Game of Thrones – Season 4 Finale review

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Game of Thrones wraps it’s 4th season of murder, mayhem, intrigue, scheming, and more murder! Jeremy talks about the Game of Thrones season 4 finale, and of course Tyrion Lannister.

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TheOutspokenRealist says:

A month ago, my all-time favorite show was Breaking Bad and I never thought
that would change for a long time. But after watching all 40 episodes in a
month and a half, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Game of
Thrones is the greatest show in television history. 

The Ice Viper says:

Kevan Lannister and Lancel Lannister?

Keyboardwarior1234 says:

Nothing about Brienne vs The Hound…

Axel Reigns says:

With all this buildup i just want a huge war to break out in Kings Landing,
seriously have Danny and her dragons reach Kings Landing then have the
White Walkers show up at the same time. Dragons vs. Zombies, Fire vs. Ice?
hmmm, anyone?

IGalactic I says:

I don’t understand how people are still on the daeny train, when you
obviously see the influence of the mad king on her. Keep cheering for the
chick if you want to, but I think folks will be disappointed to see the
targaryen bandwagon derail unto the bottom of a cliff when she goes bat
shit crazy. I mean, I know I’m not the only one with this sentiment here

Aman Pathak says:

Jeremy , please please please watch and review Spartacus !!! Season 1 Blood

Rowan J Coleman says:

I like how you refer to plot lines as campaigns

ScorchedCrow95 says:

Everyone talks about how Dany is so good, shes the only innocent character
and so on… she murdered hundreds of people without knowing anything about
them, which made her no different from the masters. So far the only truly
innocent character would be Samwell Tarly, since he’s never killed anyone
he wasn’t forced to, and he never blindly followed someone else into
murdering innocents. Go Sam, stay mr goody two shoes, you’re really the
only one on that train at this point.

DeathDealer1997 says:

Hey, haven’t watched the video out of spoilers.
Just wanted to know how far the tv show is into the series

Michael Chapman says:

Best part of Season 4: the Wall battle, the Mountain vs. Oberyn, Joffrey’s
death, or Tyrion’s revenge in the finale. I don’t care; you choose.

Worst part of Season 4: Ygritte’s death.

Daniel Evans says:

Be a shame if the hound is dead, i know he’s a douchebag but he was one of
my favourite characters. :-(

Mark B. says:

Sad that Victarion and Euron as well as the Ironborn subplot won’t be in
season 5

alaster boneman says:

i’m really sick of all this Daenerys hate that’s going around. its called
having patience, she’s not ready for the iron throne yet.

look she can barley keep one city in line how is she going to keep the
whole seven kingdoms inline she needs to learn and that’s exactly what’s
happen in the books right now she is learning to control her dragons and
when she find peace with them she will find peace with in her self and then
she can finally be ready to meet her destiny.

spikegilfer1997 says:

Khaleesi is title.
And now it is a taboo because people seem to think that’s her real name.
Her name is Daenerys Targaryen, mother of titles.

chancediamond184 says:

How the HELL did you just guess that Tyrion meets Jorah…. ok you are a

Nilas Thomsen says:

Jeremy, have to correct you a bit: “Khaleesi” is just a title in dothraki.
Her actual name is Daenerys (or Dany for host).

Ethan c says:

Aw, you barely talked about the Wall stuff :( that was like the biggest
storyline this season after the Purple Wedding aftermath/Tyrion’s trial

MrSamuel539 says:

Jesus jeremy are you sure you’ve not read the books you basically called
what happens in the 5th book 

Andrew Zebedee says:

What about tommen lannister? he could carry on the lannister name

TheeBambam says:

the hound and the little girl had such a good chemistry i loved it i wish
he was still alive. i would have liked if the little girl grew to like the
hound and be his sidekick or something 

TheStealthPrince says:

I seriously can’t believe the uncharacteristic twists that occured. Why the
hell was Shae even doing that? Why on earth would Arya leave the Hound to
die after all that, it’s too cold even for her?! Heck Shae even cried and
DIDN’T take the money to leave Tyrion proving she cares. Freaking Dues ex

Drakeslayer Amnon says:

No spoiler here, but, for season 5 to be any good, they’ve gotta deviate
from the books at this point. And I mean far more than ever. The books
kinda go to crap and are filled with hundreds of pages of boredom. I wonder
if they will be wise enough to recognize that? Martin included.

Henry Reeves-Turner says:

can’t wait for show fans to start hating dany like book fans 

Sam Leduc says:

Well tywins brother is alive? I think

morning morality says:

Good news they announced the show won’t be following the books no more so
that character I can’t spell his name might be killable 

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