the four seasons

Leila Shaye says:

Please review the walking dead and the wolf among us :D

leo50perez says:

Buddy holly and the crickets

Darryl Burrell says:

when was led zeppelin popular? cant remember…if 50s and 60s then they
win. if not do not hate me simply correct me

Alex Naoum says:

My song choice has to be Louie Louie by The Kingsmen


The Doors…and your review was Hilarious as usual!

Justin Ramroop says:

The Beatles. Favourite band of all time.

07foxmulder says:

This is disappointing. I’m a big Clint Eastwood and Four Seasons fan so I
was looking forward to this movie. Oh well. Waiting for Bluray, I guess.
The Beatles is one of my favourite bands but there was already a movie made
about them called Backbeat. A movie about the early years of John Lennon
was also made called Nowhere Boy. I know this genre isn’t classified as
“Oldies”, but how cool would a movie about the Seattle scene back in the
late 80s/early 90s be? I don’t know how it could be done, but it would
just be awesome to see all of those great bands represented on one screen.
Also, the soundtrack would probably be the best soundtrack ever.

JeremyJahns says:
Mell Nevertellingmylastname says:

6th comment, can I get a cookie now

sdracklryeg says:

Has to be the Beatles, followedd by the Hendrix and then the Doors

Nitsua says:

The Jimi Hendrix Experience, ’nuff said. 

Carl Trammel says:

I like Walk Like a Man by the Four Seasons. I dedicate it at karaoke to all
of my exes x3

TheStealthPrince says:

I wonder if Jeremy will review Watchdogs or AC IV. Heck just do any game

cmurphylife says:

I’m a HUGE Eastwood fan but his last few films (everything after Gran
Torino) have a lot to be desired. There’s moments I like in them but
overall they aren’t like the fantastic movies he’s done in the past. He’s
really been on a downward slope lately. This is actually the first Eastwood
movie that he’s directed since Unforgiven that I don’t want to see, have
absolutely no interest.

I can appreciate the style of film making he’s attempting to do. It’s a
slower paced style to let the story and characters breath, which I can
appreciate and he’s one of the last directors holding onto this style. But
it’s not the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s anymore. I think he should change his style
slightly to speed up these movies. You can still do good character pieces
with interesting stories but you don’t have to move the pace along like a

I’m still praying he does one last Western. That’s basically how his career
got started and I hope that’s how it ends.

Rengle says:

Aww… TBH I was hoping this would be Oscar material :(

GamingBrothers4 says:

You are wrong this is a great movie 

Tom jo says:

I can already imagine a Bealtes movie and the amazing trailer music and the
music used for the movie as well. Imagine Strawberry fields forever playing
in the background as John and Paul light a cannabis up before the studio.

Miguel Branco says:

Scorsese is doing a Ramones film.

Austin Putnam says:

The Beatles. No questions asked. My favorite band of all time! 

The_One_Who_Breakfasts says:

At this point it’s like you don’t even care anymore but… WHERE IN THE
long! You reviewed the first two season why not this one!? 

roarshach13 says:

I like the Coasters myself. Honestly surprised the guys who did Yakkity Yak
had more songs. I love Charlie Brown and Tall Thin Jones! Not a huge fan of
Chubby Checker. Every song of his I’ve heard is pretty much just the Twist.
He seriously made a song called Let’s Twist Again. Whether that was his
fault or the record company, someone obviously wasn’t trying.

Rhoda Penmark says:

Nobody seems to complain about the timeline, it didn’t match real life.

Eileen LaCanne says:

You Are nuts. I loved this movie. You probably prefer car chases and that
kind of junk.

Johnathan Walker says:

I would have to say one of mine would have to be The Beach Boys.

Brian Sebor says:

Come Together by the Beatles is my favorite song from that time.

JazzSparky says:

I love ya JJ, but I can’t believe you didn’t know that this movie is an
adaptation of the musical of the same name. The show is split into four
seasons, each narrated by a different member of the band. Unfortunately,
the movie doesn’t make that clear, nor does it have as much fun with the
material, so if you’ve never seen the show then I can certainly see why
you’d be a little confused and underwhelmed by the way the story is told.
If you’re a fan of the music, I’d definitely recommend going to see the
show if you get the chance. When people ask me if it’s good I always tell
them it’s a great time, no alcohol required.

Azyria says:

Led Zeppelin!! Sorry First Album 1969

Kenneth Saul says:

I kinda feel like this was a wasted summer weekend as far as movie releases
go. There should be a $250M+ budget movie every weekend from memorial day
to labor day. Wouldn’t that be cool. 

Daniel Hofkes says:

does led zepppelin count?

Carlos Enrique says:

For the very first time. I think you just don`t get the movie idea. and
because of that, this is probably one of the worse Review Ever. Sorry dude.
In my point of view… I have a fucking blast with this movie “Jersey
Boys”. Completely Fucking Rock! Maybe you don`t like it, because you didn`t
know. this was a Incredible show on Broadway. But i never get mad with you
for this.. Hehehe. c ya in the next Review. Thumb Down for the very first

TimStarz04 says:

An actually good Elvis Presley film would be great, but it couldn’t be like
Ray where it tried to do the dude’s whole life. Trying to shove a 50-year
career into a 2 hour movie feels rushed. If it was just about his rise
that’d be awesome.

Now, if the acting in it were like Ray, no complaints there. Oddly the
biggest problem with making films about iconic people is finding a person
who can pull off being that iconic person.

Urdnot Stark says:

the play was definitely better

King Franco says:

review anime movies! start with “sword of a stranger”

James Risi says:

Dion and the Belmont’s .

Angel majorjoy says:

Motown Anything and Everything 50’s & 60’s

Lord Dico says:

Beach Boys

TheNetrunner888 says:

Credence clearwater revival! I would really like to see a movie based on

jason666king . says:

Is there something between “no alcohol required” and “t-minus 1 day”? If
not, there should be.

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