Insurgent movie review

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In a genre that is seemingly going nowhere, we have the sequel to the young adult movie “Divergent”. Jeremy gives you his review of “Insurgent”.

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PinataFreaks says:

They were going to call this movie “Divergent: Insurgent”. I am kind of
glad they changed it to just Insurgent.
Because seriously, “Divergent: Insurgent” sounds so fucking dumb…

Marcus Romul says:

Shit book, shit movie. More pseudo-dystopian teen romance garbage for

leo50perez says:

You fucking bastard… did he just spoil. Se7en for me?

Legion640 says:

A shit movie series based off a shit book series that is a rip off of
another shit book series (Hunger Games) that also has its own shit movies.

So much shit.

뿡뿡! ^__^ says:

So… the next film will be titled “Detergent”? Or…


I’d bet real money on Convergent.

Lorenzo Canquin says:

Okay, real talk: I hate it when people in the comments section of any
fucking movie released is judging it for the fact that it was a Young Adult
Book. It’s just a book, get over yourself, nerd. Saying “I hate it because
it’s a Young Adult Book and so much girls like it blah blah blah” is not
constructive criticism. Deconstructing the moving for what it was, like
what Jeremy did, now that is constructive criticism.

The whole YA Genre isn’t shit. I’ve read books that aren’t even supposed to
be considered YA. so yeah. That’s all. 

ReaderGamerSinger says:

I hope the third one Detergent does better

MarsGundam says:

Remember when teen chick flicks just involved a high school, a football
player/pretty boy, a goofy best friend and a hot girl who wears glasses to
make her look “ugly/nerdy”. Now it takes the end of the fucking world for
little girls to find love.

SilverShion says:

Why Miles Teller? WHY !!!!???
You were great in Whiplash…..

Emiliano Beristàin says:

Great video man! Not sure I could masturbate to it though…

GamerGuyd7Aces says:

I said it once.. I’ll say it again. Harry Potter STARTED All of this.. the
only difference is, the Harry Potter series were actually good and

Jason Todd says:

the only reason these book to movie adaptions are being made is because
they want to be Harry Potter and it just hurts to see them try so hard and
just fail

Walter White says:

I appreciate the Se7en reference,
Bringing back some memories

postsonurface says:

ok but i hate when ppl say they’re sick of ya book to movie adaptations yet
we have to sit through 5 superheroe movies every year

Luiz Antonio says:

The story’s premise already is silly.

“I can’t believe it, there’s someone with more than one personality trait!”

It’s a society of smurfs.

Noah Caboose says:

such a shit movie. Yes I’m going to compare it to Hunger Games and Maze
Runner because THEY ALL TAKE THEMSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY. Do we really need
ANOTHER movie with whiny teenagers in a post apocalyptic world? No 

Stephen Bradley says:

God Dammit, so close………..

HPislegend248 says:

Question: Which is a higher rank for Jeremy, “Good time if you’re drunk” or
“You’ll forget this movie in T-1 min”?

b07rivera says:

Soooo… Is Insurgent’s like the poor version of “The Hunger Games?” I
STILL cannot believe girls still fall for these crappy romance novels,
especially some men. Don’t believe me ust look at the FineBros React
videos among Teenagers. Some Guys actually like The Hunger Games and other
pseudo-dystopian teen romance novels.

yassy02 says:

It’s funny how people are saying there is too much YA books turned into
movies. I mean, comic books are turned into movies a lot and no one is
complaning (I am not for sure). And if you say that’s because comic book
movies are better, that’s not always the case. I mean, Green Lantern… I
don’t think we should judge a movie by its genre, it can be good or bad
I think what frustrates me the most with internet people and their critics
is that they value more fanboy movies (that even girls enjoy) and hate on
fangirl movies . Cause real men don’t like YA.

JeremyJahns says:
Tanamontana100 says:

Was waiting for this review… Still want to see it just for Shailene

MMMStudios1000 says:

Honestly, I don’t think anybody really *cares* that much about this movie.
I bet the only reason people will see it because it *looks* a lot like the
Hunger Games.

It’s just riding on its coattails. 

john gleason says:

It’s still just a Hunger Games ripoff

CanadianGuy eH says:

These “young adult”, Teen-Angst against the man movie adaptations need to
Seriously, these are complete, poorly written shit.

BigGator5 says:

Please don’t go see this movie! If you do, you are going to force Jeremy to
review a another young adult movie!

Ricky Williams says:

Here is what I don’t really like about the new tween movies. They do
obvious sequel baiting. Harry Potter got it right. The first movie left
things ambiguous but it wasn’t so much that it felt like you didn’t know
anything. It created it’s own story within the first movie and let it be
that. Each movie until the 4th was like that. It’s own story within an
expanding fictional world.

Mike, The Almighty Gengar says:

Yay, more shitty book adaptations!

Katahn Hardy says:

Has anybody noticed that Jeremy has been lacking energy in his reviews, I’m
not saying they’re bad, but he is definitely lacking energy

Mr. Coat says:

So what you’re saying is…all of the actors in this movie are basically
Dante from “Clerks.”

Max D. says:

I swear to God, if Hollywood fucks up *Grasshopper Jungle* by Andrew Smith,
then I’m going to kill someone.

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