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Godzilla killed it in the box office, so for those of you who have seen it, here’s my spoiler talk for “Godzilla”!
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Anjela Allen says:

I really didn’t like this movie. I wanted to like it, I watched the
cartoon as a kid, but it was boring. It’s not that the action was too
spaced out, I get that and it’s cool, but the character aside from Godzilla
and Bryan Cranston are not engaging, and they didn’t give Ken Watanabe
anything to do except look disturbed. OK, I liked the scene when Cranston’s
son (I don’t even remember his name) was trying to keep the little Asian
boy safe on the train, but honestly they could have killed all the main
characters except for Cranston, Godzilla and Watanabe and I would have been

Olle Rönn says:

That finishing move. Best. Death. EVVAA

Andrew Markson says:

What should be in Godzilla 2.

1.More Focus on Godzilla
2.Darker Tone
3.Godzilla against humanity
4.No More Teasing
5.More monster fighting screen time.

I don’t care about the run time make it entertaining.

Jeam says:


wa as in wank
ta as in tank
na as in… nank
be as in bed

The Dancing Elekid says:

does it make me a freak that i acctualy enjoyed this movie?

awesomon says:

or a Godzilla vs Gamera movie

Vampirerockstar says:

Godzilla breath atomic breath check
Godzilla fights another monster check
Army can’t kill godzilla check, check, and check

Thunderbolt8296 says:

How many people would cry out in a fit of rage if they announced that the
next Godzilla movie would be Godzilla vs an army of Zillas?

Jake Karpman says:

This movie maybe the worst I have ever scene.

RapsTaps says:

I’m confused why they attacked Godzilla at the bridge. He seemed to swim
pass them, but then they start firing at him. Plus WHY WASNT GODZILLA

Herp Derpeez says:

Godzilla 2 Idea
Plot: 2018 The United Kingdom were secretly testing radioactive weapons in
the Scottish Highlands for a couple of decades. What they didn’t know is
that that beneath the mountains, they were feeding radioactivity to the
Apex predator of the prehistoric age…King Ghidora. Once they stopped
testing due to insufficient funds, King Ghidora broke out of the mountain
literally strip searched cities in the British Isles to find more
radiation. Meanwhile, one of the survivors of this catastrophic event is
Craig Brody( brother to Joe brody and uncle to Ford Brody) a man who worked
at the factory making biological weapons. Craig lost his loving family and
countrymen from Ghidora. Now powered by rage,determination and vengeance he
reunites with his nephew and tries to offer critical advice to the U.N to
deal with the new threat. 55 minutes into the film, meanwhile Godzilla
swims towards London to fight King Ghidora, after a 5-7 minutes fight
Godzilla is beaten and is dead. King Ghidora is flying around the world
destroying more cities trying to find more radiation while the U.N are
trying to destroy Ghidora by shooting missiles at him as they usually
would. Craig tells the U.N that he’s working on a weapon that contains an
extremely high amount of radiation that’s not a nuke and he thinks it could
revive Godzilla, the U.N say no. Craig breaks down giving a heart pounding
speech in order to convince them to agree. They agree but with minimal
funds.40 minutes into the film Craig develops the weapon assisted by Dr
Serizawa and unleashes it on Godzilla, he comes back to life and instantly
swims towards Tokyo to fight King Ghidora. After a 20-25 minute epic bad
ass fight, Godzilla pwns King Ghidora like a boss and reclaims his title.
Then swims off again, being praised as the great equalizer.
What do you guys think?

Nick Hunter says:

Did anyone else notice the king ghidorah head 

Tahj Robinson says:

Is the flying monster in Godzilla (2014) Rodan?

kevin boudreaux says:

this is a desperate plea to the true fans of Godzilla.
theres no reason to comment when someone says something stupid like, “The
1998 movie was better,” or “This is the worst movie ive ever seen,” PLEASE

Matthew Barth says:

0:38 I heard “this nuclear reactor is melting down his wife”

LordrockmanReturns says:

Awesome movie legit awesome i wanna buy it to watch it shiton of times!!
Also for those that have played the games: Monster Hunter was i the only
one that thought the Mutos face looked like the monster Nargacuga?

callahaine100 says:

I really liked the MUTO, because they look like a friggin Metal Gear Ray!

Richard Cranium says:

Godzilla vs Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson

Thomas Fitchette says:

This Godzilla movie was pretty good. I liked Brian Cranston’s character,
but felt little to nothing for his son taking lead after his death. I
understand most of the cut away from Godzilla to build up to the big fight,
but still felt a bit cheated on how many good fights we could have seen,
not just the aftermath. As for past films, even as people continually beat
up just the 98 version, there were a lot of bad Godzilla films before it,
especially where the man in the suit costume was overused and falling apart
and the budget was cheap, so let’s not say everything was golden about all
the other films in the family.

Duy Nguyen says:

Why did Godzilla have to stop the two Mutos? Weren’t they part of nature?
They were just animals trying to eat and reproduce.

halfbreed1426 says:

I wanna see Mothra next time.

King Savage97 says:

This movie was some shit to me. Super confusing, just a bunch of following
monsters w/ nothing really going on, and a weak main character

JurassicMonsters says:

They should have king ghidorah and/or gigan as the next victim of godzilla 

Brendan Mcguire says:

godzilla sequel should have gadohra.

Farzan Farnaghi says:

this is BY FAR the WORST MOVIE. i’ve ever seen. and i’ve seen bad movies.
IT HAD NO POINT. this could have been a 3 minute movie of godzilla kicking
ass. THATS ALL THE HAPPEND. IT WAS TRASH. I almost feel asleep.

i understand how it made money because it is a classic, i just hope people
didn’t enjoy it because there was no point to the movie

Chris Cartwright says:

Part of me wants the next monster to be Mothra, but the other part of me’s
like “Not so soon in the saga”…

SOS Sama says:

To be correct it’s Ken Wa-Ta-Na-Be

SteveBurnsideRE1 says:

the day after it was released a sequel was confirmed (2018) and Mothra
Rodan and King Ghidorah have been confirmed for it
also Toho is said to be making their own again for 2016

Tricrosis says:

Great first 10 minutes then awesome last 13. Rest was… Blah to say the
least, but godzilla should fight Hisenburg as a zombie… 

Moondogg says:

I’m personally hoping for Mothra or King Ghidorah.
Please, God, no Mechagodzilla.

kar2357 nass says:

3:50 i laughed so fucking hard

That one Yoshi says:

oh god if anything do king ghidora i would love to see the bad-ass dragon
in the CGI they did in this movie, and he’s like one of my favorites in the
series, just..please O_O..

FloppyFlapjak says:

Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla!

RedskinsCanefan21 says:

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah that should be the next one, if they get the
rights from Toho for Ghidorah. MUTO was a cool idea, but it didn’t look
like a new monster that I’ve seen before and that it looked like the Clover
field monster. I want to see a bat shit crazy idea for Godzilla like Final
Wars where at least instead of the human characters talking there was some
fake Kung Fu drunken fist type fighting.

Zwordsman says:

The bomb that went off at the end almost certainly awoke more monsters.

They won’t do mechagodzilla or anything along those lines yet. partially
because of pacific rim and partially because it would put more campy than
they want I think.

I’m guessing they’ll bring out a couple more new monsters but not any of
hte classics. I doubt Toho would let that go after one movie.

Lewis Johnstone says:

How did Bryan cranston die?

TheMarionick says:

In the next one he’ll fight Gidorah, Mothra and some red ptyrodactyl thing
I don’t know the name of. I hope that Mecha Godzilla will be the third
movie’s antagonist, because that’s just the thing to have in a trilogy of
this version of Godzilla.

Bryan Sanchez says:

If they are gonna make a sequel they shouldn’t make it with Ghidorah thats
his name right? the (golden three headed dragon)
So they should add that moth.

Easily Offended Don't Read This... says:

this movie got “I’ll buy it on blue ray” but pacific rim got
“awsometacular”, WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Sorry usually
agree with you but really?

samuraiwarrior87 says:

from what i have heard jermey warner brothers and legendary have the rights
to use mothra, rohdan, and king ghiordah for the sequel or sequels i think
they are making it into a trilogy but yeah hopefully they will not tease so
much now that they have the rights to mor iconic monsters.

sharksarefriends says:

Okay, I’m still learning Japanese so I’m not an expert on the
pronunciation, but I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced like wah-tah-nah-bay

Michael Cooley says:

gigan most appear in either the sequel or if it happens the third one
i think if he is appearing in the sequel then he should be more like a
natural sort of look and after the ending fight scene in the sequal the
government take the dead body of gigan away
third movie plot the goverment have experimented on gigans dead body and
given him more of an advanced look and are planning to use him as a weapon
and they secertly test him by powering him up with energy after that they
struggle to shut him down. at this point the government wants to use
godzilla as a weapon also so locate a huge amount of energy off the coast
of scotland and take the at this point shut down gigan weapon with them to
see if godzilla is there and capture him and use him as a weapon when they
arrieve there they are told that the monster they are looking for has been
there once and was spotted over a year ago around the same time godzilla
vanised leading them to believe he is hidden close to scottland at this
time the gigan weapson starts to function on its own. when they learn about
this they get that japanise guy from the first on on the phone and hes says
“i once told you that the arrigance of man is thinking nature is in our
control when really nature is controlling us. your creature isn;t being
controlled by you and never will it’s being controlled by nature and always
will be.” at his point the leader of the company commands them to shut down
all related gigan operations. when they turn everything off it causes a
powerserg and there is a black out. they get the back up energy on and dont
realise that ther serg malfunctioned gigan and he then activates himself
and stars destroyin the cities of scottland looking for radioactive power
supplies. who shows up next godzilla ready for the showdown.
BTW i was thinking both godzilla and gigan die want your opinions on this
thought but think this way a trilagy is made and ends on a high not 

raventakayama says:

They tried for a more is less theme and I understand it… Simply not what
I personally wanted, but a pretty good film. I seriously thought they were
going to Michael Bay it and blow it all to hell. Glad they use some

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