Flick Movie Talk LIVE w/ Stuckmann – DEADPOOL Movie, Batman v Superman, Free Giveaway!

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Flick Movie Talk LIVE – Batman v Superman Comic Con, DeadPool Movie, Free Giveaway!

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JohnFlickster says:

Starting in just a few, waiting on a special guest.

Blake F says:

Stuckmann, please watch Game of Thrones Season 1 before you talk to Sean

UR BONED says:

When do they talk about Deadpool, I dont have an hour and a half to find it

crazypayne93 says:

Name one film that you will never watch 

Mario Limpness says:

Would you think that Interstellar could end up being like 2001 A Space

Himynameisart says:

who’d be easier to replace Hugh jack man as wolverine or robert downey jr
as ironman?!

JohnFlickster says:
Jan Håkon says:

Jurassic World is set 22 years after i believe

22tigerdude says:

I loved King Kong 2005, it’s one of the best remakes I’ve ever seen and one
of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Peter Jackson did it right in my

CheckMa7eyGB says:

best hulk actor is edward norton, if he was in avengers i wouldve liked

benway20 says:

Clearly, both of you are missing the point behind The Purge.

Johnson Phan says:

What do you guys think of the Sam raimi last of us movie?

Mr Nick Mowen says:

worst part about Jurassic Park III?

sdsdf says:

Chris, do you want a Dragon ball evolution sequel? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ltarget64 says:

What do you think about the supposed Metal Gear Solid Movie? :D SORRY if I
am annoying you. D:

lyricsfromsweden says:

Are either one of you going to see and review Cold In July? It’s a pretty
good movie.

MrFender032 says:

Fuck me…is this still live ?! I MADE IT !!!

Everything Except Shoes says:

You talked about who should play Solid Snake in a Metal Gear movie, and you
didn’t mention the guy who he was based on, Snake Plissken himself Kurt

michael young says:

Hey guys what rating do you’ll give the good bad and ugly.

kittykatsmash says:

I don’t know where Chris heard Game of Thrones peaked in season 1. The show
has been continuously outstanding, if not better since the 1st season.

NinjaBear567 says:

You guys are pretty clueless when it comes to Kaiju films. Godzilla ’14
took no inspiration from Jurassic Park. Everything in it had already been
done in previous Godzilla films. Just really irks me when Chris pretends to
some authority on it.

Mediaslave says:

These two need to be in a movie. ASAP.

Ri O-Ren says:

hahaha when i was little i said to my dad and told him he should watch
those batman movies you despite because they were “very good!” hahahah i
think he hated me for that one.. hahaahhaa xD thats what he looked like
when i asked him wether he liked it or not 

tmartin24 says:

Thoughts on Fox rebooting Predator? 

myfilms999 says:

How come you guys didn’t bring up exodus while talking about aaron Paul 

William Stage says:

Haha nice cameo by stuckman’s fine woman!!!!

DanRanza says:

What kind of porn do you like?

Dgoenumber1 says:

What are your thoughts on the hobbit the battle of the five army’s trailer?

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