Is Michael Biehn Returning To The ALIEN Franchise? – AMC Movie News

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Martin Avey writes: 

Hi AMC crew! Just wondering if you heard about Michael Biehn confirming on his instagram that he is officially returning for the new Aliens movie! Personally, I’m SO excited for this. What do you think this means for the new movie?

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Alan Bilbao says:

Mary Elizabeth Winstead for Newt in the next Alien movie.

Sam says:

Since they’re already changing the timeline of Terminator, why not cast him
as an old Reese in an altered-dimension instead of Jai freaking Courtney?

Kieran Jones says:

Yeah to echo others, let’s just pretend Aliens: Colonial Marines didn’t
Personally I’m not totally happy pretending three and four didn’t happen,
I’d rather they had a logical in-universe reason for all this such as
For example there’s no real reason to think the movies are happening in the
chronological order we’re presented with.
Let’s say that the Ripley DNA was gathered from Hadley’s Hope or a
toothbrush or something, the escape pod was totally faked by United Space
with a real Ripley/Xenomorph clone to try and create a new Alien hive on
the largely abandoned penal colony. When that didn’t work they started
buying people from pirates.
Eh maybe I’m just reaching.

NZ1967 says:

I would prefer the original actor of Newt reprise the role, no A-listers

CIarKent says:

he should have been back as Kyle Reese in Terminator 5, with digital
then being killed off in the begining of Terminator 5 to save money.
then the old Arnold terminator harvests his semen from his balls with a
needle in order to later impregnate Sarah so that John would still be born

M Oviegeek says:

haha that VIdeogame was crap… If she means Aliens Colonial Marines that

dragonrings14 says:

Trust me, I’ve met him recently and he doesn’t have the chops to be in
these films anymore. He isn’t like Sigourney Weaver in which she is still
just a fit as she was back in the 70s/80s.

NZ1967 says:

Yes please to the return of Michael Biehn. He is such a good actor, after
the Abyss, he just seemed to fall into an actor’s abyss. I don’t know what
happened to the guy. He was great in Tombstone and The Divide. It will be
great to see him back as Hicks if he chooses to return to the Alien galaxy.

Chris Peniston says:

Bu bu but he died in alien cowonial maereens.

Outsider says:

He better be !

Carcrafter7 says:

That would be awesome.

Jesse Redfield says:

yes ! please…

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