Jeremy Jahns Q & A Part 2

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Procrastination is truly an art form that I excel at. But after months of waiting, I now bring you part 2 of my Q&A!

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Professional Dave says:

•Jeremy Returns
•Jeremy Forever
•Jeremy And Jahns

•Jeremy Begins
•The Jeremy Jahns
•The Jeremy Jahns Rises

satellite964 says:

Damn Emma is sexy. Whats her full name? For research purposes of course!

Josh123benja says:

You should totally do more vids like this. No movie to review, just Jeremy
speaking his mind. That would be amazing.

james carter says:

jeremy you called me a thief practically i torrent movies a lot but i mean
i go to the movies also but sometimes i want to see a movie that has been
out since 20 years ago for example and its just easier to downloading the
movie than try to find it out on dvd or something is that so bad ?

MarvelMex says:

+Jeremy Jahns
I can NOT fathom the thought of you choosing nolan over Spielberg !!!!!!!
Spierlber is an Innovator and is a very versatile director !
where nolan only do pretentious stuff just to overhype himself….

freddi Kreuger says:

Does Jeremy Jahns hate muslims? Do people hate muslims?

KevinismHD Gaming Channel! says:

You are probably one of the only Critics that I trust when it comes to
films, I almost always share your opinion on new films!

JeremyJahns says:
Mayeur000Donz says:

When it comes to a video game with a good story and good writing, I almost
feel like it’s better off left that way, because the story was written to
accommodate the medium. The pacing is it’s own thing, so perhaps the story
could only work in a video game.
Stories like Shadow of the Colossus are a prime example.
It’s an incredible experience for a video game, but unless you made huge
story changes, it just wouldn’t work as a film, or even maybe a novel.

Estivel Garcia says:

Jeremy went Twilight and Hunger Games style… Part 1 this year; Part 2
next year.

Anna Huang says:

Do you watch animated movies? Have you ever heard of Studio Ghibli? You
should totally watch and review their movies!!!

M. Strain Jr. says:

I disagree with turning The Last of Us into a movie. It would have to be
about 2 hours long and capture the feel of the game. The cinematic
cutscenes in the game are real enough that it would be weird to have them
played by actors who don’t look exactly like them. What needs to be done
is to have this game come out for PC, if not also for Xbox. I refuse to
spend all that money on a PS4 so I could play one game. It’s been out long
enough; it needs to come to PC.

Danika Talos says:

Waooo i was also thinking asgard, those powers where cool…everything in
that world was cool. Now, nothing beats star wars, is that clear!

ian michael crutchfield says:

You should do a blue ray collection video 

Angelina C says:

I’m sorry for your girlfriends. I guess dying alone with money would be
your idea of a perfect life??????

Waleed Khan says:

Jeremy, I love you. We have never met, but I deeply, passionately, truly,
love you.
On a sidenote it’s also good to know that I’m not the only teenager who
watches movies like a drug on the weekends. No better way to forget the
bullshit in real life.

Nicole Trejo says:

If you were my guy i would never lie to you jeremy…. i love movies and
sushi too…. just so you know…. lol! ;) 

The10Liam says:


Gertom Oberstep says:

20:45 You’re welcome, everyone…

carl wikström says:

Mgs the movie would be THE SHIT!!!

SuperMicklovin says:

1:55 So you’re George Lucas. 

peerost/loloman says:

does no one know that you can see the interview on youtube??

Ryan Parker says:

the interview is on…your welcome.

Haljordan4life says:

Director: Michael B….. James Gunn
Actor: Ewan McGregor

Grant Turner says:

Question: what’s your absolute favorite anime?

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