Fury movie review

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A young army recruit joins a tank frat in a movie made to show the horrors of war. Jeremy reviews “Fury”.

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Kurt Cocaine says:

The scenes that took place in the German house with the young German girl
and her mother made for *some of the best scenes this movie had to offer*
and you thought that some of those scenes should have been cut out of the
movie? Are you kidding? The scene where Shia Labeouf tells the touching
story of the wounded horses is one of the few scenes that gives his
character depth. Nothing brought raw emotion like when the young private is
rushed out of the house before getting to properly say goodbye to the
German girl only for the house to be bombed minutes later. Nothing has made
me question your credibility as a reviewer before, but that’s one of the
dumbest complaints I’ve ever heard from you and I’m a long-term

Tom R. says:

Way off on this one Jeremy. Fury is an absolute cult classic and long after
Thor, Iron Man 3 and Transformers movies are forgotten and buried, Fury
will still be a classic. This is the new Saving Private Ryan and it will
definately get people interested in World War 2 again. The film was 2:14
and seemed like 90 minutes. The dinner scene flew by for me and the crew
was also fun to watch. Were they dicks? Sometimes, but they were amusing
dicks. I felt they were hard on the new kid because they had to be, but
ultimately they took him in. The action in this film was hands down the
coolest I’ve seen in a long time. Fury is visually stunning, well-paced and
definately one for the home theater system. War movies aren’t for everyone.
Sam Elliot said something great about director John Milius that I think can
also apply to director David Ayer…”He doesn’t make movies for pussies or
women, he makes movies for men.”

DumpsterJedi says:

I didn’t find them to be that terrible. I mean, they are assholes, but if
you take into the fact that they’ve been stuck in a tank shooting at and
being shot at by nazis for three years, and this kid who has never seen
action coming into to replace their friend that they’ve fought beside for 3
years that just died, it doesn’t really bother you at all. I liked them.
Its a good representation of war. Plus soldiers of war are not supposed to
be moral ambassadors, they’re soldiers, and they’re there to keep their own
alive, which is why I didn’t find Pitt forcing the kid to kill a german to
be that bad.

Lukas Skliuderis says:

this review sucks, the tank was not full of assholes just people that were
reforged by war that’s it. How do you not root for them, their deaths in
the end moved my alot. also the house scene added alot to the movie i
think, we’ve seen the fighting in ww2 plenty of times, hell this movie was
loaded with it, but the house scene was interesting, you see how people
behave in this ww2 environment when they’re not fighting i liked that.
Seriously jeremy usually does better reviews, this seems poorly thought out

Elliot Mauricio Torres says:

Did anyone else search “German teen” on YouPorn after watching this movie?

Vulkangott says:

After they ran over that mine and the young guy had to watch for nazis,
where you see the SS battalion marching, every third or so german soldier
was carrying a Panzerfaust(Bazooka) , but when the main characters ambushed
them suddenly none of them had one. Did they drop them on the road because
they where too heavy? Then after about a million german soldiers got shot
the SS commander got the idea to bring two boxes full of bazookas, where
the first one missed (at a range of about 10 meters or so) and the second
only killed one guy in the tank(in a scene before a kid with a panzerfaust
one shot a tank, and if i remember right the part the boy hit it wasn’t
even near the ammo rack or gasoline tank) And why is it that the germans
suck at aiming in every movie? I mean not even the sniper could hit the
dude’s head, and only about three of the five trillion bullets they shot in
the ending fight actually hit somebody. I mean, what the fuck?

Marc Orkins says:

My favorite war movie is Captain America :p


I teared up a little when Brad Pitt’s character was getting shot; it was
that and at the same time I was remembering how he said “don’t get too
close to anybody”

McMagic15 says:

How was Brad Pitt here and in Inglourious Basterds at the same time?
God damm it WW2

KlingonCaptain says:

I’m actually surprised with all the fairly positive reviews. The way Grace
Randolph (Beyond The Trailer) tells it, this movie is bad all around and
unwatchable. The way she trashed the acting, which you said was good, so
I’m intrigued with complements people are giving the actors.

Nimby315629 says:

When the asshole licks the girl’s egg (Sounds sexual but if you watched the
movie you would understand) I was about to punch the person next to me… I
dont care if you hate every german and think they are nazis or that you are
even a fucking violence hungry womanizer… You don’t fucking come to
somebody’s home, eat the fucking meal they cooked for you, and then ruin
their own meal too! Fuck that guy. Shia was the only likable character imo

Jesse Caballero says:

Do not ever call a tank crew a “frat”. Douchebags in college fraternities
are complete selfish pieces of shit! These guys portrayed in this film were
battle-hardened MEN that did what needed to be done to bring the guy next
to them home. Your movie review sucked ass and you never fought in a
foreign war so what the fuck would you know about the morality of war?

Chris Oelrich says:

I gotta say, I usually agree with you Jeremy, but this time I don’t, I
absolutely Loved this movie. Especially Shia Labeoufs character. I liked
that I saw a representation of a real christian in a film. So often
christians in movies are just characatures of what actually christians are.
They’re either super annoyingly religious, or complete and total hypocrites
that just wear crosses while going on murderous rampages. Labeouf did a
great job of representing what a real christian looks like. In general all
the acting was phenomenal.

peddi könig says:

1 there are germans not nazis
2 this is just a stupid amercian propaganda movie

Dai mon says:

I don’t agree with you for once my good Jeremy, I rooted all the way for
the guys and not the kid at all, except for the German girls, I rooted for
the kid standing for the girl, that’s only part.

The part of the crew being “douchebags” is because they got a none
combatant kid in the front lines, like any soldier or warrior, you need to
be battle hardened if you are as weak and wimpy like this kid, their lives
would be at risk and like Brad pointed out when the kid failed to attack
the kid Nazis attacking the tank, his lack of balls could cost more lives.

The hole purpose of Brad pitt being a “dick” was to educate the kid that
while he is with them, he would have to do anything to survive and fight,
otherwise he not only would put his life at risk but also risk the lives of
his crew and other soldiers.

Brad pitt made point that they weren’t on a camping trip, they were on the
front lines of war and there for they would have to be killers or become
the victims, specially since the Nazis were brutal as it is.

Lloyd Pagett says:

A GOOD TIME NO ALCOHOL REQUIRED!?!?!?!?!? Jeremy, this is why I never
listen to your reviews other than because they are funny. 

TacticsTechniques&Procedures says:

Jeremy, you seem to be clouded by your emotional reaction to the members of
the Tank Crew. A few points:
1) The urgency of combat is something you’ll never understand and therefore
your assessment of this movie was completely off-base. Let me explain.
The crew members, through the urgency of war, were hardened by death of
friends and horrific events they’d seen during combat. PTSD is most
eloquently depicted in this movie. You totally missed the context because
you don’t have PTSD and I get it: you needed something to bash because it
felt wrong.
2)This movie literally tells you its context: “Ideals are peaceful.
History is violent.” The scene you mentioned about the girls was intended
to show you WHY the crew members were so dissociated and cold with new
members. The scene was symbolic: the ideal vs the violent. Their attitudes
are actually a dissociated response to continued exposure to high-intensity
combat. This response was a necessity to keep the crew alive. Also, it
further develops the REASONING behind their reactions to each other, the
horrific events they LIVED through, their TC(Tank Commander) and the new
recruit or green soldiers. I don’t expect you to ever understand combat
and I won’t vulch you for that but please understand this movie depicts was
as it really is, a hopeless endeavor to those involved. PTSD is a normal
human reaction to extraordinary circumstances; something which no person
can describe in a paragraph. 

Jeremy Harris says:

Dr. Strangelove

Bloodaxetheirritable says:

a. I felt the movie was too short, to meet it felt rushed. –
b. The house scene was too long and just there to show Brad with his shirt
off. –
c. There’s not that much room in a Sherman tank. –
d. The Tiger tank was real. +
e. The noob in the bow does not have that much range of movement with his
30 cal. –
f. Characters were cliche. –
g. The 88mm shell did not detonate when it hit the tank commander in the
other tank.+
h. The Germans only attacked the Sherman from the front !?! You’re
practically blind in those things. Yet they kept coming in from the front.
These guys nearly could have won the war. They’re not that bad at this. –
i. Brad had a M93 grenade land in his lap in a confined space and yet he
was not turned to paste. –
j. Brad and crew don’t piss off and get a new non busted tank instead of
sacrificing themselves.-
k. The Sherman’s 75mm gun was way too quiet when being fired.

These are only my opinions, these are what I felt was wrong with the film.
This is in no way a Private Ryan beater. Yet for all that I would give it
6.5 – 7
I agree with the review.

AyVee says:

Lmao at all the people saying he didnt understand the movie, hes dissected
movies that were way more complex than fury. Look he didnt like it that
much, told u the reason why, and thats why we’re subscribed to him, u
shuldnt watch his reviews to formulate ur opinion. I loved the movie but u
dont see me bitching like a baby

davidbowie1100 says:

I personally loved this film, I disagree that they all seemed like
assholes, Brad Pitt had to teach the kid to wise up quick or he could get
them all killed, remember the scene where he hesitates to kill the Nazi
kids ends up getting a few guys killed just before

Hani hanito says:

Love the movie, hate the ending–nope–last part. how the F 5 vs 1000 could
happen? :| cut the last part into 5 min, and it all be great

spartan3774 says:

Rented, glad I didnt buy. This shit is typical 5 vs 500 pro American
propaganda. Besides the 1 Tiger tank scene, the Germans couldnt shoot the
broad side of a barn. This movie portrays the Germans as complete idiots.
During the last disabled tank battle scene this fucking movie has the
Germans stupid enough to rush the tank using machine guns, they may as well
pulled out swords and pitchforks and stabbed at it. Fucking unrealistic
garbage. After ww2 based Inglorious Basterds Brad Pitt shoulda quit while
he was ahead.

miguelwoo says:

He must of not understood the movie.

OkItsJustSean says:

I disagree. Though it was such a simple scene the German house scene I
think was the best and one of the most important scenes in the movie. 

Kei Zhang says:

The kitchen scene was there so the boy could get emotionally attached to
the German girl and SS bombing killed her which made him turn into a Nazi
hater and killer evident at the broken down tank ambush. 


I saw this today and it was sooooo horrible if you know anything about WW2
or tactics :/ 

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