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A good documentary is always a solid find. A good documentary about indie game developers making what have become big successes is just pure gold! Jeremy reviews “Indie Game The Movie”!

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Samael527 says:

Phil Fish is like Hitler but worse.

VigilantVagrancy says:

Great movie, let’s not take away from that. But everyone who asks why Phil
gets hate…don’t ONLY listen to what Jeremy said.
He took the donations for Fez 2 and dipped, said his fans didn’t deserve
it, says lets players steal from him, insulted Japanese people, and if just
an overall insufferable person.

joujou264 says:

4:25 The light was sick of you praising that asshole. I almost stopped the
video when you started comparing him to historical geniuses.

DontDoThisManShow says:

So, lemme get this straight. If someone is well known, they can’t be
assholes, but anyone who isn’t well known, and is indeed an asshole, no one
gives a shit about?

Art is art, it doesn’t matter who made it, or whether you like them or not.

AA99Fuck says:

REAL!! Jesus! Look, yes he is a dick for thinking that every person who
uploaded a Fez video owes him money. Yes he was kind of a douche for
cancelling Fez 2 (even though he was tired of all the trolls) and yes, he
is a FUCKING MORON for lashng out on Twitter every couple months. But good
god, I’ve seen comments in this video, of people comparing Phil Fish to
Hitler. FUCKING HITLER!!! What is wrong with us? Yes he is a kind of a dick
to everyone, but does that mean that people can doxx him and be fine? God
damn, the human race is fucking retarded. That’s why I chose to be a

Kaz says:

Phil is a dick.

Sup Soul says:

Phil’s a Dick. Done.

DiddyHopPC says:

Phil Fish:
Treats fans and others like dirt.

Complains cause people hate him.

koolgool says:

I think Phil Fish is socially awkward, unsure of himself, a bit of a drama
queen, and has a short temper, BUT I don’t think he deserves even a
FRACTION of all the hate he gets. We all gots issues, and many of us have
issues worse than his (especially all the haters throwing language and
insults at him that far surpass anything he’s ever said). The way I see it,
Phil is mostly harmless, he’s just annoying to some people. It’s not worth
crucifying him over.

bunnyfreakz says:

Phil can fuck off, I dont care if he make Half life 3

Gregory mantonios says:

Hey jeremy, i have a request. I would like you to review a bollywood movie.
Id love to hear your criticsm on that shit hahaha. There is a new one
coming out called: bang bang on the second of octobre which apparently is a
remake of knight and day! Greetings from holland

Thomas Mason says:

For anyone judging Phil Fish I recommend you look at you own persona on the
internet. If you were famous you may just be a Phil Fish. He is not a demon
he is just unpleasant and unfortunate enough to be well known enough for
people to give a shit. He had to completely change his personal life and
hide everything about himself to stop the death threats. Who is really in
the wrong there? Yeah, he is a bit of a dick, but lots of people are
dicks… leave him alone.

Alan Bilbao says:

Limbo is my favorite indie game. Short, dark, difficult, and all around

digdug4451 says:

Phil’s life is pretty much over though. With the insults and everything
that he did on twitter, several hackers ended up leaking ALL of his
information. Everything from his Social to his address to his card numbers.
He may have been a dick online but that is something I wouldn’t wish on my
own worst enemy.

Xaiver Black says:

Guys don’t be so hard on Phil Fish how would you feel if nobody appreciated
you for what you did and told you to kill yourself, that would make you
very bitter towards people and cause you to say mean things back and make
you want to actually kill yourself… 

XuQifei says:

Jeremy, Phil Fish is just playing a character he wants to be in this movie.
The real Phil Fish is the pretentious game industry circle-jerk who
insulted his fanbase and then exploited fans on Kickstater, attacked all
Japanese games, called Youtubers and people like you criminals, caused
drama everywhere with famous journalists and such just to get in the

Misgnomer Productions says:

I actually thought the movie was really boring. They barely talked about
the creative process or their inspiration, they mainly just bitched about
how hard it was to make a game without elaborating enough. I got 20 minutes
in and was so bored I had to turn it off.

jakisz says:

I like the game “Gone Home”

MrTitmeister says:

Its quite sad that so many people hate Phil fish, I can understand that he
has said some pretty nasty shit (extremely nasty in some cases) but do any
of you honestly know what its like to make a computer game all by yourself
?. They way he turned out could have been manifested through the toil and
hard work he went through just to give you something to play with. Nobody
knows why Phil really broke down the way he did but not many people know
what he went through either, the film kinda shines light on the hardship
making a game is but it doesn’t really do it justice.

Redfox says:

Why does Phil Fish have so much hate in the comments? I haven’t heard of
him before.

Danial Khan says:

Great point on phill fish. Guy gets too much hate.

Miguel Flores says:

we are an indie game 3 persons studio do you want to know how we work or
what games are we doing here we publish almost everything

Atomicgamer34 says:

Instead of watching people go through the design process of making a game,
why not be creative a learn for yourself. I made a e-book for complete
beginners to learn how to make a simple game. As long as you know how to
use a keyboard and mouse you will be fine with this book! :)

Winterfang says:

You should really see the Atari: Game Over. Is a documentary about the
people behind E.T a.k.a the worst game of all time. They follow the journey
of trying to find the exact location where the supposedly dumped the
cartridges and how the game deeply affected the creator all this years.

aaron urias says:

You know what you people are the assholes.

Phil fish isnt an ass because you people bitched at him for things that are
so inconceivably hard to make on your own. I’m happy Phil left the industry
and didn’t have to deal with the trolls

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