Interstellar: Mackenzie Foy Exclusive Premiere Interview

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xlanguagemadeoffilms says:

Is she even human? Like she’s so perfect… *;w;*

Sophie Reinhardt says:

Her dad in the background looks like a hitman.

Sarah Jackson says:

Her voice has changed so much!!!! She looked so pretty though. :)

Gabriel Andrade says:

She’s gonna be the most beautiful woman of her generation!

cybers5000 says:

LOL that guy to left. Is he her baby purse sitter? 

Аня Задонцева says:

OMG! Kenzie has grown up so quickly! 

Sergio Armani says:

She’s the most beautiful girl on Earth… Seriously… How many people have
a crush on her

CS najs says:

Ok we have Ellie..

yerowww666 says:

omg, i am soooooooOOO looking forward to seeing this girl grow up :D

Ken djunga says:

like I’m not a perv or something like that but she is gonna be so hooooot
when she grow up she have like perfect features 

Lilia Urbina says:

This movie will be her breakthrough to many more great films to come! So
happy for her! :) 

Victor Borof says:

My favorite girl of Hollywood. Her performance in Interstellar was simply

Isidro Garcia says:

She’s a real sweetheart, but knowing that she’s a Scorpio we should keep
our guard up. =P i’m kidding.

Alabama-Man says:

I dont wanna be her dad …

yukibird0 says:

next denise richards, but more talented

MonteeeP says:

Her performance in Interstellar was…….STELLAR!! 

davidred7697 says:

She is so hot and beautiful… Extremely attractive. 

Flush Royal says:

Many commentators here don’t realize she’s just hardly 14. :)

Eff TheCoolKids says:

awh sweetheart

hibba usman says:

She is 14yrs old

Ethan Shecapio says:

Man she is so beautiful

Jessica Amo says:

How old is she? 

ScreenSlam says:

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