Hercules – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Hercules, starring Dwayne Johnson, Ian McShane, Rufus Swell, Joseph Fiennes, Peter Mullan, John Hurt. Directed by Brett Ratner.


Lewis Witton says:

Ask him why one does not simply fly into mordor

Tom Erik says:

Sean Bean ?? So, he dies in that new TV-show ?

dntm123 says:

I actually think Brett Ratner is very underrated. I really enjoyed X-Men
the Last Stand and Tower Heist. And I’ve heard that Hercules is a lot of
fun. Might go check it out. Nice review Chris.

Syrus7sk says:

It…was not what I was expecting from what I saw from the trailers. 

Revanaught says:

I want a truly good Hercules movie, I want one that will actually follow
the mythology, show Hercules killing his wife and kids, show him going
through the 12 trials, show him light himself on fire at the end to redeem
himself. I’m tired of them trying to add in some bullshit battle that
Hercules is leading. 

Crumbusto says:

I thought the trailer sucked. But this shit was hyped. WHY?

Chris Stuckmann says:
Micah Dreyer says:

Ask Sean Bean if he’ll ever survive a movie!

Dick Grayson says:

I felt cheated by the trailers. I wanted to see Hercules fight the nemean
lion, the erymanthian boar, and a hydra. Those fights lasted a collective
six seconds in the actual movie.

TannerWood says:

Podcast in L.A? Hopefully the Schmoes!

William Hites says:

My main complaint about this movie is that they promised a dragon and gave
me a crocodile with wings taped to it’s back.

Phil Hubbs says:

Ask Bean if he misses Sheffield and if he keeps up with the Blades ;)
This is an English thing by the way, seriously ask him, he will like it
trust me ;)

jdg20042001 says:

Ok so we’re gonna ignore how much better RED DRAGON was than HANNIBAL? Not
to mention the fact that Brett Ratner directed RED DRAGON? You guys really
need to cut the man a break & quit the hate. 

Liam Alexander says:

I would watch the first season of GOT before you interview Mr Sean Bean. 

Matthew Minton says:

Terrible overrated crap. 

Informant says:

I liked the movie. 

Calum. says:

Dwayne Johnson is easily one of the most talented actors of all time along
with Adam Sandler. 

David Shirley says:

Man you were being nice the movie was corny and predictable as they come
the rock doesnt look greek at all this shit needs to go straight to dvd has
nothing on the new xmen or transformers movie id give a d 

supermariofan03 says:

I personally don’t think Brett Ratner is as bad as people make him out to
be. I know, he’s not the greatest director, he’s not the next Scorsese, he
directed X-men 3, Money Talks, and After the Sunset. But he also made The
Family Man, the Rush Hour trilogy (Yes I like 3), Red Dragon, and Tower
Heist. I’m not saying he’s a good director or a bad director, he’s just
average at best. And seriously, putting him on a string of bad directors
like Michael Bay, Uwe Boll, Seltzer-Berg, Tyler Perry, and McG is kinda

Decapitated Playthings says:

This movie is terrible!

shadowmane55 says:

i really liked it.. the movie was fun.

Horrorfreak106 says:

I thought that this Hercules movie was going to be about his 12 missions
because that’s what the trailer promised. Boy was I wrong…FALSE

Rusty Blade says:

thanks to the legend of hercules, this movie became the coolest movie this
year. had it not been for the piece of shit we got first, this movie would
have seemed worse. so thank you legend of hercules, nothings so bad it aint
good for nothing :)

tavi921 says:

Why do muricans use the Roman name of Heracles alongside Greek Gods?

ridimwave says:

i loved it 

Crestoify says:

+Chris Stuckmann
Hello Chris, Will you please do an Explanation about Memento? nobody do it
like you..
Congrats about that Offer that you can’t Refuse.. :D

chris Moore says:

His movie felt like a episode of Xena warrior princess.

Poor cast. Useless action. And did I mention the cast.
Hercules could have been cool if they fixed his hair and the lion cloak
actually did what it does in the mythology.

The first five minutes of the film prove that they could have made a epic
movie about his trials, but instead said fuck it for this shit.

TheRightsofPassage says:

That’s Cool… But, Still Loved It.

Isley Nagel says:

That opening though….hahahhaha!

Daniel Stapleford says:

fuck you this movie is awesome!

Fouad Ghandour says:

I hope there is a sequel

MegaJordan691 says:

The movie was childish. I was expecting a serious depiction of Hercules

dinoworld112 says:

Just watched the movie it is just awful just awful 

Jeffrey Wells says:

he should have played Conan. I’m tired of seeing Hercules movies. seems
like a new one comes out every couple years

Courtney Williams says:

Does anyone know where I can get one of those shirts?

Mark Sherer says:

Good job by Dwayne Johnson, cannot compare him to Steve Reeves in 1957 for
looks and build. 

flodstromsconce says:

What is Chris referring to that happened in January?

badboy51826 says:

this movie was much better than that crap teenage mutant ninja turtles

cell9899 says:

I have that shirt!! keeping the streets safe 

Keoni Anderson says:

I want to know how Sean Bean feels about the go to guy for fantasy projects
and if he plans on doing any more in the future.

Joanne Tiu says:

Congratulations, Chris! About time someone with this kind of opportunity
stepped forward and offered it to you. You’re a great reviewer and you
really deserve it.

Zelym says:

Needed more one on one fights with mythical creatures against hercules. if
they had this i would of enjoyed it alot more.

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