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Spring Breakers writer and director Harmony Korine is working on developing his newest project, THE TRAP and he just had an actor change. According to reports, Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx has dropped out of the film and has been replaced with Idris Elba. Benicio Del Toro will also star in the film with Al Pacino, Robert Pattinson and James Franco also possibly appearing in supporting roles. The Trap is said to follow two very different childhood friends. One is very successful and the other has spent most of his life a convict. When the latter man is released from prison, he becomes determined to seek revenge. Buy or sell the sounds of THE TRAP with Idris Elba on board?

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Jaymzofsteel says:

that film just got a lot better.

s Hill says:

Take my money for real!!! Great casting.

Oscar Andino says:

Take my money 

DeAngelo Bert Davis says:

excellent . I’m a big Idris Elba fan. His brings a different unique energy
as the leading role in the BBC cop series Luther in the U.K. And as an
american, it fasinates me how English/British/Scottlanders can lose their
native accents when they do american based roles.

DeAngelo Bert Davis says:

We know the more traditional by-the-hollywood-book, will be casting Idris
Elba as the convict but clearly the more interesting dynamic would be
Benico Del Toro playing that role. Idris just did a film with Taraji Henson
being a nut. Another one back to back would be kind of stale and less
interesting. And if the directors and writers get this right, i think they
have the potential for A 1 block buster cross the board.

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