Inside Llewyn Davis Theatrical Trailer #3 (2013) – John Goodman Movie HD

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Inside Llewyn Davis Theatrical Trailer #3 (2013) – John Goodman Movie HD

A singer-songwriter navigates New York’s folk music scene during the 1960s.

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WilliamMustHunt says:

The weakest Coen brothers movie I’ve seen. The plot was a Cliché. Nothing
interesting the whole time through. Mainstream folk music and of course Bob
Some good acting here and there, beautiful shots – however, as I said, no
real depth. 

mbsnyderc says:

I take it from these comments that most of you are young.if you don’t know
anything about the folk music scene in new york in the 60s your not going
to get much from a movie like this.

Dustin S. says:

A fantastic film, a joy to watch. The Coen Brothers know how to make
movies. Damn good.

3340steve says:

i haven’t seen this movie, but damn, it sure is the real truth of the
“entertainment” business. That’s where you are the entertainment and then
they give you the business.

TheAkaMarb says:

I might be biased because I do consider the Cones to be the finest american
movie directors in America….There was something so profoundly sad and
beautiful about this move that a few days later is still inside me…Hard
work doesnt always pay off in life and neither does talent…ANd the movie
is constructed like a folk song….starts off with a random story at first,
goes into something completely different and in the end we end up with the
same place where we began but now we know a lot more…I always considered
Fargo and A Serious Man to be their best movies, but this movie is

Jake D says:

I watched this movie and liked it and thought to myself “that was a good
flick.” But then I felt compelled to watch it again and from then on I’ve
been in love with the movie and the performances. It reminds me a little of
Catcher In The Rye how the main character slums around, trying to figure
himself out. This is by far one of my favorites of 2013 along side my
personal favorite, Her by Spike Jonze 

bigd44451 says:

Give the bloody cat an oscar!! 

Jordan VanCampen says:

I went and saw this last night. I can’t say that it’s my favorite Coen
brothers film, but it’s damn good. 

Babosninja8 says:

One of the few movies ever made that really has a soul. 

Mazz says:

shit is that ray william johnson!!??!?!?!?!!

Sal F says:

i think ive watched this 10 times in the past month since it came out. 

OsamaBinBallin says:

This movie looks so shitty.

brightphoebus says:

I’d like to see this.

Mazwan Othman says:

Did i miss something? this movie wasted my time..please tell me if im wrong

plntygood says:

Saw this tonight and I was very disappointed. I really wanted to get up and
walk out, but for some stupid reason I stayed. I think I was hoping there
would be some redeeming quality to the movie, if I just waited for
it…but, no. I thought it sucked. 

1214gooner says:


Al Sal says:

I thought this movie was about a 2 hours surgery inside him because of
Grace & Tim Helbig

skunkie110 says:

This looks like a good movie. But it also looks really depressing…

inchbyinch life's a synch says:

Oh dear … Hollywood is so over.

Winnie Cheoh says:

came here for the cat.

43nostromo says:

Greatest cat performance in a tabby since “Harry and Tonto” and “Jones the
Cat” from “Alien” (1979), music by Jerry Goldsmith. 

HighOctaneFuel says:

I came to see the orange cat =D

Brandon Horton says:

Inside Llewyn Davis Theatrical Trailer #3 (2013) – John Goodman Movie HD

Can’t wait for this! 

Movie Muscle says:

Amazing visual style. Holy shit.

Robertson Tirado says:

J. M. Barrie who wrote Peter Pan was influence by the Llewelyn Davies
family. This can’t be a coincidence.

Anthony M says:

Dink’s Song was always one of my favorite folk songs, and this is a great
rendition of it. I can’t wait to see the movie.

Nicholas Heller says:

Spoiler alert — if you enjoy wasting money, don’t keep reading.

#worstmovieever #epicfail #boring

Watching paint dry is more stimulating.

Chris Johnson says:

I have crappy taste in movies too.
This is getting great reviews

Issa Rafique says:

A lot of people are hung up on Jennifer Lawrence these days, but Carey
Mulligan is such a great actress

Pierre-Charles Rupin says:

I love this song from the soundtrack!!!
Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song) – cover by Devon Graves (by Mumford & Isaac,
“Inside Llewyn Davis” OST)

coolkiid82 says:

Only lovable character is the cat. 

GridironWarPlans says:

i love coens

fastnbulbouss says:

Is that the same cat that played in Breakfast at Tiffanys ?

Tommy Hartman says:

great, great movie

Hattie Batten says:

i wanted to watch this but then i saw it carey mulligan fuckface so now i

coolkiid82 says:

Stupidest movie I’ve ever seen.

BlindingFilms says:

Like the overall post FX!

Pete Lunn says:

Can’t wait to see this, great visual style and music.

David T says:

does anyone know the song in the trailer??????

Julio Soto says:

Great movie

Dana Nitzoy says:

“Let me take you to the movies”…:)

mamabari07 says:

which song was he playing at his fathers?

Drew Ducote says:

its nice to see that the stars also worked together before in drive
great movie btw


Ive watched the trailer a good 94,537 times and I’m bursting with
excitement for the UK release, 24th january 2014 (I think). So when I’m
poor after christmas this will be the one thing i save that £9.50 for. 

Adrian Ortiz says:

just saw it! Oscar Isaac’s performance is powerful in a very subtle way.
Loved it.

Wesley Hackenberg says:

Just saw the film last night.. Incredible. I cannot stop listening to the
soundtrack as well.

ecoolio93 says:

Carey mulligan is hot. If you want to see her naked watch Shame

Carlos García says:

Song??? the name!!! i need it :3

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