HorrorFlix – Ep #4: Found Footage

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In this episode of HorrorFlix, Cobbster & Cody discuss all things Found Footage in Horror films. The two look over the good, bad and ugly side of this new found sub-genre and how it works in the world of cinema.

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SK Podcast says:

All new episode of #HorrorFlix with myself & @therealcodyhall as we talk
all things Found Footage films!

cauwel3 says:

Yeah Neon Demon sounds cool for the same reason you said Refn’s style with
horror im in

Carmichael K. says:

you guys should do an episode on Wes Craven films and title it “That’s So

Timbulathespidermonk says:

I guess I’m in the minority of people who hated the V/H/S films. Obviously
the third one is hated by more people, but the first two I really disliked.
Out of all the different parts from the two movies, I liked maybe 2 from
the first one and a couple more from the second. But, that’s the great
thing about movies. They are subjective. Just because I didn’t like them
doesn’t mean other people won’t. After all, I didn’t mind Apollo 18 (not a
great movie, but I enjoyed watching it at the time). The one thing I hate
more than anything else when it comes to internet movie conversations are
people who will try to tell you that you don’t know anything about movies
because you don’t like all the movies they do.

cauwel3 says:

Dudes VHS 2 the zombies go pro was done by the Eduardo Sánchez. The same
guy who did Exists and I liked both!

cauwel3 says:

Awesome logo, you guys sound great. That James Gunn movie sounds cool. 

Laughing Octopus says:

Saw The Den, loved it.
Didn’t like the ending but other than that loved it, thanks for the
I’ve needed a found footage fix to bleach my eyes after seeing vhs 3.
It’s not an easy transition going from Willow Creek to then stepping on a
pile of shit right afterwards.

cauwel3 says:

First lol!

Corley Johnson says:

love the show guys keep up the good work can you do a show on the
Hellraiser franchises

Gimly M says:

Greg McLean and James Gunn working together? Count me in!

Brooks Wilkins says:

I really do think Cody is Michael C. Hall’s son. I mean, c’mon! He looks
like him, and their last names are both Hall! It has to be true! Also I
finally watched The Conspiracy off of your guys’ recommendation, and I
thought it was interesting until the end. It just felt really predictable
to me.

TripleA says:

Loving these podcasts guys. What a great day to be a movie fan! 

cauwel3 says:

all the movies you talked about I have reviewed on my channel.

Norrin Radd says:

I heard The Last Broadcast is a good found footage movie. It came out
before Blair Witch. I have yet see though.

Chris Ferguson says:

If you’re scared of cults you have gotta watch The Sacrament, directed by
Ti West. It’s creepy as fuck.
Have you seen any other Ti West movies? I’m a big fan of The Innkeepers
and House of the Devil too. They’re not necessarily the most straight-up
scary movies in the world, but West is a master of tone and atmosphere.

Also, have you seen any movies from the “New French Extremity” movement?
Like Inside, Martyrs, and High Tension? I’m not the biggest fan but
Martyrs is fantastic.. one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen.

Jacob Oehlenschlager says:

When you guys mentioned Mike and Jay, I instantly thought of

egroeg reyes says:

watch Kill List, The Pact, and Maniac

childofbodom1314 says:

I watched The Last Exorcism in the theater and I haven’t seen it since just
because of one thing:the scene with the cat.

The Wilfred says:

I’m a litle dissapointed with this episode, because you spoke two times
about Grave Encounters and you spoke too much about VHS, and you spoke too
much about the crappy ones, and you left out a lot of great gems that not a
lot of people knows about, this episode in particular lacked a good

Or maybe a second part could be great, anyway, thanks for the episode,
either way., I enjoyed it

Joseph Johnny Hartwell Albertoo Heisenberg says:

Yeah, the guy you had on the show (Ethan from Lost) was Tom Cruise’s cousin

Michael Velez says:

Isn’t Trollhunter considered a found footage horror movie?

Brenden Killough says:

Have you guys seen Behind The Mask ..it’s a pretty cool and fun horror

Monkismo says:

In its defense, Downton Abbey IS terrifying. They found rely too much on
jump scares and gore though. 

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