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Fox has released the first trailer for Hitman: Agent 47 starring Rupert Friend who comes from Showtime’s hit drama thriller TV series Homeland. The movie is the 2nd attempt at turning the popular video game series into a hit movie franchise, with the first attempt being in 2007 starring Timothy Olyphant. The movie centers around Agent 47 played by Friend who is a genetically engineered assassin who goes up against an evil mega-corporation set on creating an army of killers. Hitman: Agent 47 comes to AMC Theatres on August 28th.

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Metal Snackbar says:

They didn’t even try to make it subtle and suspenseful like the game

Matt Mcandrew says:

It did NOT do what it’s suppose to do for a HITMAN movie. 

Duy Nguyen says:

But the game is not over the top action though.

Mr. GMAN's Channel says:

I liked the trailer fine, but the thing that scares me is the writing and
story, much like every video game movie. Because video game movies can look
fantastic visually, but then you watch Max Payne or even Resident Evil
Retribution, and you’re like, this movie’s garbage. And those two movies
look really good and the action scenes are shot with style, but those
movies also have terrible writing, and there’s almost no story. So I’m
curious to see it, but I have been let down by video game movies too much
to the point that I’m never gonna watch them. 

Olaf Lesniak says:

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and not ‘End of Tomorrow’. Please take the guy in the
middle out of here. 

Error Macro says:

This movie looks absolutely NOTHING like the actual game…

Arbhall McDougall says:

Looks well done, but sadly I just dont care. Ive seen it all before and the
trailer gave everything away. I bet this movie has like 4-6 executive
producers and the story will feel really flat and contrived, too many cooks
make the soup lame. I hate hollywood production by commitee, it almost
always ruins the end result.

Donovan Castro says:

I liked it, but I hope it can bring more than the last Hitman movie. Like
stealth assassinations and going incognito in a public crowd to kill
someone without anyone knowing who did it.

lethallady says:

I wonder if this will be better than the previous hitman movie

necrom21221 says:

Keanu Reeves would have made a better Hitman. Ala John Wick!!!!

Johnem95 says:

Skip Woods (of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and A Good Day To Die Hard fame) is
co-writing it. Not a good sign.

Atheris Green says:

What happened to the Mortal Kombat movie remake?? Com’on!

lowGRADE says:

of all the games to get a movie. this one gets 2. the first one was bad and
this one is going to be bad.

Blitzmädel says:

They keep trying to make this game into a movie and wont even try with
Uncharted or Bioshock??? Please, even if this movie was a success, I would
much rather watch Uncharted as a movie than Hitman.

Chad Rose says:

Well i want to see it. And i liked the first Hitman movie. But i do hope
they have some stealth scenes in this movie.

Olivella0513 says:

I actually enjoyed the 2007 Hitman film….I guess it helps that I am a fan
of Timothy Olyphant, but strictly as an action film, it was fun for me.

MercWithA YouTube says:

The 1st movie didn’t follow the video game , this one is suppose to . 

GUTS 9495 says:

where is the crimson peak trailer review AMC?


I just want to see a MGS movie starring Christian Bale and Josh Holloway.
Directed by Matthew Vaughn. Please!

Charles Loiti says:

i absolutely agree with her

Ishmeck says:

What happened to the kane and lynch movie?

90mv says:

Looks like a generic action movie 

TRA jazz says:

1 view

awdaltima2 says:

I really don’t appreciate the negative comments and sarcasm of the female
critique. Her tone is dismissive.

Lewent Ersoy says:

damn fox should have made a ateam sequel and not hit men reboot

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