Felicity Jones in Star Wars & Jeremy Jahns visits! – Feb. 6th, 2015 – Meet the Movie Press

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Another fantastic #MeetTheMoviePress sees Jeremy Jahns join Reilly and Sneider to talk A LOT of Star Wars news. We discuss the potential casting of Felicity Jones coming on the Gareth Edwards spin-off and what happened with some of the other names mentioned for the project. We get into some #HopefulNewsBreak stories as well as discussing the rise of Jeremy Jahns to YOUTUBE Royalty. And of course, what’s going on with Spidey now that Amy Pascal stepped down from Sony?Great, great show! Enjoy!

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Kadafi69 says:

I didn’t like Godzilla because of the bait and switch with Cranston. He was
featured in a ton of the trailer and not quite enough Godzilla. 

TheJeroenbrouwer says:

I subbed because of Jahns mention on twitter :)
Good to be here :)

foorocker says:

Funny that Jeremy had such influence on Mass Effect 3’s patch that fixed
the ending! I am happy that patch was released, it actually made me like
the ending, so without Jeremy the ending probably never would have changed!
Jeremy is right that is how I found him and his channel so good thing he
made that video lol.

Bobbin -C says:

Jupiter Ascending is a beautiful mess of Jodorowsky’s Dune and 80’s Flash
Gordon. Just roll with it. 

Popcorn Talk says:

watch @theinsneider & @reillyaround discuss latest movie news LIVE NOW

goodfella1401 says:

Fuck Lucasfilm if they go after people for leaking images. They should be
thankful for the free publicity after the horrible way they teased the fans
with Disney’s Bears at D23. It shows once more that movie studios have too
much power these days on government and society. Trying to change or
lobbying for laws which they believe hurts or protects them and the people
in people in power who let them. I would love to hear what the Star Wars
fans of Schmoes Know think about this. I understand that they maybe can’t
comment on this because confilct of interest but I would respect if they
did comment on this Lucasfilm thing. Just like when they gave room to Lexi
Alexander to voice her opinions.
I would like to point that I don’t live in the United States but in
Northern-Europe. So maybe I’m seeing things different.

Kim Christiansen says:

I believe Eoin is pronounced Owen?

trkoby says:

Jesus. I am 17 minutes into the video and I am STILL WAITING for the
conversation to start!!! Ugh, nobody cares about your buddy buddy chit

Eric Jentzsch says:

id watch this without Jeremy but he is the shit !!!!

AnaheimDucks93 says:

Both the schmoesknow and Jeremy jahns kick ass I love both channel’s.

matt G says:

Godzilla > Ghostbuster reboot with women cast.

Gabens Sheep says:

I’m only watching because of Jeremy too haha, anyways I love the podcast 

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