Jeremy Jahns Q & A

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To celebrate 500,000 Youtube subscribers, I answer questions that people asked me in my “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” review….a mere 28,000 subscribers later. Thank you all for the support! Now, enjoy the longest video I have ever done: My Q & A!

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Turtle Chan says:

Can you imagine one of Jeremy Jahns’ reviews on a DVD or movie poster? For
laugh so hard…

Anjela Allen says:

Nathan Fillion is great, yeah ok- YOU MET CLARK GREGG?! Dude. Coulson.

elcap22 says:

Am I the only one who prefers Jeremy over The Nostalgia Critic?

JeremyJahns says:
Mysterious Coconut says:

When will you upload part 2?

BJgrand says:

Awesome Q&A dude. One of the best youtube personalities bar none. If you’re
still looking at questions for you next Q&A I was always curious as to how
you felt about Star Wars Ep 3. I know you hate the prequels but that one is
usually regarded as the one bright spot of the prequels even if the others
were mediocre.

Zombie At Work HD says:

I wanna see The Last Of Us and Grand Theft Auto get turned into movies.
Thumbs up if you agree. :)

TheNintendoN00b says:

anyone else see neo from the matrix?

NightFallGaming says:

Who thinks that they should make a assassins creed movie it would be

Ravaniscool . says:

I like the fact you talk with your hands, you get to express more, I think!
I should know, I do it too! LOL! You rock!

Gamer Guy says:

Ha I was taking a shit while watching this. 

UnknownXV says:

So basically, you’re a fair minded cool dude with peter pan syndrome (much
like me I would say). Excellent stuff.

Life is just a good time to you, and it should be!

mouseno4 says:

Holy shit… he chose MY movie i have in my mind that cemented my passion
for movies – Jurassic Park. Every question so far, i have been answering
them to myself. Up until this point… yeah my answers were nothing like
JJ’s. Jurassic Park when i was very young. My fondest memory was of the
theatre… all dressed up in DINOSAURS!

IIKaiserII says:

Power Rangers is stil on tv 

Rebekah Daniels says:

A baby seal walks into a club? Really? It’s so wrong, but takes you so
off guard that you can’t help but laugh. 

daywalker3x3 says:

the most overrated movie, batman the dark knight….

Tom n Hayden Vines says:

I’ve got the hardback!

Dillon McInerney says:

I live in California and I wish I could move to Washington. Oh, and btw
anybody who is thinking on moving to CA, move to the Bay Area.

Kei Zhang says:

Your couch looks really beaten up. 

TheJoshsplosh says:

I’m not sure if Death of the family has a movie but The Killing Joke does
called “Under The Red Hood” its a really good movie!

dsiluiel says:

“Don’t hate me” he says as he tells me he screens movies for free.


Was a part 2 to this Q and A ever released? I really liked this video and
want to see more.

Lianna Engoyan says:

It’s so different seeing Jeremy without his suit

Ned Stark says:

Jeremy who’s your favorite relatively unpopular character on GoT?

Ferreus Soul says:

dude I love, no homo! Hates Cali people, never went to college. You rock.

kevin rodriguez says:

Was that the helmet of the berserk armor with a Darth Vader helmet on top?
(Near the end when showed off gypsy and danger) 

Kisu Bags says:

Funny I skipped a lot of school in 9th grade same situation and now I’m a
retail manager and have to be a dick 

Sean Grogan says:

Say what you want about Michael bay’s transformer movies. But know now,
that without them we wouldn’t have Jeremy’s reviews

Luis Enrique Ramos Pérez says:

People there is a petition for finish the next gen game of Legacy of Kain
called: legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, if there is somebody interested please
share this :)

Mario Pendic says:

Problem is Jesus didn’t exist. And all those people are radically different
with dangerous irrational ideologies(hence religion). I would say it would
be horrible hanging out with jesus or Mohammad. Buddha, probably. if u read
the books they are famous for being credited for. 

James Rundle says:

haha awesome dogs man

Playfulpanthress says:

Aww, doggie punch for the win! Lol, my cats are bigger than your dog’s, but
you’re dog’s are cute and they don’t seem at all happy.

But about ‘Death in the Family’ you DO know DC made an animated film
Batman: Under the Red Hood, right? Maybe you mean live action. Yeah, that
must be it.

How did you miss the chance to say bring back ‘Firefly’ for the (ugh)
‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’?? I can only assume you didn’t mention the
vastly superior show because it would most likely be too hard to get the
cast back, and they’re older now. Still though, MMPR, really??

But then you bust out with my favorite joke ever!!! So you win back some
cool points. The tattoo didn’t hurt either. Not upwelling old people with
carp they don’t need AND going for world peace?

You’re a good person Jeremy Jahns. I like you. :)

EnidoxMusic says:

So fascinating, that Jeremy’s predicted career as working with disabled
kids was something that Chris Stuckmann himself actually did as a job…

Samwise thenotsobrave says:

Can you rate/review each Pixar movie that you haven’t done yet? 

Shaun Nichols says:

I really enjoyed this. Make a majority of my movie going choices based on
your reviews because I seem to agree with them 90% of the time. It was
really Great to get to know more about you. 

Oliver johnson says:

White ranger is the shizzzz

G. K. Mitchell says:

“It’s exhausting being an asshole all the time.”

I can think of another Jeremy whose job is Youtube videos about movies who
feels very different about that.

Also, I assumed the jump cuts were for the purpose of maintaining the manic
pace of the reviews, very much in the vein of the Zero Punctuation game
reviews. Come to think of it, that’s another show where the host doesn’t
seem to mind being an asshole all the time.

ssthapit says:

Shout out from Nepal for your Legacy of Kain tattoo. That is

A Rizvi says:

I just sat thru 30 minutes without realizing it. That is how you know
you’re watching some entertaining.

Spencer Haughian says:

wait you are from Washington????

MediaBlast says:

I like to see how creative i can get with google images



Kenese Parker says:

OMG that baby seal joke had me rolling!!

venktesh rao says:

lelelelelele bebebebebebe

matthew tonna says:


bartbigbutt says:

Pancakes? Unsubscribed

Molly Payne says:

Death of the Family was really good but creepy

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