Guardians of the Galaxy Talk w/ Stuckmann! Vlog 2

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LA Vlog – Attending a press junket and my hotel room.


JohnFlickster says:

LA Trip Vlog, Check out part 3 here!

Blu-Ray King says:

You guys should just go on a road trip to Vegas after you’re done in LA.
VLOG that!

Bobby Jay Kennerley says:

Siskel and Ebert – Flickster and Stuckmann haha

Tomanista says:

Weird room layout

TricksterVision says:

That carbonated water is meant to mix drinks with. 

anthony cheesman says:

I think guardians had a better sense of brotherhood than avengers and
better character development

Abel Rodríguez says:

I think John did better with his approach than stuckman in the
interviews… Chirs was great too though…

Lorenzo Morreale says:

You two guys are just hilarious! Love you!

TheKizly says:

Nice video though! It’s always great to see you guys together. THE DYNAMIC

Chris Hansen says:

Stuckman would trip balls on pre workout! Lol

corkskrewclubhouse93 says:

Are you guys going to call him Mr. Bean when you meet him? Lol

Silmaril Films says:

My parents weren’t dumbass doucebags and didn’t take me on planes as a

FireBird Films says:

Does anybody else remember Chris’s hypothetical reaction to Tom Cruise
asking him to direct Mission Impossible 5 in The Avengers review? Lets hope
he doesn’t do that when he meets Sean Bean.

AnythingEpic says:

Wtf was that laugh for

banny guy says:

You guys should have a weekly podcast!

Tomanista says:


Shane says:

A wild Chris Stuckmann appeared!

gurrashpal says:

Do you guys not have sparkling water in the land of America?

KC17- says:

That baby thing was dark John :P

Kyle Williams says:

Chris at the beginning of the video: “Hey Paul!”

ams6452 says:

john looks different without him wearing his batman, flick pick, get to the
chopper tshirts lol 

Matt Spade says:

“Did you want to take that baby and put your hands on its soft little skull
and just squeeze it til you heard a crunch?”
I know I would, but all that’s missing is “Did you know I’m utterly

Dnaovrimdan says:

Dope. I like collabs of any kind.

imbacen says:

1:43 :D

Rev0lutionIsMyName says:

Yes! You guys should totally join forces and do this all the time
…favorite two reviewers on youtube =)

cevindevy says:

Great vid! My 2 favorite reviewers in 1 video!

pollenontheshoot says:

you got some greasy ass ears man

MrFender032 says:

Does John Flickster live in the same city as Chris Stuckmann ?

Ben Skywalker says:

they should have a TV show. this is better then half the crap on TV today.
John and Chris are awesome

TheNamelessGentleman says:

Love your vids
They have that certain vibe I really like
Keep going!

nuttypunkrock says:

Ask Sean Bean for an arm wrestle John! HUH HUH HEURGHHHHHHHHH!!!

CosmicRewind says:

wtf random laugh insert

Leo Liu says:

Nice “oh my god” 

Jonathan palmer says:

Wow john you are so dark 

pollenontheshoot says:

the laugh break…what was that about?

TheKizly says:

Badoit is a brand of french water that we have in France and I agree it’s

Shem Shem Jr. says:

Love these guys

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