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Twitter Question – March 27, 2015

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Creative says:

The opening scene of Inglorious Basterds. Talk about master build-up of

Ale Martelli says:

Tarantino didn’t direct it but he wrote the Sicilian Scene with Cristopher
Walken in True Romance. That dialog is beautiful. 

michael1234252 says:

My fave scene is the scene from Pulp Fiction where Jules Saying a Bible
verse before he shoots Brett.

Ethan Hoang says:

My favorite scene is the bar scene in Inglourious basterds.

Ono Ramírez says:

First scene in Inglorious Basterds!! The Bride vs O-Ren Ishi!! Mr Blonde
dancing!! DiCaprio with the Hammer!! so many amazing scenes to choose from

Iron McMuffin says:

Personally, nothing beats the ‘What’ scene between Julius and Brad in Pulp
Fiction. One of the greatest scenes ever put on screen. All you have to
tell someone is “Say what again!” and they’ll immediately know what you’re
talking about.

Ivan Flores says:

I don’t tip

Shyam Parakkal says:

Mine is the scene from Inglorious Basterds where Shoshana is having lunch
with Goebbels and Hans Landa shows up. Man I almost pissed my pants by the
end of it. You think Shoshana had her heart in her mouth there? I had my
heart and my balls in my mouth there!

Movielover123451 says:

Ezekiel 25:17, or the pub scene in Inglourious Basterds!

A Yap says:

Tarantino telling the Madonna like a virgin story in reservoir dogs
or tarantino telling the piss joke in desperado (I know not his movie)

Levi Cummings says:

mine is when Marvin is shot in the face 

CIarKent says:

the scene when Magneto kills the Nazis in Argentina 

619ck154 says:

I don’t tip 

rayp526 says:

Ezekiel 25:17

LordMortis315 says:


Nicholas Rivas says:

The introduction of the bear jew, I still watch it till this day, seeing
the dynamic of a guy about to get his skull bashed in look at this “bear
jew”and tell him “bravery” aaah best ever!

Lavon Woods says:

Samuel Jackson and John travoltra in the diner at the end of pulp fiction 

MegaSilverBlood says:

I thought the question meant Tarantino special appearance, like when hes on
the thing john said about inglorious basterds, same thing happened to me,
though its till no my favorite, but that opening scene, just amazing ” Au
revoir Shoshanna ¡¡”

Movie Genius says:

He’s convinced me give my dollar back. XD

sanyrub says:

Too many to choose. Just from his last two films I could talk about several
amazing scenes, just dialogue and acting. The art of film making! (that
goes for the people asking for best screen play nominations for films like
Winter Soldier lmao).

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