Focus movie review

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2 of the most attractive human beings on the planet; Will Smith & Margot Robbie bring us into the con artist world! Jeremy reviews “Focus”!

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watvid1 says:

What if black people were gold this entire time? 

Brad Wright says:

Catch Me If You Can is my favorite

TheAngelofFate17 says:

How the hell did that stupid ‘Color of the dress’ thing even start!?

The Arkham Knight says:

The best con movie was obviously twilight. My child mind was told it was
going to vampires and werewolves fucking each other up but instead I got
one of the worst movies of all time. So bad, it got a meme behind it, a
parody movie making fun of it, and a fan base full of stupid teenage girls

The con was real

Lucas Valdau says:

Yeah. The dress thing is so annoying……. THE FUCKING DRESS IS BLACK AND

Merc Angeleyes says:

Jeremy is more handsome than will smith 

UberInfiniteGaming says:

Just came back from the movie. It’s cool and entertaining at the same time.
The third act of the show had potential but it boom
Overall I would say its a fun movie to watch for the weekend to chill out
or kill some stress.

B+, 7/10
(Btw, Grade Countings are different from other country(Referring to dumb
ass little kids who falsely assume)

Rob Pollock says:

Star Trek II is the definitely my favorite Khan movie of all time… What?
Were you talking about something else?

Franz Cola says:

It’s blue and black people. Scientifically and my eye tells me so.

C.B. Lawless says:

The Sting is just amazing. Classic well acted Con movie. 

Lindsey Smith says:

*Guys,Take Now Free Steam Wallet M0NEY,Playstation C0DE and FIFA15 C0INS*
*All This Are Fr?e To Get Them , Get Now Faster*

MCruben3000 says:

Yeah well. I’m gonna watch Kingsman again!

ReaderGamerSinger says:

Am I the only one who sees it Blue and Gold?

Titus Orelius says:

It’s black and blue. Clearly. Is this some kind of internet joke I missed?

tropicAces says:

The dress is clearly blue & black. Like, if you see white and gold you
colorblind af

Graham Sparrow says:

Will Smith is awful – whose with me?

UnchainedPassion says:

Oh so thats why my classmate showed me that white and gold dress, i just
answered that it was slightly blue, but then realized it was white it just
seemed blue-ish because it was in the shadows. IS THAT REALLY A THING
PEOPLE A ARGUING ABOUT?! if this thing goes on the news i will fucking burn
what ever studio down. No actually im gonna burn that fucking dress then
the color will be fucking charcoal!

don’t now why im so mad i just found out it was a thing :/

Kyero says:

I’m sick of the whole fucking black main needs white blonde love interest
shit every time the main protag is a black guy.

LordVader1094 says:

I remember the dress thing just exploding on facebook yesterday. Watching
it unfold was horrifying…
Btw the maker of the phenomenon said that it is in fact white and gold, but
depending upon if you’re upset or not it can look blue and black. That’s
why some people see it once, then come back later and see it as another
Awesome movie review btw. :P

Alejandro Barros says:


Destro WOD says:

damn don’t remind me Will Smith will play Deadshot, damn i hate this new
trend of having black people in the roles of white characters… Its just
dumb…. !!!!! Deadshot is WHITE, period… and no im not racist god damnit
thats just how it is, just like i don’t want Superman to be a blond guy, i
don’t want Supergirl to be a brunette, and i don’t want Wolverine to be
asian… for christ sake just respect the origins of your characters….
Whats next? Native American batman???

JWUniverse says:

Great review Jeremy. This movie started out good then went down to meh very
fast but Smith & Robbie’s Chemistry is un-deniable. I give it a B 

CJAdams97 says:

I really wish people would stop saying” first”

JeremyJahns says:
Hans Landa says:

I don’t want Will Smith to play Deadshot, he hasn’t ever played a villain
ever in the history of his career, I don’t think he has what it takes to
KILL on screen.

McBehrer says:

Con movies… can we include heist movies? Because Inception.

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