Furious 7 movie review

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The 7th movie in the Fast & Furious franchise hits theatres, and gives us fast cars, crime, vengeance, and a proper Paul Walker farewell! Jeremy gives you his review of “Furious 7″!

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Chance Ondriezek says:

Hey man, where’s your review for Revenge of the Sith?

DontaySims1o1 says:

How did they handle Paul Walker? Weren’t they in the middle of the movie
when he passed?

RabbitCrafted says:

I liked Fast 5 Furious 6 was meh but hoping this will give a satisfying end
to Walker’s role

Chris O'Keeffe says:

Fun movie but seriously its time to quit while they are ahead. 7 films is

The SmiffeeSpace says:

Are you gonna do video about Deadpool getting an R rating?

JeremyJahns says:
David LoPan Jr. says:

Why does Jeremy have weird zombie eyes today?

justkilledit21 says:

Tokyo drift was still the best.

XMENFAN54 says:

I never seen a Fast and the Furious movie.

Tici Toty Tony says:

I’m sorry Jermey I’m playing that drinking game

It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for you people

Farewell my friends :D

Eric Carter says:

All the Fast and Furious movies are really over the top and unrealistic but
that’s the charm of the series and why I really enjoy it.

MCruben3000 says:

My worst cinema experience ever. Not the movie, but it was filled with
kids. And at the end ”for Paul” they where all laughing because ”his
name is funny”. I could almost kill myself. fcking ignorant pricks.

izzy carshuen says:

Can’t it just end already?

John Cummings says:

I never saw the first three movies, but 4-6 were really good.

EvolMuzik4ever says:

Is this going to be the last Fast & Furious movie? Because I feel that they
are going to run out of ideas…I mean they had cars with parachutes
falling out of a plane………what’s next?

Charizardthree says:

i agree Fast five definitely the best in the series, i’ve not seen this one
yet but thats just because its not out yet for me

MAMA67 says:

am i the only one who actually liked Tokyo Drift?

Omelette Du Fromage says:

Loved Fast&Furious: Tokyo Drift, which apparently seems to get a lot of
hate. None of that over the top action/explosions/fighting and just pure
car racing + cheesy storyline. 

Suleman Saleem says:

My man, Jeremy, You look like you’re not getting much sleep at all. 

Francisco Arcos says:

I don’t know why, I just can’t like fast & furious franchise movies. I
swear I’ve tried to watch them, I just can’t get into it. I’m not saying
“F&F fans are stupid” or anything else, I respect a lot other tastes. I
juts don’t get why I can’t like those movies, and also I love 80’s and 90’s
action movies.

whichever-god you-prefer says:

Butthurt fast and furious franchise fan boys with no concept of good plot
and relevance in 3 2 1… 

BlairWaldorf2013 says:

I actually still really love the FIRST Fast and Furious movie. Cult Classic
I would say at this point. Fast 5 was a nice way to get it back on track.

I still get sad every time Jessie dies when I watch the first movie.

Turdsley says:

Ok so these Fast & Furious movie get a pass for being stupid
non-sense/over-the-top action/popcorn flicks but Michael Bay’s movie get
shit on?

I really don’t get that.

With that said I’m in no way defending Bay’s films, I think most of them
suck. I just find it odd that everyone shits on those types of movies but
praises these Fast & Furious films even though they’re basically the same

sloppygoo3624 says:

MY last name is Statham (no relation from knowledge) and its sooooo good to
hear someone pronounce it correctly (its Stay-tham not Stat-ham)

Javier Mosquera says:

Thats cool. And Transformers movies get bashed for being unrealistic high
octane and explosive about robots fighting each other because…….? 

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