Furious 7 – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Furious 7, starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Elsa Pataky, Lucase Black, Jason Statham. Directed by James Wan.


Chris Stuckmann says:
Papagenu says:

nonsense, uploaded on April 1st.

Sizzeler says:

lmao the music icon plays darude sandstorm 

M4TRIXed says:

I have only seen Fast 1, but I want to see Fast 5 and 6. Does it matter
that I skip the ones before?

+ElAndres+ says:

Vin diesel said that this movie will win the oscar hahaha…

Dluu22 says:

Have you seen Ip man Chris? The fights are hella clean

Isaac Orchard says:

I always think of the Fast and Furious movies as bad, but then when watched
5&6 I didn’t hate them. I guess they’re my guilty pleasure movies

The Scarecrow says:

Mad Max is going make Furious 7 look like Driving Miss Daisy.

TheZallene says:

Idk, i really miss the old movies that were more focused on street
racing… rather than all these heists :S

TunezCottage says:

was I the only one expecting a 1st of April prank? I’m so paranoid on
youtube today..

Isaac Ruthen says:

Honestly, for me, you can’t just say….”Well this movie is supposed to be
dumb so you can’t really criticize it.” No, Sharknado is not a good movie
just because it accomplished what it set out to do. If you try to make a
bad movie it’s still a bad movie. I digress, but the Fast and Furious
movies don’t get a pass just because they mindless fun

Pepsiman says:

What the hell? Why is there an “add music” button?

FreakyTyeps3 says:

……..aaaaaand Jeremy Jahns?

il100374 says:

Why does Fast and Furious get the “dumb fun” movie excuse but movies like
Transformers don’t? 

NappyHeaded says:

Man, I hope the fight scenes aren’t Taken 2 bad.

Shurue says:

You’d be surprised at the analyses that can be done for the franchise as a
whole. I’ve been a fan of the franchise from the beginning and enjoyed
almost all of the films immensely. Now, yes the physics engine might be
different from that of the real world and characters may behave differently
from real people but it works because they are consistent with it. How is
that any different from, say, a well done anime? Good action scenes,
memorable characters, and an engaging plot that now spans 6 (debatably 7)
films. I couldn’t ask for more from an action movie franchise.

Bruce Wayne says:

These stupid movies are like Ghetto people’s Avengers. 

Daniel Bringmann says:

we have a character that is no longer around….omg yes paul Walker died,
we know Stuckmann

Inbetweener says:

This is a turn your brain off and watch movie

Himynameisart says:

So Fast 5 is still the best…..lol

PeterTheRock3 says:

…Why is there an icon that plays Darube-Sandstorm?

Gregory mantonios says:

Man o man.. I literally agree with you.. The lack of hobbs combined with
the poor way the one on one fights were filmed made this movie not as good
as the previous 2.. 

Issac Clarke says:

Andy to all u mofos out there talkin I don’t know me bitch fuck u as holes
hate fake niggas fuck u stuckman 

Katahn Hardy says:

I’ve never seen any of the fast and furious movies, can someone nice please
tell me which ones to watch?

bostonmillertv says:

I hate the logic of “oh this movie is so much fun and dumb! Who cares about
plot there just having fun!” Because the people who ass kiss the F&F
franchise are the same people who hate transformers for the exact same
reason lol

Sreehari Namikaze says:

B ? If this was not as good as 5 and 6 as you say it wasn’t, this movie is
totally below C. 

Spanxxx says:

“Big, stupid, dumb time.” I’ll pass.

Rob Sorbo says:

So Vin Diesel’s prediction of winning Best Picture won’t come true?

Links595 says:

Do Review of the Fast and the Furious Tire collection. talk about the films
How You Known first Fast and the Furious.

The Dashboard says:

Never did like this series, even the ones people keep telling me are the
good ones. I don’t mind a “brainless” movie, but I’m not spending inflated
ticket prices for one.

LukaANDkrosty says:

I think it kind of sucks what they did to this franchise… You know, going
from being good and serious action films to be just dumb action jerk
offs… Who had that idea? FUCK THAT GUY!

Phoenix Oroboros says:

Jesus christ, Fast Five is a huge piece of shit. I mean that scene with the
safe -_- because of the lack of physics I lost 50 IQ points, oh and the 150
kilometer long runway in Fast and Furious 6 -_- jesus

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