HorrorFlix – Ep #1: Favorite Horror Films & 2015 List

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In this first episode of HorrorFlix, Cobbster & Upham discuss some of their favorite Horror films of all time, they run down the list of films set to be released in 2015 & give their Netflix recommendation of the week.

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Sega Force says:

Nice podcast but I must say that for half of the vid it sounded like you
were just going down a list of movies. Let’s get some more topics where you
disagree so we get some discussions. Also, leave tips about more obscure

I love horror movies and this podcast is really needed! Just think over the
topics a bit :)

Ricky Longo says:

I don’t get the love for Paranormal Activity..I actually really liked 3 and
think 2 is alright but the first one is awful, it’s incredibly boring.

Brannon Hautanen says:

Good first episode, so what day will these be posted each week?

SK Podcast says:

Here’s the 1st episode of #HorrorFlix! Join me & @therealcodyhall talking
our favorite Horror films & 2015 films

Gabriel Roca says:

“What I’m doing is wrong, I know it’s wrong, and I’m going to do it

This is what’s wrong with your sense of humor. Stop.

NRB6425 says:

Holy shit you guys just made me go back and watch The Blair Witch Project.
Brought back memories of me being scared shitless as a child lol. But now
as an adult it so different watch the group of friends struggle to make
decissions, start losing a grip on their sanity and…well we know what
happens to them lol. I totally understand why it has such a bad reputation
after all these years, but I can’t help but love it!

Mike Honcho says:

Well now there is a new Schmoes related thing to listen to regularly. You
guys listed my favorite horror movies like Alien and the Thing. The
original Halloween and Jaws are other ones that I can never grow tired of.

The Wilfred says:

There’s already two remarkable horror movies this year, What We Do in the
Shadows and It Follows, it could be great if you guys could discuss those
movies :)

My fav horror movie is the father of all horror movies, Nosferatu (1922).

DominatorGaming says:

Ever since the B team videos, Cody and Cobbster have both become some of my
favourite schmoes. So awesome that you now have a podcast, I’m going to
tune in for every episode :)

Ben Harrison says:

Horror movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good show you guys.I need episodes2-10.
Binge watching ruined me. Some lesser known favorites….Behind the Mask,
Feast, In the Mouth of Madness, Cigarette Burns and One hour Photo. A
couple of streaming Netflix picks,The Signal, Yellow brick road, VHS, Mine
Games, Plus 1, Hunger and House Hunting.

Kendall Coachman says:

I’m glad the schomes added sum horror that’s all that’s been missing. Can I
downloaded the podcast anywhere besides itunes?

Chris Ferguson says:

I’m surprised neither of you brought up Ti West. He’s made some awesome
horror movies in the last few years: The Innkeepers, The Sacrament, and The
House of the Devil.

Mladen Kulic says:

Im a little skeptical about Dead Rising Watchtower it looks like just
another cliche horror film.

Dylan Esposito says:

Next one you should discuss what makes a horror movie in your eyes or
horror cliches! Great first episode!

Norrin Radd says:

Great podcast. I love horror movies and hope to hear some recommendations
for creepy flicks I have not seen. Happy Friday the 13th guys.

Zac Goldkind says:

Might I recommend getting into the foreign horror films? that’s where
you’re going to find the best ones!

lucas maglio says:

i love horror films!!! mi favorites are scream, friday the 13 part 2 and
nightmare in elm street!!! great show guys

Justice Suks says:

Nice show, i’m not a big horror fan these days but liked this show.

I do wonder what your fave foreign horrors are?

Potent Tom says:

Duuuude’s i love how Jason Voorhees is in Mortal Kombat X mannnn Friday the
13th Jason has 167 Total on screen kills! hahah perfect for Mortal Kombat’s
burtal gore 

shadow6543 says:

Actually if you listen to the Sinister commentary they didn’t even want to
put in that last bs jump scare the studio made them, the same writing team
is coming back to pen the sequel I actually thought the first one was
fantastic but Scott Derickson isn’t coming back to direct( he’s doing Dr
Strange) so I’m hesitantly optimistic about the sequel

How could you not be impressed with the Crimson Peak trailer? It almost
looks Lovecraftian

And Krampus is an Austrian thing he is St Nick’s helper and he gets bad
children or something I forget Christoph Waltz talked about it on Conan

sinosleep007 says:

Great job guys, horror movies are the best. 

Brandon Susens says:

Paranormal Activity is literally one of the worst movies of all time,
horror or otherwise I literally cannot think of a single good thing to say
about it besides the did a good job of keeping the budget down. The acting
is garbage, the script is garbage full of nothing but sex tape jokes, the
filming is garbage and the movie is garbage. I couldn’t give a flying fuck
about any of the characters and the only reason I even finished watching it
is because of all the hype and I literally laughed at several points in the
movie. Even you attempting to talk about it in a positive way couldn’t
think of anything good to say

Calvin Collins II says:

Great show you guys. I will be watching weekly. I have a great Netflix
recommendation for you. You should check out The Taking of Deborah Logan.
This is about a family who agrees to let a film crew document their family
as they deal with their mothers schizophrenia. The mother then becomes
possessed by a demon but the family and crew thinks that her strange
behavior are symptoms and signs of the schizophrenia getting worse. They
realize there’s something else wrong with her when stranger things start
happening. The move gets really good when you start to find out why this is
happening and the climax will blow your mind. Great movie. It had me on the
edge of my seat the whole time I watched.

Jacques Cote says:

I definitely love a lot of the old classics but they don’t all hold up that
well like Halloween and Elm Street. My favorite horror film is probably the
recent Babadook. The Conjuring was also very good. But I don’t know if Ive
seen something as terrifying as at the Exorcist. But I am a huge fan of
horror films and I loved listening to this, I am so excited for more! 

Hunter Gwin says:

Thank you guys for starting this series for Horror Films, I’ve had a bad
taste in my mouth for the more recent horror movies that have came out with
The Conjuring being the last decent horror movie I have seen in recent

I will definitely take your Netflix recommendation and check out The
Conspiracy and let you know my thoughts on it. I’ve been needing to broaden
my horizons and discovering new films in the Horror genre. 

Ricky Longo says:

How is there so many Star Wars shows but this is the first horror show!?
Love this.

Mayoxs says:

You guys really need to watch two films. One: Carl Theador Dreyer’s
‘Vampyr’. It’s old but its extremely creepy, surreal and fascinating. Also
watch one of the most underrated, not only horror films, but films in
general; ‘Woman in the Dunes’. It’s one of the most well-shot films you’ll
ever see. 

Sarah Hussain says:

I’m not into horror movies but I’ll support anything that these two do
together! That intro alone had me hooked! Go B-Team!

Jamie Carter says:

My netflix pick would be ‘Housebound’ fun horror/dark comedy! Loved this
podcast, you guys rock! Looking forward to the future episodes.

Scwurt says:

Jaws is probably my #1 favorite. It definitely can be classified as
horror. Seeing the Kintner boy erupt in a fountain of blood left an
unforgettable impression on me, since I first saw it in the theater when I
was 10. 

Lisa U says:

Great first show, guys. I used to love horror movies, but then my sister
had a paranormal experience at a place she lived a few years back and I
haven’t watched one since. I’m a wimp now. Even the music from this podcast
scares me haha

Tyler Myers says:

Great first episode. Can’t wait for more!

James Guidry says:

Great premiere! Wikipedia “Krampus” He is one scary Christmas tale! Also
check out “Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale” which centers around the Krampus
mythology. Look forward to episode 2!

Liam Heaton says:

Cool podcast guys. In the future are you guys going to talk about
individual horror movies or certain topics?

Spencer says:

great show! i think even though a lot of people may not like Horror movies
they’re still curious about them. 

Steven Spielberg says:

Well done guys! But you forgot the shining :(

arkhamcityrulz says:

I hope Cobbster and Cody talk about The Collector and The Collection in a
later episode.

Very curious to hear their thoughts.

Brandon Rodriguez says:

Stoked to have a horror movies podcast.
B-team KILLING it.

carlos12920 says:

Finally you guys do a horror podcast (:
great video!

BensGaming808 says:

I am really happy you guys are doing this!

star drew says:

when i think about the thing movie all i can think about is screamers being
isoalted and who is on your side

Shane says:

Awesome! Can’t wait to listen to this.

David Garcia says:

You forgot to mention the movie Clown

xXOrdep87Xx says:

Night of the Demons! Campy horror fun :)

Nitish Munamala says:

Can you guys add this to stitcher?

TheUhOhOreo says:

I love Scream immensely 

Francis Torres says:

Alien and Nightmare on Elm Street part 1

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