House Party Set Up (Behind-the-Scenes)

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Maguca, Ken & Maude prep for the Schmoes Know Movie Show.

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SK Podcast says:

@kennapzok @joshmacuga & @maudegarrett prep for the @schmoesknow Movie Show
last week…

Mozts1 says:

Pitboss without his jacket? Blasphemy!

korywalsh says:

Lol to Maude. Grossed out by the fake BJ joke, but wait! I’ll shove my
finger up his nose

infernaltim1 says:

I’m right by Pittsburgh and Macuga is lying. :) Nobody says it that way.

Wilks363 says:

Ken + Maude = The comedic force is so strong and natural with them two..!.
Together they could rule the ‘Youtubeverse’.!. But sadly John John Binks
and Jabba the Harloff stole her away..!

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