It Follows movie review

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With many of us having the “I’ve seen it all” mindset with the Horror movie genre, “It Follows” breaks new ground….but giving us more of what we’ve seen, but from 3 decades ago, so it’s stylish. Jeremy reviews “It Follows”!

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Troy Wullbrandt says:

So the creature is an STD (Sexually Transmitted Demon)?

Saudev Singh says:

now i have a feeling jeremy would give the same rating to babadook as this
movie given if this is what his take on horror movies!!!

Mizzah Tee says:

“Skin on Skin… Let the Love BEGIN!”


Fubukio says:

“So the premise of this movie is “You Come, Then It Follows”.”

Jeremy is right, it’s exactly like STD.

izzy carshuen says:

Wow. The highest rated horror movie Jeremy has done in a while.

Marblez3 says:

Instant zinger within the first 10 seconds. Nice!

Shelby James says:

Jeremy, watch “The Babadook”…now.

jones81381 says:

They should give the thing to a convict then blast him off into space.

DrChin Strap says:

If anyone watches the RoosterTeeth podcast, this is basically the killer
snail Gavin was talking about.

Rory Storm says:

Okay, I still have to ask: Is this still full of a lot of cheap jumpscares?
Or is it legit, like Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees, where, sure, you
might get a start when you see it, but it’s not just anxiety because you’re
just waiting for the next jumpscare? Is it anxiety because this thing is an
ACTUAL threat?

Kazikox says:

Watch babadook jeremy for fucks sake

Gray_Mask says:

So… its The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon?

JeremyJahns says:
CraigAA1028 says:

So basically it’s the film adaptation of the killer snail scenario that
Gavin from Rooster Teeth came up with

Mecha Godzilla says:

“You cum, then it follows”. Bravo, Jeremy.

Francisco35616 says:

JeremyJahns video on my B-day?! Fuck yeah!

Wild Koffing says:

You watched this before Babadook. ; ;

Lefty Jones says:

You wanna know what I hate Jeremy?

I hate how Five Nights at Freddy’s, a series that’s been out a year now and
is completely based on jump scares, is getting a movie but Bioshock never
got shit..

Also Resident Evil has like what, 5 movies now? 

Tyler Myers says:

Jeremy, if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you check out The
Babadook. It’s a great horror film that isn’t Exorcist level scary (though
it does have scares) but is very creepy, has a terrific lead, and is very
atmospheric and layered in story.

50Calabyte says:

The demon can only be passed through sex? K. Bang a hooker, problem solved.

Tanay Vaidya says:

Lord Of The Rings was not overhyped for me at least …. Neither was Empire
….. nor Breaking Bad …. nor Game Of Thrones …… I just have GREAT
luck when it comes to stuff people consider to be overhyped

zarbran says:

I saw it and absolutely loved the movie. I will agree with you though, it
wasn’t that scary, but it was incredibly creepy and thrilling. The
cinematography was also amazingly beautiful. I wonder if this movie will
end up being a cult film that people will love for a long time? I’ll have
to see if it stands up to multiple viewings.

Shiirow says:

The only reason people are overhyping this movie as the scariest movie
theyve ever seen is because over the last few years theyve been drip fed
horribly bad jumpscare ridden schlock from Hollywoods asshole. Now you have
a movie that is legit trying to scare you or at least freak you the fuck
out and people are going apeshit over it. Its like eating microwave
burritos every day for 5 years and then one day someone brings you a
burrito from a high class legit mexican restaurant, and going “this is the
greatest burrito I have ever eaten”. We all know its not but its a shock to
the system nonetheless.

Drake Santiago says:

Thumbs Up For the Def Leppard reference!

GiggityGoo205 says:

I think the movie is great but the whole time during the movie and still to
this day I have this feeling like something is missing from it.. Not sure
what it could be but I give it an 8/10. 

Allen Babylon says:

It sounds like a couple creepypastas I listened to on youtube. One was
about the Abstergo Man and the other had to do with some Japanese
experiment on children.

Daniel Mcfly says:

It follows… Was a really scary movie!! Filled with awesome
suspense/mystery and a great creepy soundtrack!!

Rin Uchiha says:

Hah… took me awhile to get that joke at the beginning.

bboythekidstudios says:

Err. I agree that it’s a good thing that they didn’t over-sexualize the
main character, but I’m not really a fan of your use of the phrase “not
slutty”. I’m just saying, to me it sounds like shifting the blame towards
the female characters for being promiscuous rather then the writers for
writing them that way. 

Anibal Mora says:

They really missed their chance to call this thing like STDemon or

Blah Blarh says:

And then we have unfriended… Now thats gonna be ass 

A.R. BEATZ says:

Has anyone seen Babadook? Best scariest movie made in 2010s so far.

ratguy101 says:

This video had an incredibly clever opening.

PharaohInTraining says:

To be fair my generation has had the worst horror movies ever. So yeah It
Follows is a huge deal.

FAMuzZle says:

I haven’t seen this movie but I really want to see it, yet the way Jeremy
describes it makes it sound like Gavin and Burnie’s Snail Assassin story

theleogeckoguy says:

First time in under 301 club

BBmetalhead04 says:

The premise sound like that killer snail from the RTAA short.

Sonia Martineau says:

Yes I saw it last weekend and I was super psyched to see your review on
this movie. As for myself…I really enjoyed it. There were some scenes
that reminded me of John Carpenter’s 70’s Halloween movie. It wasn’t super
scary,but as you said, the movie keeps you engaged… Thanks Jeremy…

DarkScarlettVixen says:

It’s like Pepe LePew?

MrJammybob1 says:

Jeremy, you should SOOO play lake view cabin. That would be a great video!!

LoGiTiC says:


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