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Interstellar has divided moviegoers and Nolan fans alike. Love it, hate it, like it, get completely confused by it; there are a lot of spoilers to talk about. Jeremy gives you his thoughts, and further explanations on what he liked, and what he didn’t like about the movie in his “Interstellar SPOILER talk”!

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Meg butterfly says:

Just saw Interstellar, and I didn’t catch the beginning foreshadow like
Jeremy did — I knew it was a foreshadow but couldn’t have predicted
Matthew Mcconaughey would survive a swan dive into a black hole — so, yeah
I didn’t catch that as a foreshadow.

Also, I know we want interesting and dimensional characters, but a farmer
that is a former astronaut? LOL that’s like Transformers AOE with Walberg
the inventor.

The problems with Earth’s soil being irreparable? OR Blight (semantics) or
whatever the fuck. Joke. Earth dying will be cause of something celestial,
not bad soil: an issue that has already been encountered and resolved in
places like Dubai.

The planet pit-stops sucked. I went to watch the movie to see how CGI
would depict these would be exoplanets, not cause of the factual scientific
substance. BUT nooooo, the planet pit-stops lacked so much creativity — a
tidal wave here, water crystallized clouds there. Shit, I’ve seen more
entertaining conjuring of planet structures in documentaries.

The son was a wasted character. And in the “rising tension” part of the
movie with the son being the impetus for a ticking clock on the daughter’s
end of the movie (you know the whole crops burning scene: fucking kidding
me, right?). “hurry hurry, before he gets back,” WHY? What’s he gonna do?
— ANS: give her a hug. She’s his sister and he wasn’t presented a
nefarious person in the movie, SO, I wasn’t worried for a sec watching
that, nor should Murphy have been rushed.

*YES* Matt Damon’s character shoulda just said, yeah… I lied. It’s not
like they woulda freaking left him behind or something. Instead, he acts
all irrational for a supposed scientist. He said, he was trying to save
mankind…. emmmm, HOW? What was his plan?… to go to Edmund’s planet?
Cause, Hathaway did that regardless.

I did buy into Hathaway’s character, and how she changed. She’s a woman,
and she was in love, and both planets were emitting positive data feedack
beacons — so why not? No issue there.

The black hole thing in the end. B.S. And who the heck are “THEY?” Fifth
dimensional beings? I know it’s fiction, but c’mon, at least denote the
dam fiction. This movie has more questions than answers. Jeremy, “what
they can or cannot do?” How about: who the HELL are they?

Finally…. after all the madness they went through — love, 4th and 5th
dimensions, celestial aid, anomalies, and LOVE — the resolution from this
so-called equation, that we were never even clued into, much less written
on a board or explained: *BUILD ELYSIUM* Sorry Nolan, I saw that movie
already. Funny that Matt Damon was in this movie too. Jeremy is too kind.
I’d give this movie a C-. 3 hr waste of my day. 

Meurseault Pessoa says:

Right… So you’re basically trashing Interstellar, a science FICTION
movie, saying that is full of improbable things, but your favourite movie
of last year was Gravity, which is even more ridiculously improbable and
scientifically inaccurate (confirmed by scientists and actual
astronauts)… go figure.

Extended Trailer Music says:

Okay, *how in the actual heck* do you get “Dad, stop knocking over books
and using gravity to manipulate sand falling from the fifth dimension” from
“Dad, there’s a ghost in my room” without having known *a lot* about the
film beforehand?

Bruce Wayne says:

I don’t understand why the ship needed the huge rocket on earth but can fly
around independent of it on every other planet.

Jabanoodle says:

Since I left a comment on Jeremys original review, which eventually got
many likes, I believe you consider me to be in the “shitbag” group of
people (awesome way to refer to your subscriber,btw). Now that you uploaded
a spoiler talk video, I genuinely think not doing so would have been a
mistake. This movie is something absolutely special. I respect that you
think this movies was not as good as you wanted it to be, Ill admit, me
neither, but it definitely is better that the Equalizer(same rating) and
MOS( buy it on blu-ray). It is really helpful to understand your point of
view, but some of the flaws you see in the movie are probably not flaws.
While not a 100% accurate, everything they portray about higher
dimensions,wormholes and so forth is either true or is speculation, it is
not 100% impossible. I think everyone should check out an interview with
Kip Thorne, the theoretical physicist who worked with the crew. I still
think this movie deserved a better rating from you, and it also sucks for
you that you did not get emotionally invested in the movie (the scene when
he comes back from the first planet and watches the videos his children
sent him was absolutely incredible for me).

Jeff White says:

I couldn’t handle this movie. I was constantly cringing at the “science” in

That’s not how relativity works
That’s not how dimensions work
That’s not how black holes work
It made my brain hurt.

And yes, I did ‘get’ the movie. 

Matthew de Raadt says:

I’m watching this with an open mind. Generally, I think your reviews are
great (they always are) and I love watching them (I always do). So when say
what I have to say next, don’t think I’m a raging Nolanite (he’s a good
director but no Hitchcock). When you mentioned the massive tidal wave and
the shallow water, just think of what happens before a big wave comes in,
or a tsunami. The water retreats and gets shallow. This is whats happening
on that watery planet but on a much, much greater scale, because instead of
the moon affecting the tides, the planet has a supermassive blackhole
affecting the tides.

UR BONED says:

I feel like you are picking apart the movie waaaay too much. Like to the
extent you are going, you could do that to every movie and just say ‘well
why did that happen like that, when it could have happened like that? Which
completely changes the movie, you could do that with literally every film
in existence if you wanted to. 

vito libido says:

Don’t listen to this guy. This movie was IDIOTIC DO NOT WATCH IT. Every
second of the 2hours and 45 minutes of this movie was complete GARBAGE. You
have a stripper and cat woman go into space.. trust me this is a comedy..
What happens when you travel thru the black hole? Well apparently you end
up spying on your 8yr old daughter thru a book shelf.. Good lord what a
fucking dumb ass movie Christopher Nolan you fucked up batman and you
fucked up science just stick to the magician movie keep it simple you are
not that good 

doomsdarkrai says:

“Hm…Jeremy, I agree with most of your statements. But I disagree with
some of them. Nolan…I agree with most of your statements. But I disagree
with some of them.” This is all that is needed to be said by everyone to
everyone for everyone. Just calm the fuck down! 

leo50perez says:

I feel like a dumbass saying this but, am I the only one who didn’t know
cooper was gonna be the ghost? 

Thomas Truong says:

Nope. Interstellar was the best film hands down in movie history. 11/10

Sharath SH says:

Romilly explains the concept of wormhole so stupidly to Cooper on a piece
of paper. Like seriously, he is a freaking astronaut.. He should know that.

Кирилл Думнов says:

Wait a second
Did everyone really guess that the ghost thing was Mcconaughey in the first
place or am I just that fucking dumb?

Alex Vennos says:

This was defiantly an emotional focused movie which is what made me really
enjoy it. Sure I didn’t really understand all of it but that is probably
the same with a lot of people. Bottom line is that the movie was good and
if you say it isn’t… well then I feel sorry for you. I guarantee that if
you hated this movie, you probably also hate a majority of other great
movies out there and therefore are a dick. Sorry for telling you something
that your parents should have.

Joshua Aduol says:

+JeremyJahns . I think you need to improve your points.

I don’t think that landing on the water planet was just a pit stop. If you
followed the plot, they did it to get Miller’s data. Secondly, waves are
allowed to be that big because of the gravity caused by the black hole.
That’s how tidal waves form on earth, due to the sun and moon’s
gravitational pull.

On the whole issue of love, as you have stated, Nolan’s film is trying to
be scientific and, as Brand explicitly says in her speech that one should
listen to her because she is a scientist. She clearly is looking at her
attraction to someone else as a type of phenomena that humans do not
completely understand the workings of yet. So it doesn’t really take away
from her character when she tries to fit it with science. Also, an you
prove to me that love isn’t quantifiable?

Lastly, your points are mostly just nitpicking (abilities of 5th
dimensional beings, orbital radii of planets, etc.) and not critical of
what the film is trying to convey. You are trying to fit your own
preconceived framework of what a film should be rather than accepting it
for what it is.

Giving slightly better arguments might go a long way to help your review.

pollenontheshoot says:

See it through HER eyes Jeremy. You saw all the relatives in the hospital
room. To them maybe her dad is a ghost story. We have no way of knowing
what she had told her kids and grandkids and family. If you watch the scene
again you’ll notice that he was following her lead. She didn’t want to make
a big scene on her death bed and her dad respected that. The family in the
hospital room acted like they had no idea who he was.
Help me out people, am I wrong. Did anyone else read that scene that way?

9124Nove says:

I seriously don’t understand why some people watch review videos from
people who are clearly expressing THEIR OWN opinions, yet get mad when the
reviewer’s opinion doesn’t match their own. Not everyone has the same
opinion on everything. The world doesn’t work that way; and even if it did,
it would be a rather fucked up world.

Jack Harkness says:

Alright so I know I’m late but I just saw Interstellar now, and I see
almost no one understood the fifth dimensional beings. First off THERE WERE
NONE. The fifth dimensional beings didn’t exist, Cooper literally said
this. He talked about how humans in the future would be able to enter the
fifth dimension, which was time. They were able to travel through the fifth
dimension (time) and they created the 3 dimensional version of time for
Cooper inside the black hole. So in a way “they” were humans from the

joesatmoes says:

It may have been cuz I walked into the theater 5-10 min late, but I didn’t
catch the foreshadowing of Mcconaughey being the ‘ghost’ thing. And when
the black hole thing happened (the black hole itself was bs imo but) I
actually did like the twist where he was using morse code and stuff.

But whenever they talked about love the movie dropped down a few points for
me, particularly when it turned out they should have followed Anne
Hathaway’s love rather than objective reason, and I almost laughed when the
solution to save humanity turned out to be ‘love’.

Tbh, when writers have to turn to some BS like that to solve the problem
and save humanity, sometimes I’d rather them just kill humanity off. I
mean, yes it’s cool to see humanity pull through, but once in a while I’d
like to see a movie that shows that the acts of humans- as a species and
individually- could have consequences on all of humanity. I mean, I don’t
want EVERY movie to be like that, but maybe when writers write themselves
into a corner like this, rather than using the deus ex machina of “love” or
“hope” I’d like at least one writer to have the balls to just make humanity

But overall, like you said, it was a pretty awesome movie- tbh, even with
all the negatives I had with it, I’d say it’s still at least a
Buy-it-on-BluRay rating.

Christoph13131 says:

The whole “love is quantifiable” part wasn’t the most stupid for me. When
they jumped into fifth dimension and actual time travel nonsense, which
killed the entire plot for me. I could have accepted it if the science for
the first three quarters of the movie wasn’t otherwise solid.

koolgool says:

Maybe it’s just because I’m a religious guy, but I had absolutely no
problems with the whole “quantifiable love” thing.

wilfredo torres says:

What’s funny is that people and a lot of critics (and critics wannabes)
claim that the film’s third act is bad because it’s bullshit, does not make
any sense, and is “stupid” yet the great majority applaud and revere 2001:
A Space Odyssey and that masterpiece has a third act that is way more out
there, more illogical, more incongruent and “stupid” by today’s standards
than Interstellar has. So it begs to question the validity and seriousness
of these so-called critics points. But hey, to each its own.

Sam Templin says:

It’s ironic how in the movie, Mann’s conversation about how “robots could
never do the mission that humans do because without love and the desire to
survive they can’t operate on the same level”, then proceeds to try and
kill everybody, jeopordize the entire mission, survival of the human race,
then kills himself by doing something that had no chance in succeeding
because the loneliness of 25+ years on an ice planet drove him insane.

I’m pretty sure that sending a team of robots up with the amazing AI they
had in the movie, without worrying about food, oxygen, cryosleep, or
killing each other would have made this mission far more likely to succeed
– and much more quickly.

Rake187 says:

Funding came from taxing the people. Remember at the beginning where Cooper
asks a teacher “Yo bro, we got no army or anything. Why we still paying
taxes?” Still they would need a lot of money but I guess that explains it.

Vector Anttii says:

once your near black hole your doomned, the movie was great but the black
hole part like the main character going in its so annoying…everyone knows
that going into a black hole is death even before reaching the
spagetiffication stage..the event horizon will kill you first lolol..

Klemen Kekec says:

I thought the ghost would be Murph talking to her older self. Close enough,

Luca Munro says:

Matt Damon’s character’s first name is Hugh. Therefore he is Hugh Mann.

Zachs Mind says:

i concur with the sentiment. It’s a nice movie. I liked it. It even lingers
days afterwards with philosophical questions like can love really be
quantifiable and what’s that even mean etc etc.. It was visually stunning.
Surprised to learn there was no green screen it’s all practical effects and
that’s rather impressive. However, the narrative itself and the story and
even the characters.. it’s nice. It was a nice movie. Nothing wrong with
being a nice movie. I wouldn’t use words like amazing or incredible or
omigodijushimahpants. it was okay. I’m glad I watched it. the ending wasn’t
very satisfying, but it coulda been a lot worse. It has its flaws. all
films have flaws. Joss Whedon’s The Avengers had a whole bunch of flaws but
I can say for my money The Avengers was awesome. Ridley Scott’s Prometheus
had its flaws and for my money Prometheus was terrible.

Interstellar was nice. What’s wrong with being a nice movie? Coulda been
better. Coulda been a LOT worse. It’s nice. People should see it. Don’t
expect too much tho. 

JJ Finkelstein says:

Sham Wow guy doing reviews? How the fuck did I get here?

Savvysap777 says:

Jeremy… they didn’t send robots because there was no plan A…

Cool Prizes says:

There is a HUGE spiritual undertone in this movie that will goe over

My Cocaine says:

did you really have to go inside a black hole to figure out that you can
spin a giant ship to give it artificial gravity? we already know how to do

Rafael Rodrigues says:

Hi Jeremy, I really like your reviews, ithink we have the same tastee for
movies, that being said, I think I should adress a few points of this
particulary review/spoiler talk.
First thing, the ghost: you probably knew for sure it was McConaughey
because you just know movies, it was predictable for you, but for me and
most of the people, it became clear after in the movie, not in the first
scene for sure.
Then, as you saw, they chose the first planet because of the data, and the
wave was that big because of the gravity of the planet, actually scientist
agreed with that, so you should maybe get your science facts from the movie
straight before you did this :/
I must admit that his son didnt do much, and it really seamed like he
didnt care about him. I really think their choices through the movie were
correct given the data they had, now why do you think that the docking was
impossible, McConaughey was being helped by computers and robots.
Hathaway’s character didnt go complete against itself, she wanted to go
because of her boyfreind, but she did have facts that prooved it was the
planet with better chances of having/sustaing life.
About the black and whormhole, what happened on black hole could be
anything, no one knows what really could happen and no one actually knew
who was “they”, but if “they” made it so easier( with the wormhole closer
to hearth and to the right planet), you wouldnt have a movie, wich makes me
think you just didnt like the movie before you watched it.
I don’t remember the movie trying that hard to show that love was
quantifiable, it was more of a theory. Love did gave McConaughey the
courage and willl to try to get back to his daughter at any cost, it
transcended all rationality and logic, wich I persoally think its a lot.
Abaout Murph and McConaughey at the end… I really hope you or anyone
doesn’t ever has to see one of his kids die, because that is REALLY fucked
up, it made sense Murph didn’t want him there and it made even more sense
that he left.
Yes, the planets they chose, orbiting the black hole, probably wouldnt be
so great, in fact we have located dozens of potencially habitable planets
and none of them orbits a black hole, but given that the science was
mostly(9/10 said Neil deGrasse Tysson) correct and the executive producer
and advisor was a real scientist that is an expert on Einstein’s theories
and all the rest, maybe you should accept their choice.
The robots explanation was accurate, because you really can’t program
robots to all the possible scenarios, if we could, we’d be using them
already to do more stuff and even in this world you insist they say love is
quantifiable, robots wouldn’t be capable of doing all we can maybe just
because we didn’t want them to do that because of danger it could possible
It seems you dind’t got the movie, but what I think is that you made an
effort to don’t to like it, because Interstellar was worth by on DVD for

This comes late, but I watched the movie just yesterday, sorry about the
spelling and vocabulary, english is not my first language. keep up the good
work. :)

Mau Jo says:

Why is docking while spinning impossible? It’s perfectly allowed by

Nolan Moore says:

Wait so who is “they” in this movie?? Who placed the black hole there next
to Saturn??

squantrill says:

wow well your not annoying! and talk about trying to pick a movie a part,
petty. People and critics especially are just becoming movie snobs. If you
removed many of the aspects that you criticise, it wouldn’t be much of a
film, just like this lame spoiler review. Sometimes a movie just has to be
enjoyed. It’s a film for God sake. All the wolves of scientists and critics
are circling and good on Nolan for making such a film. The world of
scientists is based mainly upon disproving someone else’s theory, so in
this topical debate, fingers to em, and a great film. Having a daughter
myself, I can relate to many of the connections in this film. great job
Nolan, lame review mr nobody

Vernedi says:

Jeremy, in the movie they explained where NASA got its funding from.
Matthew complained about paying taxes and how his money wasn’t getting
anything done for his country. And then Anne explained NASA had been
stealing those dollars. PAY ATTENTION!

Thomas Rippy says:

Maybe I’m a sap like you proposed Nolan is becoming but dammit man I LOVED
this movie. I’m an Engineer that has taken a TON of Math and Physics
courses and I got hardcore into Einstein and Hawking books in college and
this movie tickled that sweet geeky spot in my mind perfectly. I became a
father just over ten months ago and it tugged my heart strings too! I see
your points on plot holes but I just didn’t care. It was soooooo enjoyable
that I didn’t think about them at all during the movie (my brain isn’t
wired like yours as a YouTube reviewer obviously). I just went along for
the ride and dug the movie. Is it in my top ten of all time, no. Top
20-30 definitely. Top ten of 2014 definitely. On your rating scale I
would have battled between blu-ray and awesometacular. 

Andrew A says:

My understanding of how “the wave” should have worked is that it shouldn’t
have been a wave at all. Yes, there should have been a “wall” of water
coming towards them, but it should have been a massive tidal change. So
after it passed, instead of ankle deep water, they should have been sitting
in mile deep water. To put it another way, no roller coast downward
plunge, just up up up. Then maybe during a low tide change it would be
down down down

Lomaxient says:

Well, someone’s on the defensive.

Albagaga says:

When a tidal wave comes close to a shore the water is drawn away and the
water level drops considerably, sometimes even entirely. So on a water
only planet with tidal waves the size of mountains that constantly work
their way across the surface the vast majority of the water of that planet
would be contained in the wave, not the remaining ocean. In fact, if the
waves weren’t their then the ocean would likely be hundreds of feet deep
just like our oceans, not 3 feet. So the fact that it was so shallow was
in fact an indication of what was about to come.

Also, the reason why Copper could not return to his timeline and the reason
the 5th dimensional beings (who don’t forget, were some future evolution of
humanity) could not do anything different than what we had seen up to that
point, was because they couldn’t change the past (or maybe they just
wouldn’t, in an effort to not change the past and cause a paradox).

TheAltarOfMadness says:

Yeah, the movie kinda sucked pretty bad

Novakira Sato says:

Nobody cares about sons anyway. Daughters are considered more valuable.

knares13 says:

I disagree about the change that you said happened with Anne Hathaway’s
character, Amelia. I understood her to be a person driven by her
convictions, someone who feels very deeply but is also highly disciplined,
and those two forces within her worked seamlessly toward the goal of their
mission. She kept her personal feelings a secret because she knew how her
decisions would be perceived, as skewed and selfish. In fact it was her
faith in her feelings and understanding that made all the difference.
Edmunds, the planet named for the man she loved, was in fact the planet
they ended up finding, the one they needed, that eventually saved the human
race. She wasn’t wrong, and I think her character is one of the most
consistent, likeable, and well-written characters of the entire film.

VejyMonsta says:

The plot holes in the movie are almost negligible. I think people need to
learn how to enjoy a movie more than how to scrutinize a film for its minor
plot flaws. If it gets its point across then what does it matter. I thought
it was a great film with some great food for thought and morals on
humanity. Because in the end, the future humans are basically gods that
could’ve handed humans the secret to unlocking the gravity problem thus
rendering the entire film nonsensical. The plot is really just an excuse to
make an extremely ambitious scifi film based on “almost” real theory and
some minor ideas of philosophy and morality and deliver it in an accessible
manner. Which I think for the most part it succeeds in doing. I get that
you think the movie is imperfect, and it is. I’m just sick of seeing people
scrutinize every negative aspect of a film. Movie reviews are a joke now.
You check one site and they have a high average, while others have a
terrible average. And the critique reviews sometimes do not match viewer
reviews. What’s the point of looking at reviews anymore if they don’t help
anybody decide on what movie is worth their money. For me Interstellar –
9/10, will buy on bluray.

Jedd B. says:

When it comes to Millers planet… I would have never gone there at all.
But humans can make stupid choices.. for them,a little bit of “Human”
happened in their decision making.. There was some good acting in that
scene. They really did look pissed at each other after the wave hit! I felt
like that third person in the room who awkwardly tries to ignore the
argument LoL

jeffprime says:

It was a good movie, but there were flaws. The one I had the most trouble
with was the temporal causality loop at the end. The only way humanity
survives is because an advanced version of itself essentially time-travels
to give itself the solution on how to survive. But how did the advanced
version of humanity itself survive long enough to send back the message?

Temporal paradoxes in a hard science-fiction setting are distasteful to me.

Matt Goodbaudy says:

But isn’t the son older?I just figured he died.

Jonatan Pina says:

Cooper not diying was the worst, in terms of contradicting the “message”of
the movie: that we must think in terms of what`s best for the survival of
the species and not ourselves and our family. Could have been worst, it
could have ended with him and Hathaway`s character on Edmund`s planet
kissing to the sound of Disney strings. Great movie, though! 

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