Interstellar trailer review

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A new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s mysterious new epic about interstellar travel (and God knows what else) has hit the web, and Nolan fans are going bananas! Jeremy gives you his thoughts on the new trailer for “Interstellar”!

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Buzz Mcfly says:

Yeah, there are people out there that hate TDKR, but as the old saying goes:

“Fuck those assholes!”

TheKrieg45 says:

SPOILER: At the end they find a mass relay and the First Contact War

Ballistic Boss says:

Like if your watching in 2015

RunningZguy says:

God, I’m so sick of all this The Dark Knight Rises hate. It was a great
movie! Despite all of it’s flaws. The majority of all people who complains
about it are often just nitpicking. I will agree that it’s the weakest of
the trilogy, or any Nolan film in general. But is that a reason to hate it?
No! It was still one of the best movies the summer 2012, or any other movie
of that whole year. Just because Nolan didn’t make a PERFECT movie that ONE
time it now suddenly feels like it’s cool for everyone to hate on him. So
if that is how people are these days, I think I’ve lost a bit of faith in

JokerReviewsD says:

Every good Director has his Haters. I don’t care Nolan is awesome! 4ever^^

Spyker says:

The “space bubble” seen in the trailer looks akin to the theoritical FTL
propulsion method proposed by Miguel Alcubierre; the Alcubierre drive.
(Please correct me if I am wrong) It works by first creating a bubble of
space-time around the spacecraft, then collapsing the space in front of the
bubble and expanding the space behind the bubble creating a sort of “wave”
that the bubble uses to achieve faster than light speeds in an instant.

Because the spacecraft is inside the “space-time bubble” the craft and
those inside feel no g-forces from jumping to such speeds instantaneously.

Brennan Cain says:

Something tells me that this might be Jeremy’s favorite movie of 2014.

BeastRane says:

Lol, what if it’s like After Earth…

DallasFlett says:

Nothing like watching a jeremyjahns video at 2 in the morning.

Kei Zhang says:

I’m shocked Morgan Freeman didn’t act as the wiseman in this movie.

JeremyJahns says:
Peter Smith says:

Dont smoke a weed and watch this, you,ll probley get lost as these
charactors are, On the other hand, it,s amazing what a fileing cabinet can
do, the robot is absolutly stupid.

hotdog rolle says:

i liked the dark knight rises more than the dark knight

BootlessDave says:

It’s called a Warp Bubble.

Alex C. says:

Jeremy that hypothesis was fucking gold.

I actually think that might be the plot, because it makes so much sense in
a weird way. I’m no physicist, but my understanding is that black holes
have much to do with the fabric of space and time. It would be pretty mind
blowing if they ended up in a past Earth.

bob E D says:

Half way through the movie, while expecting some bizarre alien encounter,
or some robotic monstrous being, I was truly dumbfounded to see Matt Damon
pop out of a ziplock bag ?

PajamaZam says:

Are you gonna do a spoiler review for Godzilla? Just curious?

jerome ley says:

i love TDKR and TDK equally, i loved bane in it, but the joker is still

Lucas Porto says:

Pleaseeee Jeremy do a review of ENEMY i need your opinion about this

FeathertopDT says:

Prequel to Firefly would be the greatest thing ever… won’t happen… but
greatest thing ever

The Jigsaw Killer says:

I’m telling you, this is going to be the 2001: A Space Odyssey of this

capperz412 says:

I’m really surprised at this rating. Now, I hate Nolan fanboys just as much
as everyone else, but I absolutely loved this film. I would’ve given it an
Awesometacular rating but that’s just me

Alexander Miller says:

There were several messages that I received from Nolan while watching this
in IMAX (which is highly suggest, with THC if you can)

Humans have wielded the forces of nature since the beginning of time
(fire, gravity, electricity, ect). It is because of the ability of wielding
these forces of nature that evolved human beings to be the most advanced
creature on Earth. Once the human race wielding one of these forces, we
started standing up taller and taller like that illustration of evolution
of an ape slowly into a man. Wielding fire allowed us to cook food and
build the combustible engine. Mastering gravity allowed us to fly as birds
and transport people and goods across the globe. Welding electromagnetism
allowed us to power our society and give birth to the age of computers. Now
we have entered the age of mastering other forces, such as the strong and
weak nuclear forces from the particle collideers we have today. As all
these technological advances have propelled us to evolve into the most
advanced species on Earth, there is one more force that humans are wielding
that we still have not yet mastered, Love.

Love cannot be measured like the other forces of nature. It is
something intangible that some claim to not really even exist. It is an
emotion, so we do not conventionally see it as something as universal as
gravity. But the point of Nolan making this film is to show the theory that
Love is indeed a force that can be wielded to advance our species.
Throughout our history, we celebrate humans that has wielded the force of
Love to advance the human race more than any other type of pioneers. You
have heard about these people all your life: Jesus, Muhammad, Gandhi,
Martin Luther King Jr, ect. These are really only individuals, yet their
achievements echo louder than any other set of individuals in the past.
This is because they have wielded the universal force of love (much more
than being a “nice person” perhaps doing something that most of us are
unaware, such as taking a red pill. lol. anyway..)
We take for granted what profound acts of love in our human history has
given us and transformed our society. Everyday life was much different in
human’s past, not just the lack of electricity and TV, but the way we loved
and acted on that love. Society has bleed to be where we are now. But we
cannot weld this force of love down to an equation that can be manipulated
and used like a screw driver. It is an abstract force that us humans are
just now starting to use as a tool.

Matt Damon’s character introduces the debate of using the surival
intinct(selfishness/anti-love) when he tried to kill Mathew’s character. If
Damon’s plan was carried out, Mathew’s message would never have reached
Murphy that saved the human race. Mathew again expressed love when he
sacrificed himself by entering the black hole, which is against the
survival instinct. Cooper had wielded love… Point being, love, which is
something that is alien to the survival instinct, drove humans to live
through so many things over time to be who we are today. As a species, we
need to wield love, which we are failing to do on a mass scale. Earth is
still very much a survival instinct planet and is pushing away the ability
to wield this next force. This is the only way we are to move on the next
step. It isn’t fancier gadgets that evolves a species, it is wielding each
force until the next force is ready to be wielded, too. In this time in
human being’s evolution, Love is the next force we are to wielded.

thetitan0 says:

i heard everything in the trailer takes place in the first 15 minutes or

ThoughtRise says:

Incorrect* Black holes are NOT black.

Honest Reviews says:

anyone else read the leaked script?? i kinda got lost at the part were they
find a planet full of super smart monkies 

Enea Bako says:

i like nolan cuz he has a unique way of giving the storyline, breathles
heartbreaking shocking cant wait untill this movie is out in my country
albania, im coming to us to watch it xD

IAm Naveen says:

Stanley Kubrik = Chris Nolan!!

melonfarmer says:

1:20 is the event horizan of a black hole. Theoritically, time slows down
when you’re inside. In the trailer, we see a shot of a woman that looks
like the grown up version of Mcconaugheys daughter. 10 bucks says he gets
trapped in the event horizon and comes out. When he gets out, it felt like
a few minutes but it was actually decades.

Bricks Of Awesome says:

Black holes emit radiation known as hawking radiation. Maybe some of the
spots on that thing could be some form of visible hawking radiation, but as
far as I know it is very minimal and probably not in the visible spectrum.
Apart from that we could be seeing the light being sucked in because the
spacecraft is that close to the black hole and some of the light they can
see before it gets sucked in. It also kind of looks like a small little
universe, so Nolan could be exploring the ideas of pocket dimensions, but
I`m not so sure.

Devon Lewis says:

Honestly, the only people I know that hate on Christopher Nolan are people
who can’t understand the concepts that he portrays in his movies. Nolan is
an incredibly intelligent, talented director compared to anyone else in
hollywood right now and his movies show it. I guess people have a problem
with movies actually evoking thought and speculation now a days and would
rather have the simple minded action of movies like The Hunger games and

P.S. Go look up NASA’s article on interstellar travel and you will see why
this movie will be so great.

Bruce Lee says:

really tho how can people hate The Dark Knight Rises? is there something
wrong with them? or do they just not like movies? Oh and fuck ben affleck
nuff said.

Mary Dunne says:

Why review a trailer? Not just review the actual film?

Thinker365 says:

Nolan has actually been working closely with physicist Kip Thorne (I
believe), to make the story as scientifically accurate as possible, or at
least as close to Thorne’s theories as possible. The trailer was cool and
interesting. While watching it, I really hope that interstellar travel is
possible, hehe. We might actually need a new planet in a couple of

Fat Dog says:

Yes, TDKR was a shit movie. Thank you for acknowledging that, it makes me
happy that you know that THAT movie is the one that has some legitimate

Walter White says:

Nolan is ridiculously overrated

James Royce-Dawson says:

That is an accurate representation of what scientists theorise a wormhole
would look like. I gotta respect Nolan for going with a realistic
representation rather than some sci-fi bullshit. 

Cris Reiz says:

why are people hating on TDKR yet praises Avengers and shit????? i dont get
the world 

Tiago Gomes says:

My opinion about Nolan’s films:
Following – haven’t seen it
Memento – 8.5
Insomnia – 6.5 (He didn’t write this movie…)
Batman Begins – 9
The Prestige – 9.5
The Dark Knight – 10
Inception – 10
The Dark Knight Rises – 8


Sean Ngui says:

Jeremy was correct about so many things in this review 

TerraformerPF says:

it looks alright. i like scifi so I’ll probably go and see it.

why are people talking about batman? lol

vrendus522 says:

From what I’ve seen of the clips, reminds me of an a older Russian movie
where the astronauts go to Venus.

federico trujillo says:

well that is warp bubble watch science channel that like warp really look

JustNerdable says:

I am pretty much already sure that i will love this movie to death and that
its gonna be, if not nr 1st than 2nd or 3rd favorite movie of all time :O

TomClacy5871 says:

Even if ur a Batman fanboy Jeremy, u gotta admit rises sucked

quicktoevil says:

another holy shit review, keep coming back

lithiokv says:

you gotto review new trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fritobandito858 says:

I hope they spend more time in space rather than on earth, which the
trailer didn’t seem to show

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