Harrison Ford Injured In Plane Crash – AMC Movie News

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Disturbing news broke yesterday as Harrison Ford was involved in a single person plane crash landing. The 72 year old star of Star Wars and Indiana Jones is an avid and experienced pilot who was flying a World War 2 PT-22 aircraft when engine troubles forced the actor to make an emergency landing on a nearby golf course. Reports say Ford walked away from the crash landing but was clearly injured and taken to hospital. A tweet from Ford’s son, Ben Ford, said the elder Ford is battered but ok. His publicist says Ford is expected to make a full recovery.

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Themadbomber187 says:

Good to see Clarke Wolf back on AMC Movie News

OneButton Dash says:

The possibility of successfully landing on a golf course is approximately
three thousand seven hundred and twenty to one.

redstormfighter29 says:

Harrison Ford is one tough guy, he was hurt by a huge piece of the
Millenuim Falcon and now survives a plane crash. Man no other msn his age
could survive things like this.

I hope Harrison doesn’t get hurt anymore, cause dealing with Leonard
Nimoy’s death was bad enough and to lose Harrison Ford also would just be
too terrible to bare.

I hope Harrison Ford gets better

Sidney Munoz says:

He dies in The Force Awakens movie according to reliable sources, so it
would have not affected the new Star Wars trilogy. But it would have been
really sad to see Ford die in a plane crash. Very glad he is ok.

Solomon Martinez says:

Harrison ford is han solo and Indiana jones.

Bravo Kilo says:

Could you imagine if we lost both Spock and Solo in the span of a week.

Taylor Huston says:

Thank GOD Harrison Ford survived! I would have died if he hadn’t made it
out alive!

Liam Arnold says:

There must have been a snake in the plane

AgentGodzillaRangerPrime1701 says:

Would’ve sucked to lose Spock and Han Solo back to back

pat bird says:

I saw this title and my heart sank

zilla2006able says:

I hope Harrison ford be ok

A Yap says:

that plane belongs in a museum

Mykill Metal Gaming says:

Its not his first crash. And remember… Any landing you can walk away from
is a good one.

Kannon says:

When I read the new(that he was fine) the first thing that came out form my
head was the fridge scene in the nuclear explosion in Indiana 4, hell man
if that is possible only Harrison Ford can survive to that! 

Joshua Ecker says:

Yesterday I was watching Indiana jones the last crusade, where of course
Indy meets his father and also crashes a plan in that movie also, so when I
heard the news that he ACTUALLY crashed a plane! My heart sank, but
gratefully he is okay

Monk Dubs says:

For someone who doesn’t believe in the force and ancient religion he sure
has Jedi reflexes. “Only human who can do it… Very fast… Very

Ken Gabriel says:

I thought this was movie news, not news that just so happened to have an
actor involved. I’m so happy Harrison ford is okay but wasn’t news I wanted
to hear thoughts on 

Shane Harrison says:

Imagine if this was setup just so the studio could get more publicity on
“The force awakens” over his death

COREY M says:

wait till he gets someone really close to him die. if he feels like that.

COREY M says:

holy shit… calm down specs. 

bgdg323 says:

“Get Off My Plane!”

Brandon Wright says:

Fly, yes. Land, no.

Mark Deal says:

Love Clarke Wolfe! Happy to see her.

cgreene626 says:

Such a badass

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