Guardians of the Galaxy trailer 2 review

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The second trailer to Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” has hit the web, and Jeremy gives you his thoughts on this seemingly fun space ride!

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Silver Spider says:

This movie has the POTENTIAL TO BE THE BIGGEST FLOP OF The year

Fly says:

Thanos better be in this movie lol 

Insert name HERE says:

Seeing half the prediction from 9 month ago makes me laugh; the other half,
I want to see their reactions after seeing their own comment and the

Eric Coldfire says:

Even if the movie does fall through, Marvel has already won, because they
looked at a comic series almost nobody knows about and said “yeah, that can
be a movie”.

And WB/DC is doing what? Yet another dark/gritty realism Batman-esque

Alexandre Boucher says:

I have inspected the trailer and I al 90% sure that the ass shot is Zoe

RogueScholarBlue says:

What (*bleeping*) baffles me is that it really does seem like Marvel took a
pretty impossible concept for a live action film (seriously, if you’ve read
GotG then you know what I’m saying) and has, seemingly, crushed it (in a
good way).

Meanwhile Warner Bros. continues to stumble and have great difficulty with
three of the most iconic Heroes on the Planet. Seriously, in the Nolan
movies we got Batman who abandoned the cowl because his girlfriend died and
his knee hurt.

In MoS we got emo Hobo Superman with his wholesome ‘All American’ old world
values of truth, justice, and selflessness chucked out the window by his
father, the fun of the Lois and Clark relationship discarded to make her
“more believable”, and Supes’ killing people as opposed to having him find
a way to knock Zod into the Phantom Zone before it closes.

And now? Now we’ve got what apparently is going to be old man Batman (I do
like the suit) and a Wonder Woman who looks like a slim runway model (check
out the set photo. Nuff said). How is it that one studio continues to make
blockbuster comic book films that remind people that comic books universe
are action packed and *fun*, while another thinks Brooding, Emo, Gritty and
Real is what comics should be? (*Rant Over*) 

Elliot Koren says:

It’s fun to read comments from before something happens. You feel like you
know something nobody else does. :P

Sam Ash says:

Dude…I’m a girl ._.

OLMECA says:

I think the avengers are gonna need the guardians to defeat thanos in
future films

TheGamingFunky says:

Has he done a TWD Game Episode 3 review yet?

tavi921 says:

It pains me to see that movies have gone down the CGI shit drain.

Cedric Viera says:

Were is the Transformers Age of Extinction Trailer review???

steve9893 says:

biggest disappointing marvel movie is a tie between iron man 2 and iron man

TWR says:

Do a INTERSTELLAR trailer review :)

brady khan says:

thank you pirate bay movie was ok

davidabeats says:

A shit-talking, badass, shooting, attitude-filled raccoon? Remember when
that used to be Sly Cooper?

Davis Jason says:

as long as the villain is not a cloud like in fantastic four or green
lantern …

Alberto Trujillo says:

Marvel is doing a movie on Guardians of the Galaxy.
DC has even considered a Teen Titans movie.


JeremyJahns says:
MrMoneyInTheBank says:

I’m just really hoping this BEATS that garbage TMNT movie badly at the box
office. At least their anthropomorphic animal looks aesthetically

Corristo89 says:

It looks really awesome but do we need a romance? Unless it’s part of the
comics I don’t really see a reason to have one in there. Why does having a
good looking guy and a good looking woman in a movie have to result in a
romance? Most male viewers probably won’t care, so are they trying to get
more female viewers?

John Striker says:

Zoe Salanda’s ass was in the trailer?? It went by so fast, I didn’t even

Hub Hikari says:

So far, Marvel has had two badass movies this year. Yeah, I love Amazing 2,
bite me.
This looks pretty cool, and so does Days of Future Past. :)

ruthlessrellik says:

So what if this continues the Marvel path of this summer where each movie
has been great but way better than the last. Captain America was awesome
but Spider-man 2 was more awesome and X-Men was even more awesome. What if
this becomes the greatest marvel movie ever? no i’m just kidding this movie
will suck on marvel standards… ill still watch it though but i get in
movies for free so i watch everything. 

Mrpanda8000 says:

The movie looks fine I just hope that they don’t put too much attention on
rocket being a funny stand out character and that they give everyone a
chance to shine 

trinsicity says:

Shameless plug here but only because Jeremy made the comparison with Joss
Whedon and Serenity – i just made a Guardians of the Galaxy inspired
trailer for Serenity. Would love some feedback if you’re a Firefly/Serenity

Anyway, keep up the awesome work Jez, really looking forward to your review
when this comes out!

Lexyvil says:

It’s a suicidal Shofixti!

DrMaddWorld says:

I really hope the skull in space from the trailer is Ego the living planet
because that would be crazy

Cow Jedi says:

Rocket racoon has always had a cockney accent. For some reason this seems
to be overlooked in this movie. 

Lolman 96 says:

The guy who is directing this movie was a part of making movie 43….
SHould I be worried?

Luca Munro says:

British villain, you know how cliché it already is

Justin Neagle says:

Ronan is the main baddy Jeremy. He’s the guy in the trailer with the blue
skin and big hammer. Crouching in a circle 

Cobbster PT says:

It’s kinda interesting: DC is dark and Marvel is funny. Each one has their
adaptations. Marvel is having more success and one of the reasons for might
be because if you ask a random person who doesn’t like
superheroes/aliens/whatever he’ll be like “That’s just a bunch of rubbish
and I don’t get why people like watching ugly things blowing up other
things.” but they’ll like the Marvel movies because they’re funny and DC is
darker so it doesn’t attract that specific audience. Admit, there’s at
least 1/3 of your family like that audience.

Anthony Stokes says:

i read the Guardians of The Galaxy are actually a pretty good team. They’re
not as good as the Avengers but they’re a lot fresher though.

General Zod says:


MrPostaldude2 says:

I like how he mentioned the Mandarin from Iron Man 3 but did anyone actualy
see the short story where the actor get’s busted out by the REAL Mandarin’s

CmdrSloanne says:

I know of the original guardians of the galaxy which included the future
Captain America,but this new I know to little.

Amire Alkhateeb says:

I want to see The Guardians of The Galaxy with The Avengers

mega bosscross says:

hey jeremy first

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