Game of Thrones season 4 trailer review

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Game of Thrones season 4 is right around the corner, and the hype is growing as a trailer hits the web! Jeremy gives you his thoughts on the “Game of Thrones” season 4 trailer!

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JeremyJahns says:
Mia lovely says:

Lol, Jeremy you killed me with that; “Heads, hands, and dicks, no one
rides for free.” comment. Had me laughing for a good 5 minutes. 

alaster boneman says:

I don’t know why jeremy likes greyjoy he is a dick (or he was not any
more) he betrayed the only people who ever gave a shit about him for his
own glory and to make his daddy happy when his dad looks at him like a
waste of space and doesn’t care if he lives or dies.

Ryan William Dunn says:

Whos theon greyjoy? you mean reek? loyal loyal reek?

Shaimaa al says:

[this is a SPOILER if you havent read a clash of kings]

in the book, tyrion loses his nose. so, heads, hands, dicks, and noses.

Srivas S says:

You never spoke about Deanarys sleeping with some guy… why so? after she
friendzoned and then banished some guy… Ser whatsoever!

Triforce96 says:

Game of thrones book fans are such pricks with spoilers 

Anna Tran says:


Hodor is a stripper 

AnkokuEvangeline says:

I wish you would make even more GoT videos – I really like your enthusiasm
and in combination with GoT as a topic, I’m sure they’d be all very

Bilbo Baggins says:

Hodor gets the throne!

gamesandstuffs says:

Game of Thrones is excellent, but I can’t decide on my favourite show
between it, The Walking Dead, Sherlock BBC & Supernatural

Alburito says:

Jeremy, do you know about R+L=J? Look it up because you need to know.

spongeaang98 says:

I’m not sure if you have seen the show The Americans before Jeremy, but I
think you would enjoy it! It’s a great TV series, really what Homeland
would before falling apart in Season 3.

Noah Borel says:

Jon snow gets smashed to death by a giant in a battle at the wall. Tyrion
and Sansa get killed in a riot after Joffrey’s wedding. The mountain rapes
Margery Tyrell while Joffrey watches in enjoyment, which results in her
getting pregnant. Half of Daenerys’ army gets killed by her out-of-control
dragons. Arya reaches winterfell and gets the people to start rebuilding
it. And Yara Greyjoy frees Theon and they torture Ramsay Snow to death.

Maito Gai says:

Theon will get the Iron dick due paying the iron price.

Bottle of Rakija says:

I think global warming would be a good thing in the Game of Thrones world

MrCyb999 says:

Talk about the mountain and the viper

noah clark says:

What the fuck would you do with a metal dick?!

Eric Carter says:

Cool. That it’s coming back. I personally never got in to Game of Thrones
but for those that like it that’s great. In regards to you thinking its the
best show on TV right now Jeremy I’m just going to say that Sherlock is the
best show on TV right now in my opinion. Why did I mention Sherlock in the
comments of a Game of Thrones video? Well it’s because Series 3 is over in
America now and I am still waiting for your review of Series 3. When will
you upload that?

Doominator99 says:

Some idiots still posting spoilers. 

buk lau says:

that baelish impression was spot on

HondaJaz says:

Waiting between seasons for any show is torture, but Game of Thrones, dear

Sweetp000433 says:

He’s open that door for male little people….once again females are left
out in the cold.

krapfenman . says:

Breaking Bad was good, but by FAAAAAAAAAR not in the same league of Game of

Lordgaga160 says:

This is not a spoiler. Something will happen in season 4 that will make
everyone happy.

Mikeybetts says:

I only got into game of thrones 3 days ago… i’m already caught up and
with me only finishing season 3 barely an hour ago the wait is already

ReeferInferno says:

No spoilers but I don’t like what Daenarys does in the near future…


Just watched this after the 4th season is done LOL

W Ullah says:

Please review your reaction to the viper and the mountain!!

The 8th Evil Ex says:

+JeremyJahns Can I just say that I don’t understand your reservations about
watching trailers for game of thrones. I mean you watched trailers for
winter soldier, days of future past, the hunger games sequels and basically
anything else based on a pre existing source material. I mean it’s not like
they’re just going to say ‘oh btw this person dies and so and so wins
this’. I know some trailers give shit away but we’re not talking about
anything past the second trailer for amazing spider-man 2. P.S. That line
about heads, hands and dicks nearly killed me. Seriously, expect a lawsuit
for reckless endangerment and long term psychological damage cause that
shit was hilarious. 

Aka5787658 says:

no tyrion says “if you want justice, you have come to the room, please”

UyenTheTiger says:

Lol seriously the comment section is dark and full of spoilers!!! (Read
that online xD ) READ AT YOUR OWN RISKS!!!

yahni bailey says:

The viper and the mountain

EvanSol919 says:

What did you think of the new trailer especially the really big dragon!

Nicky Dee says:

Dirty bum Jesus hahaha

Liuthen says:

Please make more Game of Thrones videos. They are awesome!

sanrigabro says:

king robney dies at s4ep2

alan barrena says:

Are you going to review
how I met your mother

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