Five Nights At Freddy’s: Scary?

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This game seems to be getting unconditional praise ever since it’s release. The question is, is it warranted?

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TheDoubleAgent says:

It’s not really just the jump scares, it’s the atmosphere, and the stress
it causes. It’s the random freak-out moments when you lose track of an
animatronic, and the buildup to the “oh shit I’m gonna die” moment, or
sometimes the complete unexpectedness of the scare, that causes people to
freak out.
There are some pretty deep psychological material behind it.
Of course, the whole process gets stale quickly. And if it doesn’t work for
you, yeah, that’s perfectly understandable and I respect that entirely.

(NOTE: this was a pre-emptive comment, I apologize if you addressed these
points in the video and if I’m being redundant right now)

skullripper4900 says:

for me personally…slender was a game that scared me more so because of
the music…when you got your first page…the music changed…and then
when you got 5..the music changed again to something sounding more intense
and terrifying…and it was tense as fuck for me to find pages especially
knowing slender man is somewhere around the corner…the jump scares only
added a bit to it

slender also is a game that i think got a major improvement in the “scare”
factor with “Slender:The Arrival” since there was more of a story revolving
around slender man as well as other creatures to deal with…more so then
being randomly in a forest looking for pages..

but i will agree that 5 nights at freddys is really overrated. there is
hardly any atmosphere that really gives you any sort of fear..the fear
comes from the jump scare you know may happen..which i really honestly all
to great honestly for a horror game

and i have seen youtubers like TotalBiscut and various people on the
Co-optional Podcast that he does say that the game was also overrated and
saying pretty much the same things you are saying about the its
honestly odd and dispointing that so many people are giving it scores
“good” games should have

but sort of like the Call Of Duty games…people know games like these
sells..which is why they fork out sequals as fast as shit…i
really diddent take long for FNAF 2 to come out..and a 3rd one is on its
way…the only real difference between the first and the second one is a
couple new mechanics..but really the same game with the same old cheep jump

and just like like these will continue to sell..which is sad
because there are way better underrated horror games i would rather get the
attention like Fatal Frame(story..atmosphere…and the way you delt with
the ghosts were just terrifying and the jump scares were there..but it was
hardly used at all) then something with cheep ass jump scares like FNAF

wambulenceman says:

I appreciate that you don’t present your opinion like its the only was
someone should think and the idea that constantly being startled by loud
noises doesn’t necessarily mean “scary” is a very valid point. If I had to
take some issues with the video though, it’d be this:
. The title of “Scariest game ever” is given to PLENTY of horror games that
lets players play, and not because they or their audience actually believes
its the scariest game ever, but because they’re trying to attract views,
and it should go without saying that most people are more likely to click
on a video that claims to have the scariest game of all time, rather then
just the name of a game they’ve never heard of.

. It feels weird that you follow up a citation of a review praising the
game for it’s suspense and atmosphere, but criticizing its repetitive
horror and game play, by saying that the game DOESN’T hold any form of
horror beyond jump scares and that people only like it for that reason.

In conclusion while, you maybe don’t say anything objectively wrong, I feel
like the main point of the video would have been better off being about why
you feel the other forms of horror that ATTEMPT to be utilized in FNAF
don’t work. Either that or the popular games that are labeled as being
really scary are heavily dictated by popular lets players rather then the
players actual experience with the game. As it is now, it’s not a bad video
at all, but I can’t help but feel like the evidence you present and the
main point you’re trying to get across feel a bit mismatched.

Hope this could help :33

SteampunkHeretic says:

There are a few points in particular I take issue with in this video.

Slender: The Eight Pages is a lesson that terrifying gamers and viewers
doesn’t need to cost masses of effort and time. All it takes is an
understanding of how to scare people, and some simple creativity. A game
being simple, does not necessarily reflect laziness on the developers’
part, nor does it place the game below more complex ones by default.

Also, Five Nights at Freddy’s does not rely on simple jump scares. There
is a common phobia of clowns and dolls among human beings, and they are
both kinds of automatonophobia, the fear of humanoid objects. It stems from
a sub-conscious uncertainty of whether to consider something alive or not.
Five Nights at Freddy’s plays on this natural source of unease that is a
simple part of human nature.

The reason this game is so popular, is that it scares well, and is very
simple. That’s what sells unquestionably consistently on the horror market.
People want to be scared, but not in a way that takes an actual level of

Coleman Maguire says:

Can I make a suggestion? Well, I will assume I can, please do a little
research on “Elisa Lam”. Me being a fellow skeptic, I don’t have a lot of
answers for this. Can you please make a video on this? Im really excited to
hear you’re views on this. Oh and, good luck sleeping after you learn about
her case. I couldn’t sleep for days afterwards. Thanks for the content.

Blaze The Movie Fan says:

Yeah that video Chris made was fucking awesome.

Johnny Twobyfour says:

One thing that needs to be understood is that even if you don’t find it
scary, there are those who actually do. Granted, it can be scary to some
for wrong reasons, such as jump scares, really overhyped, and certainly
overrated to some as the Scariest Game in Years, but that is to the
subjectivity of the player. If you watch a video by Gaijin Goomba titled
‘What Makes a Good Horror Game?’, which is a response to the Extra Credits
episode: The Horror That Lingers, he goes into the idea of how horror games
can’t be systematically defined, because fear itself is subjective by
culture, and, more specifically, age. Gaijin Goombah, himself, admits to
having a fear of early Sesame Street puppetry and animatronics. From his
childhood fears, 5NAF’s, to him, can be considered one of the scariest
games that he will play, if he ever does. The suspense of wondering when a
character will finally get to you, the dark room you sit in, the setting of
everything to make the mood is what can be taken as riveting fear to one,
and yet completely normal to anyone else. I suggest you watch this video,
because it would help you understand a little better on how this game is
more of a well developed atmospheric game than just jump scares galore. Not
to say that your video isn’t well supported nor unprecedented. However, as
someone who has seen Let’s Plays of this game, and is not even frightened
by it, I can see now how this would be somewhat of a shocking game to some.

Oliver Hayhoe says:

I love this game for the lore, and the story. It reminds me of SCP:
Containment Breach, in a way.

SunnyD says:

those youtber reactions are 95% of the time as ray william johnson would
say “FAY AND GAY!”

this game sucks, isnt scary, and its fans suck its slenderman ALL over

Steptouchers666 says:

This was a subjectively good video. Nicely executed! *moves thumbs upward*

paperpics says:

idk, i still like it and play it.
i think most people dont actually think its sooper skeeryyyyyy!! i think
its mostly for just entertaining yourself, but hey i could be wrong. thats
at least why i play it, to entertain myself

BoredGamerGuy2 says:

I personally feel like I am too easily scared, but still find socities
obsession with jump scares to be repetitive. I used to be scared of level 7
of The Simpsons Hit and Run, it wasn’t because they had jumpscares, but
because the music and atmosphere of everything around me scared me. I have
played minecraft horror maps that have scared me, because I was moving
slowly to an unknown location, in the dark, with no clue what was awaiting
me. The fact that these two things scared me was because of the mystery and
atmosphere behind it. My fear didn’t lasted more than five seconds, it
lasted the whole duration of playtime. Five Nights at Freddy’s never seemed
that terrifying to me, it looked repetitive and the jumpscares were
predictable. I just saw the animatronics face, that ruins the whole
surprise of the jumpscare if you can see the thing you’re scared of kill
you in that span of time. I feel if you’re going to do a jumpscare, build
up on it, like maybe making the thing you’re supposed to be scared of chase
you while you run away after he just popped out of nowhere. The fact that
what I’m running from is so closeby and wants to kill frightens me, as it
does many. To me, the atmosphere make a horror game, being stuck in a small
room only works when I never can’t predict it to come, being able to
monitor everything and easily deter the thing I’m supposed to be scared of
ruins the experience. In conclusion, horror games need to focus more on
trying to put forth a game with more atmosphere, and less on some random
noise or something popping out of nowhere. 

Xigbar II says:

So far…no horror game, in my opinion, has ever topped Silent Hill 2. Not
only is that game legitimately scary (more creepy than scary though), but
it also has one of the best storylines in any game I’ve ever played. I was
impressed by the PT demo of the upcoming Silent Hills game, so I’m hyped

RykeLight says:

Game isn’t scary, but the lore is amazing

kbone797 says:

the only things that get me are the jump scares, it’s not because they’re
scary its more so on the fact that it’s a sudden impact that shocks me id
just be like holy shit and that’s it

Harry Banova says:

I play the game because I find it fun but I don’t find it scar. When i
first played it I thought it was scary but know the jump scares just get a
bit annoying after a while. Anyway great video as alway’s.

WarLord27753 says:

I’m not sure I agree with this video, but I just want to have one question:
can the jump scare tactic be done right?

huhwut says:

link to your background music?

corey butler says:

Great video man, you brought up some great points. 

Christopher Roundtree says:

Excellent video man.


Have you seen the Babadook or Oculus?

Lisa Warner says:

Nice stuff! n.n

BurnCoalition says:
UNapology says:

you think dead space 1 is scary? the rest are shit to me, but 1 was pretty
frighting imo 

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