Fifty Shades Of Grey movie review

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We were free of Twilight…but somehow Twilight fan fiction has been adapted into a movie. Jeremy reviews “Fifty Shades of Gray”!

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KenKen KillT iT says:

New rating system.
No alchohol
Nothing (The Vortex)

Alexfolledemoi says:

Jeremy…Jeremy…I’m a woman and this book/movie DISGUST ME ! The guy is
an abusive, manipulative asshole !!

This book is about abuse..NOT BDSM or ‘girl porn’ or whatever…

AND PLEASE, can guys stop pretending they’re the only ones who watch porn
and girls only watch good old romance and are innocent creatures who only
live to crash men’s balls and FORCE them to delete their porn..LIKE i
don’t care if you watch por…
We live in a free country and i’m always in a HEALTHY relationship…Like,
Do what you want with your computer, watch porn if you wish to..

OTHER THAN THAT..THE REST of the video was GOLD :D

KKortez says:

Actually, if you add a negative with a negative, it’s a bigger negative. So
it makes sense mathematically. You’re thinking of multiplication and
division. Great review though, and I wonder if we’ll ever have another
movie be rated as “nothing” again.

Katahn Hardy says:

Still a better love story than twigh…. Oh shit, it’s not 

Lew Archer 1949 says:

All these women coming out of the woodwork saying they hate this garbage,
too. Well, good for you.

But SOMEBODY is buying this shit. A lot of somebodies, if the book sales
and Thursday night box office is any indication. Who the fuck are these
people? Is it the clueless, empty headed Twilight demographic all grown up?
Are there that many of them? I’m honestly curious.

MrPhilsterable says:

Thank you Jeremy for making this sacrifice. Thank you for watching this so
we don’t have to. 

Naomi King says:

As a woman I can say my interest in watching this film is in the negatives.
And all my female friends also think it’s a pile of worse than dogshit.

Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy says:

Shittiest movie I’ve ever seen has to be the Garbage Pail Kids.

Steve Longo says:

My girlfriend says that if I see this movie with her she will dress as a
storm trooper with me for the midnight showing of Star Wars the force
awakens. I’m not sure its worth it thought….

Madalin Grama says:

God, I’ve never been so happy, in the one month since it happened, as I am
now, that I broke up with my girlfriend. Dodged a hell of a bullet :)) . Of
course, even if I was still with her, I probably wouldn’t have let her drag
me to this shit. We had an equal standing relation and I would have never
sacrificed my principles or jumped through painful hoops out of fear of her
dumping me or denying sex or some insane shit like that. I mean, I know all
successful relationships require compromise, cause that’s life, but some
sacrifices are just impossible to make and the simple fact that she was the
kind of girl that would enjoy this bullshit and would have even tried to
convince me to go, is enough for me to know she wasn’t the type of girl I
wanted to be with. 

desi1790 says:

Why is everyone assuming that all females will want to see this crap; hated
Twilight as well

TheRonster9319 says:

That was beautiful. Better than I could have hoped. Well done Jeremy. 50
shades of dog shit confirmed!

JeremyJahns says:
BriefMovieReviews says:

I Went To See This Movie In Cinema Today & I Was The Only Male At
Screening.This Movie Would`ve Been Good If It Had A Different Ending.If I
Was In Charge Of This Movie/Had Written It, During The Movie We Learn That
Your Man Was Adopted At The Age Of 4 & That His Natural Mother Was A
Whore/Drug Addict; Your One (Dekota Johnson) Is Trying To Understand Him As
To Why He`s Like The Way He Is And I Would Have Had Him Confide In Her
Towards The End Saying That Because His Drug Addict Mother Couldn`t Afford
To Pay Her Junkie & Owed Him Thousands, The Junkie Took Him As A Kid Pre
Him Being Adopted & Got Him To Pay His Mothers Debt ie kiddie porn/ass up
for rent/whatever & It Would`ve Been A Much Better Ending & Some
Understanding Of The Complex Character Of Christain Grey.Dekota Johnson Was
Just So Plain Jane/Awkward, It Was Just Ridiculous, I Mean Why Didn`t
Christain Grey Get One Of His Entourage To Give Her A Make-Over? Kim
Basinger from “9 1/2 Weeks”& Sharon Stone from “Basic Instant” She Is Most
Definitely Not; Being Don Johnsons` Daughter (sex god of the `80s) & Coming
From His DNA, What The Fuck Happened? How Did She Even Get This Part? 

LinuxMLG says:

Is it safe to call this Jeremy’s worst movie of 2015 already?


This is probably going to be his worst movie this year. There has been only
one other movie that has received the NOTHING rating.

Pazma says:

Does “shittiest movie I’ve ever seen” include movies that were so bad I had
to turn it off? If so then the second Twilight is a contender.

evie bklyn says:

I could not get past the second chapter of the book! I didn’t skip to “the
sex” because I couldn’t care less about the Characters! No I won’t be
going to the movie either!!! Love your channel!

latieraeve says:

Yeah, the books shit, we know its shit! We just like to immerse in the
fantasy, couse if this shit was real, youll kick grey in the dick and file
a restraining order. The fantasy of just going “fuck it” and having amazing
sex with a billionaire that teaches you pleasures about your body that you
never knew….yeaaahhh. Just let up have your guilty pleasure sheesh. 

Artem Salikhov says:

Wow. New level of jeremy’s rating system!
Maybe we also need something better then awesometacular?

Taylor Huston says:

I haven’t seen this movie and I never will. But I just want to say
something to Hollywood and authors who write stories like these. “Stop
making female characters so weak and useless!” Seriously, women don’t need
men in their lives. They choose to have men in their lives because they
want to, not because they have to. Also, women can be strong, independent,
and badass! Heck, I want to see Walt Disney make a movie about a fallen
princess, who has become an adventurer and trained in martial arts, going
on adventures and kicking the holy-living hell out of bad guys, even kill.
Enough of making women the damsel-in-distress. Make them able to defend
themselves and actually save the day for once. 

jp3813 says:

This story is a complete ripoff of Secretary (2002), starring James Spader
as a character named “Mr. Grey”. Look it up!

The Lyosacks says:

I thought the movie was terrible, but let’s be fair: the cinematography was
kind of cool and the main actress was good. Everything else was terrible
and boring, but those two things were decent enough. Still, I agree with
your rating.

Gerardo Montalvo says:

a book can’t always be transformed into a movie. Taking into consideration
what jeremy said, in a movie, particularly romantic movies, romance can’t
be the only thing that’s happening. Because eventually the movie becomes
boring as shit, but in a book however, a simple love story can be enough to
drive the entire thing as we get to understand in a more detailed fashion
what the character is thinking; so maybe we are not promptly entertained
like in a movie but instead we are filled with different philosophical

And before I get all the hate; I’m not defending the movie/book, I just
want you guys see this shit from a different point of view. Blue is the
warmest color is another example of how illiterate people created a movie
about a “lost” female lead finding her “true love” but ultimately ended up
being senseless porn. I’d rather watch Ron Jeremy movies. 

JohnSnakesGames says:

The only positive about this movie is I can fantasize about whatshisface
playing Grey guilt-free due to the fact that he looks similar to
my…benefits friend?… It would be so much easier to talk about him if he
were my boyfriend.

Damon242 says:

haha literally my friend and i DID skip Kingsman for this (not my decision,
btw – I was trying to push her into seeing Kingsman).

worst line and delivery I’ve ever witnessed: “I’m fifty shades of f*cked up*

holy jebus

movieguy43 says:

I saw this movie with my friend as a joke, it was the most excruciating
over 2 hour long joke I have ever had to sit through, i walked out of the
theater with a huge headache and no more aroused than I would be after
staring at bread for 2 hours 

Xehanort10 says:

Any man who was dragged by their girlfriends or wives to see this film has
my sympathy. 

A.J. Milleret says:

As a girl whose favorite onscreen couples include Rocky and Adrian and
Hellboy and Liz Sherman, I will not be dragging my boyfriend to see this on
Valentine’s Day. The shittiest movie I’ve ever seen? A vampire movie called
Metamorphosis. Holy crap, what a bad movie. 

Nyran Stanton says:

Just think about this for a second, both this stupid pathetic movie
(basically a porn movie wiht a poor girl and some rich model dickhead,
basically every girls fantasy, marrying a billionaire) and Ouija made 90
million dollars at the box office and The Babadook (an actual real true
look at female grief and unhappiness and anger) only made 4 million. 

Benjamin Rome Clarke says:

I believe a male dominatrix is called a “dominator”.
Great video! :) Still going to see this with my friends so we can laugh
through the whole thing and ruin it for the middle-aged housewives trapped
in their loveless marriages.

gLeeksFF says:

So basically this was a twilight fanfiction that was popular so the author
changed the names of the characters, published it into a book and made a
ton of money? Wtf, I need to do this.
I’ll write a One direction fanfic (for the 12 yr olds), change Harry to
Larry, Zayne to Kayne. Make it about them tryna get out of the closet and
admit their feelings for each other. And I’ll call it “One in Many
Directions”. Publish it and BOOM milionare.

Ric Ancira says:

People complain about there being too many CBM’s and no movies for adults.
These people were the ones going ga-ga over 50 shades of blah…puritanic
talk porn. This movie makes sex boring. Can’t wait to see John Oliver ‘s
reaction to this movie, it’s gonna be funny for sure. 

Xander Patten says:

You don’t get it man! They’re SUPPOSED to have no chemistry. The whole
point is that you’re just a bland ordinary woman who’s never been touched
by a man, when all of the sudden a hot billionaire sweeps you off your feet
and does all the work for you.

Rusty Blade says:

if you read this comment you might suffer from serious trauma, panich and
at worst case DEATH!! Read with causion!!

you have been warned….
it is confirmed that they are making a new twilight movie. this is a high
red-alert situation and the message must be spread.
disclaimer: i do not take responsibility for any deaths, traumas or serious
events followed by reading this comment. you were warned early.

Bruce Wayne says:

Shittiest movie I’ve ever seen- the first Fast and Furious. My
goooooooooood was that a shitty movie…

Dean444ful says:

This movie created a new rating?! Daaaaamnn.That bad? I want to see it now
just to see how shitty it is. I don’t want to give it money though so I’ll
just wait till I can torrent it.

KingDeadPool11 says:

googleing Jenna Haze Dark Side

Daryl Loh says:

Fifty Shades of Grey’s worse than Twilight, it’s worse than Dogshit, oh
yeah, it’s nothing!

Pooltastic says:

Manborg. Acting quality of a porn movie, the catch is that there is no porn
in it.

Groot says:

It’s so bad, it’s ranked 2nd on IMDB popular movie list -_______-

LukaBlight69 says:

That’s what the second nothing rating lol? 

George Neelath says:

So basically,

Shit inspired by Shit gave us this Shit that’s worse than Dog Shit.

Knuckles The Echidna says:

I’ve never seen Jeremy so angry. XD

Harry Dresden Fan says:

Excerpt –
Bowker has released a new survey focused on the demographics of readers who
purchased a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James. According to the
research, 20 percent of these book buyers were male in the United States
and 30 percent were male in the UK. –

Get that!! Only 20% were male!!! This is woman porn!!! Written for women
and bought by women. Awesome review, Jeremy. You stepped on some poor
girls’ favorite book/movie, but hey, it was totally worth trampling. Just
because a guy despises garbage engineered for women does not make him a

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