Frozen Official Elsa Trailer (2013) – Disney Animated Movie HD

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Frozen Official Elsa Trailer (2013) – Disney Animated Movie HD

Fearless optimist Anna teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna’s sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.

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KrixOfficial says:

I want to see a Disney movie that centers around a gay or lesbian
relationship. It seems like that’s a pretty massive gap in what Disney is
teaching kids at the moment. Frozen teaches girls that they don’t need a
man, but no Disney movie teaches them that they might want a woman.

Luciennedepp says:

If Elsa would’ve been the villian it would be the best disney movie ever

MhBasics Chick says:

Avatar Roku..? I didn’t know Elsa was a waterbender XD

edan jeanlouis says:

Like if your watching in 2015

Britany Rlhdn says:

Me encanta esta pelicula pero al parecer a mi angelito no *veo a Darel
bostezar mientraa vemos la pelicula*
Frozen Official Elsa Trailer (2013) – Disney Animated Movie HD:

Lord of the Cats says:

As much as I enjoyed this movie, I personally think it was WAY overrated. 

Ash says:

Nothing can compete with Wall-E in my heart.

The Pumpkin Prince of Halloween Town says:

What’s wrong with Frozen?
….People think it’s overrated….
…It’s a great movie, if you ask me…

Roldie says:

This is an example on why trailers shouldn’t be trusted. This made it seem
like Frozen was going to be like a Tangled on winter, when in fact the
movie is probably the ‘darkest’ Disney has released so far.

Animefan764 says:

Everything Frozen did, Tangle did better.

Vector Silver says:

I hated it.

Adam Tombs says:

What’s this garbage?! When’s the hobbit out?!

LadyRuelleyn says:

The first 38 seconds was kind of awesome, and had they focused more on Elsa
than her sister (who really didn’t need character development than her
naive boy crazy shenanigans) I think this movie would have been remarkable.
I feel they totally neglected and ignored Elsa’s story in favor for her
sister who didn’t really have any problems. It’s kind of disappointing
really, this movie is just a tad overly hyped in my opinion.

EVLG says:

I enjoyed the movie for what it is but honestly wasn’t that good. Poorly
wrote and obvious villains, spoiling plot points ahead of time, Elsa spends
the whole movie being emo and alone. Olaf adds literally nothing to the
story aside from comedic relief, and Anna and Kistoff go to Elsa’s ice
castle only to be told “no I’m not going back” and then leave.

maddie N says:

I really wish Disney took the time to actually explain how and why Elsa got
her powers. I get it’s a children’s movie and they didn’t wanna get to into
detail, but a little background wouldn’t have hurt…still a great movie

Izzy Bates says:

Amazing Trailer
You obviously put alot of work into it when there are lots of Haters 

Carl Edward Sagan says:

I rate it 9/11.

Best movie to jack off to. And yes, even better than that shitty 50 shades
of GrAY. That movie was made for middle aged lonely women.

Qualified Idiots says:

How many scenes were cut from the movie?

BrokenGlass043 says:


*now go ahead and fight me in the comments section like the cunts you all

Noor Huda says:

Frozen Official Elsa Trailer (2013) – Disney Animated Movie HD:

Nikki Loakes says:

that was beautiful 

riotgrrrljaz says:

Why did they cut out the part at 1:41 ??? Would have loved to have seen
more of Elsa using her magic!! They need to release all
extended/deleted/alternate scenes for this movie.

Sam Poket says:

Frozen fever short is going to be only with Cinderella live action and
frozen fever is just 7min

Maximus Perez says:

you make it look so much better than it really is good job ha.?!…

JOMON says:

The way they have presented the information is easy to follow, realistic
and actually simple.

Andrea zo says:

Olaf : you hesitated

Aldo Chen says:

this whole discussion about the main lesson/message in frozen has gotten
out of hand. for the love of the movie, a kid’s movie at that, leave it
alone. i am surprised people go to such length to ruin a movie by giving
too much of their two cents. now just shut the bleep up and enjoy it.

80sbreaker says:

the best movie Disney ever co produced was kung pow enter the fist

WasabiPie:P says:

I still haven’t seen this movie.

Prk Ostrwich says:

disney is a tool of Satan

MeowMix says:

frozen over hyped and killed by social network and media bloggers like
huffington puff

Jennifer Lewer says:

Hahahahaha, this must be Norway. We even have a place called Arendalen. The
dresses is budnader (a norwigen dress) and the houses and names and the
nature. The mountains, the snow, It seems acatually like Norway! Elsa,
Anna, Kristoffer, Svein, Olaf is all norwigen names

Ashley Grant says:

Hair. Videos

Teresa Brown says:

Wood deep what their doing to the kids I didn’t notice until I read your

sam abolo says:

This guy narrating sounds like Avatar Roku

Jonathan Meagher says:

Frozen is one of the best Disney movie ever with The Little Mermaid in my
opinion. Frozen is my love, Frozen is my life. =D

Jerica Gonzalez says:


Zoe B. says:

Damn peeps let it go already !

Margaret Miao says:

Wait, is this Roku’s voice?

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