Interstellar movie review

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Christopher Nolan takes on his space drama of interstellar proportions. But does it live up to the Nolan hype or live up to the Nolan expectations? Jeremy reviews “Interstellar”!

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spinz186 says:

It’s so ironic that Jeremy says it’s not the next 2001: A Space Odyssey
because there is no chance he even likes that movie. He called Interstellar
slowly paced, but 2001 is way slower. Also, knowing Jeremy, he gets pretty
bored if a movie doesn’t give him high octane scenes, which 2001 doesn’t
have. Finally, many people view 2001 as boring, which is fair enough, but
Jeremy alludes to it like he acknowledges that it’s a great movie just
because he is part of the film community. I’m almost positive he would give
2001 the “good time if Ur drunk rating.” Therefore, Jeremy is full of shit
and the reason cinema is spewing out overloaded action movies, which are
fine, but this discourages any type of ambitious, intelligent film to be

TheDufase19089 says:

I am completely perplexed as to how people dont understand the movie.

And to those who say there are plot holes about the Black Holes.The movie
flat out tells you that our understanding of Black Holes may be COMPLETELY
wrong. Do you guys not understand science? Just because something is held
to be fact in the scientific community does NOT mean its true. Science has
been wrong many times in the past few centuries due to the introduction of
new technology, information and Data. Theories are constantly ruled out and
hypothesis change. The goal of science is to get as close to the truth as
possible and if it can be shown/proven that the Truth is different than
what we think then sciences changes to match up truth based on the new data.

This happens in the movie when they flat out say their equations were wrong
because they didnt not have all the data.

TL:DR. Let the movie set up its own internal logic and dont bring outside
information into the film. IF the Movies sciences matches up with real
science, Awesome. If the movie states that sciences act differently than
what the real world sciences states then ignore real life sciences and go
with what the movie is saying.

People like to create plot holes in movies like Star Trek and Looper based
upon what we understand about science, yet they dont even acknowledge that
what we know as fact may completely change in 3 years.


Estivel Garcia says:

This is the kind of movies that need plenty of time in order to make a good
review. I feel like Jeremy made this 4 minutes review in 30 minutes without
studying all elements in a much deeper way. This is a complicated movie.
There is a LOT of scientific theories that we have to understand first.
Everything in this movie is significant. Even the boring part of the movie,
becomes significant at the end. And this movie didn’t feel long. I was
entertained the whole time. One of the most significant element in this
movie is TIME and GRAVITY. This movie was amazing!! This movie covered all
the things I learned in my physics/Philosophy class such as: singularity,
parallel universe, black wholes, gravity, time, time travel and all that
fascinating shit. This is probably the most complicated movie Nolan had

Maddy Krebs says:

Normally your reviews are spot on but this time I have to disagree with
you. I thought this movie was phenomenal! This details in all the science
behind a concept so complex was so well thought out, I questioned half way
through if scientists had created the plot. I’m a bit biased because I’ve
always been a huge Nolan fan, but I still think it’s absolutely worth
watching I would just bring a pen and paper to take some notes. 

Eddiexx4 says:

Wow… Jeremy. I usually always agree with your reviews. But this review…
I definitely expected an awsometacular. This is THE BEST movie I have ever
seen. I’m a huge fan of the unknown universe and the possibilities of space
travel. This movie made me feel as if I were in space. As if I was right

This movie is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone. 5/5 from me… It’s
that great. Jeremy, we all have our opinions. I’m just sad to know you
didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.

Again. FANTASTIC film. 

Jorge Andrade says:

This is when I unsubscribe Jeremy. Really bad review. 

Dunces and Robots says:

This is the most overrated movie of all time. I fucking said it, because it
is true. I cant believe people are still bitching about this video.
Interstellar was boring, and the only good thing about it was the
cinematography. I guess avatar is an amazing movie.

MrEzra710 says:

The most telling part of the movie is when Matthew McConaughey’s character
says something to the effect of: “Up until I walked in here you didn’t know
if I were dead or alive and now you want me to lead a space exploration to
save all of humanity? Sure, I’ll go.” In addition to being a blatant
rip-off of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” there were many _several_
“conveniences” like this which is the hallmark of bad storytelling. I
regret having paid money to see this. This was not a good film.

Truth Seeker says:

Movie SUCKED. I love Nolan and Science. They lost me with the “love is
quantifiable”. Love? Seriously? Completely retarded.

Daniel Patten says:

I understand that gravity and interstellar are completely different movies
but I still prefer interstellar because it was more interesting. When I
left the cinema it just left me thinking unlike gravity. Even if it’s not
as well made of written I still preferred it!

Pabluzcu says:

Kudos for making a fair review about this movie without spoiling 3/4 of the
plot. The concept of “overreach” you used to describe Nolan´s work in this
movie, that´s EXACTLY the very concept we discussed with my gf and friends
after watching the movie, I couldnt agree more with that and the rest of
your line of thought. 10/10 to your review, 6/10 to the movie.

BlackAera says:

Saw it yesterday. I was left speechless and after sleeping over it I still
have no words for Interstellar. I can’t describe the effect it had on me.
It was amazing. Eye-opening. I was in wonder. Nolan allowed me to see the
unknown in visualizing the unbelievable. Making it understandable for
peopel who are not theoretical astro physicist. I don’t know how he comes
up with his ideas but with this movie, he is now at a point where he could
basically ask for a blank check and 100% creative control. Interstellar is
the new 2001 for me. I now know how my parents must have felt when they saw
it the first time. Best movie of the last 10 years for me.

Guy Thompson says:

I feel Jeremy didn’t review interstellar for what it actually was. He
looked at the plot of the film and didn’t see the deeper meaning to it.
Firstly, yes the film was 3 hours long and I think 3 hours of my life well
spent, it needed the 3 hours otherwise it couldn’t have given the story in
full effect. Directory rarely have the guts to make a film so long or
wouldn’t be able to make to make it so long because they don’t have enough
material. Secondly Jeremy looked it at an angle of the effects and and the
high octane scenes. (Though the effects were very good) the film was about,
in a way the meaning of human life.

Anyway just watched the film 20 minutes of the film and is now the best
film I have ever watched and Christopher Nolan is now my favourite


Damn bro there roastin you on this review and get this you said you liked
it lmao what a bunch of fools you guys/ gals understood this complex movie
but you cant understand his review he said he liked it but gave some
comments that could have been done a little better whats the problem? and
how yall gone judge comic book movies with this movie its a diff mind frame
when you go and watch diff genre well Jeremy one minute they love ya but if
you dont run with the pack they say fuck you lol some people just cant
handle diff opinions like adults

TheNuclearpolitics says:

This movie deserves no fucking credit whatsoever, it was a piece of fucking

DarthDJJD says:

If we want to talk about pacing, 2001: A Space Odyssey (in today’s
standards) would be the most boring movie of all time. Not everything has
to be fast paced. Kids today need to get off their ADD mindset and enjoy a
film like this. Movies use to have intermissions (Ben-Hur, The Ten
Commandments, 2001: A Space Odyssey, etc.)

Whether you like the plot or not, at least their is a filmmaker trying to
incorporate real Sci-Fi (not the Abrams “Star Trek Into Darkness” Sci-Fi of
all action and no brains). This Sci-Fi movie forces you to use your grey
matter, and that is rare today (in a time where trailers explain the whole
movie or theaters have become carnival rides [horror, action, and comic
book movies].

Good job Christopher Nolan for making an intelligent movie. Stanley
Kubrick would have been proud.

TheSgtkite says:

Interstellar > Inception

Clark Dufour says:

The movie was fucking terrible.

Caldor3 says:

In my honest opinion Interstellar was one of the best films I’ve ever seen,
easily in my Top 20 of all time. Im only 19 so compared to others who have
better experience with movies over the years I may not be as reliable. But
the fact is Interstellar blew me away, not on a CGI level but in terms of
visuals, nostalgia, acting and reliability. In every movie there is a good
guy and a bad guy, but with Interstellar human kind or life itself was the
enemy and the fact we can relate to it because we’ll be in that same
situation within the next 30 years makes the movie more amazing.
Interstellar could have been a simple space voyage, but by adding a family
in which could relate too and feel for them makes Interstellar a
masterpiece IMO.

Treis Wenland says:

This is a great film for impressionable teens who like to feel smart
without exerting any thought. It seems the only people who actually enjoy
this movie are young 14-17 yr olds who like to think they’re geniuses for
pretending to “get it”. Sad truth is that there’s actually nothing to get.
And even if there was, everything that happened in this film was constantly
being explained (no need for brain power on this one – Nolan’s got you
covered). They even decided to defy all logic and put the robot in the
black hole at the end to explain to the audience everything that was
happening. You gotta be fucking kidding me.

Face it, Nolan thinks you’re an idiot. He wants you to take his bullshit
seriously (he’ll be laughing when you do) and left absolutely nothing to
the imagination.
The “5th Dimensional Beings” are the medichlorians of Interstellar, and
they ruined everything. What a ridiculous film. 

Jabanoodle says:

Just came back from watching it, expecting to be underwhelmed, since Nolan
is my favorite director… And I was not. The movie was not convoluted, it
sure as fucking hell was not about pit stops in space, and it was not too
long. The complexity of this whole idea demands time. The first 2 hours
flew by for me and my friend. The final act felt slower, but it was
absolutely brilliant. This will go down as one of the most terrible reviews
JeremyJahns ever made. I still love you Jeremy, but this was just
incredibly wrong.

joey flores says:

This was a terrible movie. Probably the worst movie ive seen since
Gravity(which was such a bore fest too). There was no story and then they
try to make it all supernatural but then they say its some weird dimension
that theyre in and its just like what the fuck is even happening. Ughhh i
definitly wouldnt recomend it unless you want some sleep time lol.

Sertarris says:

Humor level: 100%

M. Hornette says:

I didn’t hear anybody mention how much the design of the TARS robot
resembles the iconic monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Isn’t it obvious?
It’s like they wanted to make a mobile version of HAL and what would be a
better design to pick from the movie everybody would compare to
Interstellar? It’s like a Nolan’s message ‘stop comparing, it’s an homage’.
I think it’s awesome.

Nikola Tesla says:

Frankly… I don’t mind it being that long. It was annoying at the
beginning, but after half an hour, it got suspenseful (that’s old Cris for
ya). I wouldn’t mind seeing the beginning again, cause now I know WHY it
happened the way it did.

StrokeMeYouInsolentHumanCuzIAmACat says:

I found it an absolute slog. Boring as hell, i felt nothing for nobody and
Matt Damon’s cameo was awful. Overrated as fuck.

I used to vouch for Nolan, but after Inception, The Bloated Knight Rises
and this, i won’t invest myself in what his next projects will be.

MorningRoost says:

I’m really surprised by how many people claim to truly hate this film.

I worried that it would either be dull or the science would be totally over
the top. I made sure that I went into the film with an open mind ready to
see how far it would stretch the world of science. I found myself in
absolute AWE at the stunning worlds we saw (that giant wave oh my god) and
the genuine feeling of desperation as it was truly the end of the world.
The ending with the singularity had stretched a bit too far out of reality
for me but no one actually knows what’s in a black hole do they?

I’d say for any sci fi fans who want to see a film with a totally new view
on humanity and space travel this film is amazing and blows your mind

Daniel Nuttall says:

After watching this movie I can definitely say that it is one of the most
spectacular and breath-taking films I have ever seen. I can’t think of a
single movie that I can compare this to in terms of scale. My friend and I
who saw it both agreed that this was the most interesting and
though-provoking movies of all time. It’s both inspiring and masterful to
me and really was a great experience in IMAX.

I highly, highly recommend this. Reviewers spend so much time looking for
faults in movies that it just gets to the point of nit-pick where it really
doesn’t matter at all. Most reviewers also forget to praise the goodness of
films. Whenever reviewers praise a film, it always ties in to on small
fault that just brings the entire film’s score down.

I don’t know what kind of mindset that theses people go in to movies in
but to be honest reviewers are just fucking annoying to listen to. How do
they even enjoy movies even for their own preference?

Just enjoy the film and take it the way it is, why spend all this time
complaining about pacing and shit? The director chose the film to be the
way it is for a reason, why should your opinion on pacing be any better? So
if every film that is 2 hours+ pacing should be shorter, you’ll get a
rushed mess. I love films like this because it gives you time to think
about something interesting that happened in the movie.

There is no other movie (in my opinion) that can compare to this film’s
scale and epicness. 

armsdragon05 says:

As someone who has seen both 2001: A Space Odyssey, and interstellar, I
have this to say: both were good, and as much as I want to say that
Interstellar was better, I can’t BUT not because it wasn’t. Because I can’t
adequately compare the two. Interstellar got me more invested into the
plot, and I actually cared what happened to the characters, something I
didn’t care much about for 2001, but the latter was also a deeper movie
IMO. In the end, they were both amazing movies, even though I liked
Interstellar more.

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