Fury – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Fury, starring Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Peña, Jon Bernthal, Jason Isaacs, Scott Eastwood. Directed by David Ayer.


DomnoSaur says:

Am I the only person who thought this was the best war movies in years?

Shrimppete says:

This movie is a propagandafilm !
It is about the heroic death of men who died for their country and this is
actually not a good depiction of war at all. The film shows war like
something completly necesarry and doesn’t really provide any depht.
One thing that is also quiet anoying is that the film is beeing kind of
sexist, the women seem to present the good, where as all german men in the
film are immediately considerd as nazis. It is a stereotype war film that
works with very strict principals to its genere and doesn’t let space for
quenstioning WW2. But the most terrific tact about this film is that it
resembles the movie Morgenrot from 1933 from Gustav Ucicky, which indeed is
up to this day considered as a propagandafilm.
Both films share the same mechanics, the soldeir who is willing to do
everything for his country, patriotism at its finest and a almost pathetic
way of creating stereotype charecters.
If you are looking for a slaughtermovie providing one or two facts about
war go and watch it, but please do not thing this film is an antiwar film,
it takes more than just reproducing a battlefield to make a movie that
shows how teriffic war actually was.

Warnerchild says:

this film sucked big time – i’m surprised at your review

SerCambria358 says:

I dont get the criticism that the dinner scene is getting. It was tense,
gave us a break from the continuous action and most importantly developed
character. My argument is that they didnt develop character in the right
way, they built off of what we already knew (that they’re f’ed up due to
the war) instead of giving us something like able in each character. Beyond
that, i dont see the major flaws that everyone seems to be picking off of

stripgaga says:

People love to hate on shia but I’ve been watching him since even Stevens
and most of the movies he started doing and he’s an awesome actor

Calvin Blue says:

A stationary tank vs 300 german soldiers?? It’s ridiculous.. those german
soldiers are absolutely stupid.. it’s easy to kill a tank that is
stationary, just surround the tank, strike from behind.. everyone fire from
all angles..
There is absolutely no way the gunners can withstand..
Then once get close from the back.. start throwing grenades into the tank..
Alternative, can throw grenades into the turret…
Or use the fire starter..
And that last guy can escape from under… those german soldiers are too
stupid… everyone knows there is a hatch below..
This show is too unrealistic..!!!

FreeSudani says:

the battle scenes were realistic except for the last scene ….the way the
nazi soldiers were killed and how they were running around was laughable 

Alan Bilbao says:

My understanding of the dinner scene is that Wardaddy(Brad Pitt) wanted one
moment, just one moment of normalcy. One moment where he could pretend he
wasn’t fighting in a war in some godforsaken country, and just having a
nice dinner with some pretty girls. But he couldn’t have that. Because then
the rest of his crew show up and they’re drunk and to some extent their
feelings are hurt because their leader tried to keep them out of the whole
thing. For me I don’t like the scene because it just made me so damn
uncomfortable, especially with the way Grady(Jon Bernthal) was bullying
Norman(Logan Lerman) in front of this girl he had just had a pleasant
moment with. I get that it was supposed to be like that, and it was
effective, but I didn’t like seeing. Again, I get it, that’s what the scene
is going for, and it pulled it off. Maybe a little too well for my taste.

P.S. I feel like this is nitpicking right here but I’ll say it anyway.
During that scene when Grady is being an asshole and Wardaddy is trying to
get him to stop, I feel like Bible(Shia LaBeouf) would have spoken up, too
and that he didn’t seemed a bit out of character. I’ll chalk it up to him
being drunk and angry at Wardaddy for trying to leave them out but still,
seemed a bit weird to me.

Brandon Reiniger says:

Pretty sick of these “edgy” ww2 movies. Over-saturated with them. Yeah, we
get it, Nazi’s weren’t humans and everyone wants to genocide them by the
thousands, and it apparently makes you cool.

LegionaryWithAGladius says:


Sharath SH says:

Shia Lebouof… Lebeouf…… whatever….. He did great acting in this
movie……. Maybe the best of his career (Not including the Eagle Eye in
the list)

Billy Red says:

Hello, haven’t seen the movie, but I work in a theatre so I get to see a
lot scenes.

Is this one of those movies where the Germans are stupid, horrible at
aiming and die left and right?

Kinda of looks like that so far. One scene I saw, the Germans give away
their position by firing bullets at the Sherman tanks, of course killing no

It was funny because the Germans had tanks too, they just used the machine
gun fire instead. When the tank did finally engage, it missed every shot.

Please tell me the whole film isn’t like this

Usman Sarwar says:

Whats up with the fetish of Nazi Killing in Hollywood? The moment a Nazi is
killed on screen, oscar buzz starts, Wank off it already… 

alienator345 says:

My grade for this movie was in 8/10, which on my scale is a B, so I feel
about the same way as Chris in this. I actually loved the dinner scene,
though. I felt like it added a lot of depth to the characters. I just
didn’t think the movie was as emotionally powerful as it could’ve been. But
still a good movie

Cynima Rapscallion says:

Man, all the critics hating on that dinner scene. It’s really obnoxious.
The hating, not the dinner scene, which is why the hating is obnoxious lol.
It switched things up a bit. Imagine if it wasn’t there? Action…action…
action…more action… BORING. It would get boring. It was a nice cooling
down, ramping up type period. 

Michael Iravani says:

This movie sucked. In fact all it did was cherry-pick from other war
movies. The constant cliché of the “new guy” introduced to the grunt team.
Haven’t we seen this before?? And I’m not even talking about Private Ryan
where the Opum character is the same as the Norman one in Fury. Although
you COULD use that as an example. But there are so many things to pick
apart. The character development is a shit show, the pacing of the movie
goes so slow in a lot of spots. And the gem of all cliché war films is the
classic, what I like to call the “martyr”scene. Where a group of soldiers
facing overwhelming and one says to the other to leave and the other says
“what about you??” And the cliché recipe complete. I just feel like when
Hollywood does a WWII movie, it’s just been recycled. 

thejames000000007 says:

Your reviews are a lot better than jeremy’s. You have a deaper taste for
movies I think. Keep up the good work Chris ;)

29AndreG says:

To be honest, I don’t hate Shia LaBeouf. I like him as an actor, I think he
has potential, it’s just the shit he does behind the scenes I’m not a fan
of. Every time he gets in trouble with the law, I just facepalm. I’m pretty
sure he’ll clean himself up in a few years. Remember when Robert Downey,
Jr. had career troubles? Downey cleaned himself up later on and is now
acclaimed. So I’d say give LaBeouf sometime. He’s young, he will learn.

ValkyrieOey says:

I felt they developed the main character (Logan Lerman’s Character) really
well in seeing how war changed him. As for the other characters I agree the
development wasn’t there because their development happened a while ago,
they alluded to having fought toghether for 3 years since Africa(as a quick
thought would be cool to get a sequel for their campaign in Africa) but you
are right as for on screen development there wasn’t much however they were
there to develop Logan’s character which had a pretty good arc from
innocent to war-struken by the end. 

Thezerofreeze says:

The ending was heart wrenching though

Toonses says:

He didn’t like the characters and the pacing of the movie yet gave it a B
rating. Retard.

TheInvinsible Gamer24 says:

They didn’t make you care for the characters because that’s what it’s like
in a real army. You’re not supposed to care for them because if they die
right in front of you, you should not be distracted. This movie was
supposed to make you feel like you are part of a real fire team in which
you are not supposed to make emotional attatchments. Why doesn’t anyone get
that?? I rate this a 10/10 because it had THE BEST ACTION and THE BEST

Disastre! says:

nope. this one is crap especially on the realistic part. I’m no military
expert but every action scene in this movie looks really dumb. dumb nazis
running straight at machine guns, flashy but not convincing special effects
especially when tanks fire (which are what I expected to be the main
attraction), dumb tank fight scene featuring a tiger (which can kill tanks
at around 1 km away) rushing with its commander shouting “Forward!” to be
flanked and surrounded by Brad Pitt’s Sherman, in the same scene the tiger
blown off a sherman’s turret but only damaged Fury’s radio from pointblank,
whole tank battle scene have only around ten shots fired, dumb US
infantrymen waltz around town after an old dude got headshot by enemy
sniper, dumb german antitank gun missing every every shot at deliberately
slow moving shermans in the open. Please oh please dont get me started on
the final RAMBO Brat Pitt scene where german antitank rockets disappear,
day turned into night suddenly, melee charge at tank and a dumb enemy tried
to hit Pitt with a shovel eventhough everyone got guns and grenades. HUGE
HUGE disappointment. NEVER trust trailers. Also, this review is a bit bad
for this “its extremely well done. Its extremely realistic part.” The plot,
cinematography, and character development of Fury are also a big heap of
doodoo but I guess Chris got that one (not nearly as much as I’d like to
hear but enough rant)

Micah Payne says:

I really wanted this movie to be over when they were at that German ladies
house that was a stupid scene that ruined a movie that I already wasn’t
enjoying very much aside from the battle scenes. That scene was too short
to have a realistic meaning but too long and redundant and that girl is a
whore she just fucked him at first sight and he was like your going to have
one great love and what they did was essentially fucking on the first date
which isn’t love it’s a booty call. fuck everybody that thought this shit
was good get tarintino directing this motherfucker

IntriguedMutton says:

I thought the way shots fired through the air looked a bit too star wars
like and at one point I swore the German bullets were red and the allies
was green. 

Eaglescout217 says:

This movie was fantastic, also for any of you who haven’t seen it and call
it American propaganda, your full of it. It focus on a crew that treats it
like a job, no patriotism bullshit. Also you barely see any flags or
symbols of the nations involved, unless its weapons, vehicles, or any other
nation specific items. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid about every ww2 being
propaganda for the US.

Stéphanie B. says:

I honestly found that dinner scene the most beautiful scene (along with the
drinking scene at the near-end and that intense part where they were
battling against the big tank) but to me the dinner scene made me start to
feel deeply for the characters, all of them, especially the girls and
obviously the main character. Small details such as the eggs and the piano
play, the conversation about the dead horses, all were so beautiful and
really made this scene, in my opinion, critical and unique. But that’s just
how I see it :). Beautiful movie, not the greatest, but worth watching,
especially for that dinner scene ;).

Julio Capeles says:

Wow one of the few times i disagree with chris, the table scene was hands
down the most emotional scene iv seen in any war movie. Great acting and
just so real my uncle who did two tours in iraq had to leave the room
because it was so powerfull

iReece4498 says:

Brad Pitt is a fantastic actor. I would love to see him in a film in which
he is the undisputed star, a film that really gives him a chance to shine,
like Leonardo Di Caprio in the Wolf of Wall Street.

Keith H says:

You missed the point. You’re not supposed to love these characters. It’s
war not the Lego movie. Too real for some. 

SuperSquawker says:

Well… this movie got to me in some ways…maybe subliminal
I was in an armored cav unit in Southeast Asia..
I have had to do some of these things….the sound of armored
the talk and curses…..you are Not the same after…..but you think
you are….
politicians need to see this//…..this is what awaits you….
at the beginning.. the eerie sound of radio talk in combat…
eavesdropping on someones else’s hell…
true and…Very unsettling….nothing is romanticized,,,,and nothing is
which only heightens the horror….

Peace and Love…Out…

Joseph Stassup says:

I’d rather the end be a fight between the crew and an unsuspecting
Destroyer that came across, with the crew running from behind, and
attacking the jagpanzer, and end it off with artillery killing the
commander and Norman.

claude kim says:

does not seem fake -> tiger gets taken out a m4e8… and tiger can shoot
its 8,8 pak 44 moving?? im sure the transmission had wayy tooo much tension
and shooting a gun with over 890kj of force is gonna help right?? fucking

filmnut says:

Great movie! Love David Ayer films! Check out Hamburger Hill another gritty
true war film.

jamminkeys says:

good movie, the acting was extremely well done by all, like you said very
impressed with Logan Lerman

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