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Our first trailer for the new “Fantastic Four” has hit the web! Jeremy gives you his thoughts on this possibly surprisingly good trailer!

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DarthBlam says:

Why is the Human Torch suddenly a black guy?
Why are they changing Sue and John’s story of them being actually related
brother and sister to fit in a random black guy?
Of all people.
You could have made The Thing or even fucking Mr. Fantastic a black guy, I
don’t care if a character suddenly changes ethnicity for absolutely no
reason, but at least make it fit without reworking shit unnecessarily.
Seriously. Why?
And why are they all so damn young?

Whatever.. I see this movie potentially being a bit better than the first
two movies that came out, they were garbage.
But that’s not saying a lot. Unless it gets some surprisingly high reviews
I don’t think I’m going to bother seeing this one in theaters.

Michael Brown says:

The franchise that really needs a reboot is…… x-men. Yea, I said it.
IDC if x-men: DOFP fix problems from the other movies. Xmen could had been
bigger and so much better. I like Hugh Jackman as a actor but damn near
every xmen movie felt like a wolverine movie. I think now, they’re getting
ready to milk Jennifer Lawrence because of her star power. These movies are
getting ready to turn into mystique movies.
But Did the avengers movies feel like a captain America movie or hulk or
Thor or Ironman movie, no. I’m a big fan of xmen. So I expect more from it.
I can understand the backlash that fanstatic 4 is getting. Myself, I wasn’t
fantastic 4 fan growing up at all. So I really don’t care what direction
they go with this. I just hope it’s real good. And I will be seeing it.
When it comes out. I think the problem is, True fans are spoiled. 

oooo says:

Fuck Miles Teller. Fuck Michael B. Jordan. Fuck this movie.

Phil Hubbs says:

The realistic grit is the whole problem -_-

Oh and they have completely altered the family legacy/history of the
characters for no reason whatsoever.

pattimcb31 says:

This looks better than Ant-Man

Dylan Cruz says:

Ehhhhh no. Sue and Johnny should be flesh and blood siblings.While I think
changing things up to not make movies a “white wash”… Johnny Storm is a
no for me and probably a lot of people. To those that think “oh yay
change!”… you need to understand that some thing should not be touched. I
mean what if a hero of color was suddenly made white, it begins to unravel
that character’s background into a self destructing paradox. For example…
it is NO better than what 4Kids did to One Piece, who could not continue
the story because they changed so much for their convenience instead of
focusing on the material.
Stop butchering Marvel franchises Fox! Either give it back or take creative
criticism from them at least because this looks worse than the other one! 

Edward Gil says:

Josh Trank flat out told all the actors to not bother reading the comics or
researching for their roles. In fact, many of the people involved in the
film seem to have an active disdain for the Fantastic Four, with Michael B.
Jordan in particular calling the iconic costumes and titles cheesy and
lame. This was alleviated to some degree by the interviews with Jordan,
Teller, and Kebbel supposedly being familiar with the source material.

So… this is gonna suck.

Anakin Skywalker says:

I never gave a shite about The Fantastic Four.

j29 says:

When Marvel Studios takes creative freedom it because it’s needed to be
done, when some other studio does it, it’s disrespectful to the source.

notforvideos says:

The first Fantastic 4 movie was predictable, but enjoyable, this new movie
looks terrible. Why even reboot F4?

abel says:

don’t really have high hopes for this its pretty sad that people were more
focused on getting marvel to get the rights back with spiderman when it was
the fantastic 4 that needed the most you know that the new movie is getting
so bad that marvel ended the fantastic 4 comics they even had the actors of
this movie get killed off by the punisher in the comics sadly now its gonna
take another amount of years till we get a good fantastic 4 movie

Lord Vader says:

Who gives a fuck if he’s black They probably only have the same mom or
something.. They can still be related, and it won’t change the story in any
way.. My best friend is white, and has a black brother.. They are
biologically related because they just have different dads. Get over the
fact he’s black you fucking idiots.

Rafael Teles says:

It’s funny because the realistic and grit tone don’t really match with the
actors. The well know super family of the comics… With the matured leader
in Reed, those grand circumstances evolving the threat of the Galaxy, the
whole universe, etc.. Because of the cosmic villains. Also their main
nemesis is the best villain in the marvel universe by far on Dr. Doom… I
mean, so many shit regarding “maturity” (others are just fucking crazy, I
know). The fantastic 4 combines with this serious tone just like in the
trailer… But using teenagers as the main heroes? Bullshit! The other
heroes and villains respect the family in the comics because they pass this
sense of responsibility and awareness of a, guess what, family! How can a
bunch of teenagers could pass this same feeling of responsibility?
Specially when even Reed and Doom are young dudes, lol Don’t give me wrong,
the casting in the first fantastic 4 was horrible even with older people.
This one looks even worse. 

Lambo99 says:

Aren’t people tired of all this superhero shit? Its all the same recycled
shit with just different characters with different little powers. Why don’t
people watch some idk… good movies…? All this superhero stuff is just
visual stimulation for the geeks

Xavier Taylor says:

Let’s come to the conclusion that people will hate on this movie u til it
comes out. So let’s be intelligent and judge a movie based on the movie.
Not production rumors and unofficial photos. 

BloodySteel64 says:

It lands with a resounding… meh… from me…
It just feels like it will be another dark gritty reboot, in which they try
too hard to do their own thing, and instead of getting a unique film we get
the same old schlock… but darker and grittier… of course I could be
totally off base and it turns out to be the best movie ever… who knows…

Kevin Carney says:

What’s funny is that the Fantastic Four never had a Tim Burton stage. The
Tim Story films were cartoony and over-the-top like Joel Schumacher’s
Batman films and now they’re going in a dark and gritty direction like the
Christopher Nolan films.

Anyway, I’ll definitely give this film a chance. It’s got a really good
cast and creative team, let’s see what they can deliver.

But for fuck’s sake, can they PLEASE stop replacing letters with numbers in

A.J. Milleret says:

So far…only Marvel movie I care about this year…

Shanoriya Robinson says:

Some of u ppl disgust me… All this hype because a Black Man is playing
the Torch?!! I don’t remember there being this much controversy &
discrimination when Peter Dinklage played Dr Bolivar Trask in X-men! The
character was not meant for a “little person” but he did an amazing job as
I’m sure so will Michael B Jordan. It’s fucking 2015! Clearly u ppl were
conceived through anal sex! Only explanation as to why so much shit is
coming out of UR mouth…kill urselfs

XCyclonusX says:

I agree with Jeremy that to take away Dooms intelligence is equivalent to
taking away the character of Doom entirely. However Jeremy if you do that
now you must be consistent and admit that for Nolan to take away Batman’s
intelligence was to reduce the character to something other than the
genuine Batman. And before you say Nolan didn’t take his intelligence
away, he absolutely did. Bruce wayne did not need Fox to design his
weapons and the sonar technology was something Batman would have developed
on his own.
Just want some consistency here. What you apply to one must be applied to
all, or its just fanboyism then. 

JeremyJahns says:
tumadrepinchependejo says:

i wish people would get over the whole human torch is black thing…i don’t
care, nor will the general movie going audience. as a matter of fact, for
people who are brain hemorrhaging from the fact that its not exactly like
the comic books. take it like this…this is a separate universe from the
comic books. this did not happen in the comic books which is the reason
that as much as the story may approximate its comic book origin, it will
never be the same story. as long as the race of the character doesn’t
define his person…i don’t see the fucking problem…WHO FUCKING CARES!!!
beside the kid they got to act the part is a really good up and coming
talented actor…and they have a perfectly adequate explanation as to why
he’s black and Sue storm is white. just get over it…it really doesn’t
matter. i didn’t care when they made Samuel L Jackson in to Nick Fury,
Micheal Clark Duncan didn’t ruin Daredevil because he was black and not
white. it just sucked. most of you may not remember but the original actor
in the Original Burton 89′ Batman movie to play Harvey Dent was Billy Dee
Williams,,,,A BLACK MAN!!!

Alexander Helios says:

Blood siblings. Adopted siblings. As long as Johnny and Susan are
considered siblings I don’t really care whether or not they are related.

Illisia Adams says:

Alas, I fear for this film. I have hated all of the announcements and
production images, etc, and now I hate this trailer just as much. The
Fantastic Four is supposed to be FUN and FAMILY-FRIENDLY, not GRITTY! If I
wanted gritty, I would watch the Dark Knight trilogy for Batman, or Blade.
Not The Fantastic Four, which is one of the most light hearted, moral,
family-orientated, fun, intelligent comic books ever created. It was not
designed to be… this… :-/ :-( Give Marvel back their rights, dang

shadowspider9 says:

If they had to shove in a black character for racial equality why not make
Mr. Fantastic the black guy. Seriously making the hotheaded, womanizing,
car nut the black character feels like he’s now nothing more then the token
gengsta character.

Why not make Mr. Fantastic the black character. How often do you see a
movie where the main character is a black super scientist. That would be
far better representation.

TokyoKazama says:

Ironic that Jeremy described trolls as being the ‘worst’ type of people,
because I feel as if Jeremy is trolling me right now. That trailer kinda
shit, average at best.

Dars29 says:

It looks pretty interesting. On another note, I think Michael Jai White
should be Luke Cage. I watched this movie called ‘ Blood and Bone’, it’s
basically a Luke Cage movie but without the superhuman strength. He would
definitely be the best pick for that role. 

Zarahemla Dela Cruz says:

I think the trailer is fine, but i have to say, im kind of disappointed
with the cast -_- I know they’re great actors. I’ve seen a couple of their
work, a big fan of Whiplash ^_^… But seriously???!!!! They’re just kids
-_- they may not be but they look like it….Fantastic 4 is marvel, so as
soon as this movie is made, i expect them to become part of the avengers
team…. Mr Fantastic is one of the leaders of the avengers. I can’t
picture Miles Teller playing that part. 

TheCycloneable says:

I don’t really mind the changes between Susan and John thing ( but it
could’ve better if Ben Grimm is the only one who’s black since he doesn’t
have any relatives on the team). But what really bugs me is how the
director changes almost everything from the canon FF. Their origins and Von
Doom became hacker Domshav ( the fuck!?), it just doesn’t sound like an FF
movie to me.. 

Justin Sixx says:

Jeremy the second I saw that you made a review about fans4tic (I laughed
hard when you said that btw xD) I said to myself I need to watch this
trailer for myself and watched the trailer before i watched your review I
agree with you it is a good trailer but for me i don’t really let trailers
get to me because just because the trailer is good it doesn’t necessarily
mean that the movie is gonna be good that’s just me though….I love your
reviews btw always puts a smile on my face ^-^

BTMVideos37 says:

What’s sucks is that if ant man and fantastic four fails, then it’ll ruin
the reputation of marvel, seeing as they have an amazing streak of great
movies (not including amazing spider man 2, because Sony made it and it

JWhitnee says:

This could’ve been a great opportunity to get a black, female superhero in
there too! Imagine Sue AND Johnny being black? They would be blood
siblings, we’d finally get a black female superhero, AND on top of that we
would get to have Sue and Richard become an interracial couple. I don’t
think changing the race of Sue and Johnny would change anything about the
story, and really the whole issue people have with Johnny being black is
the blood sibling relationship part. A missed opportunity indeed.

Spikey Wikey says:

From the trailer, it doesn’t even look like a F4 at all. It would be better
off as its own original project.

Oh, and with all the other bullshit this movie has going for it, Johnny
Storm being black is the thing people bitch about the most? His ethnicity
wasn’t crucial to his character like Black Panther or Storm. Johnny is just
known for being charismatic, cocky, and a fire powered superhero. Michael
B. Jordan is perfectly capable of that kind of role. Just have them be
adopted siblings and there you go. Works.

Doctor Doom being a fucking blogger is what we should all be pissed more

weedwak says:

I remember when that promo pic was Halo 3…

Meg butterfly says:

It looks like “Armageddon” meets “X-Men Days of Future Past.” This could
be Marvel’s 1st stinker. I’ll be catching Ant-Man and Avengers, definitely
not Fantastic Four. I like the vibe though…. but, I just don’t see what
is going to surprise with this movie, or how it can elevate stage and
stakes from the last Fantastic Four. Maybe the story will involve some
kind of world-wide contamination, or implication from the experiment that
gives the Four their powers. I dunno. And frankly, I don’t wanna see Dr.
Doom again. Don’t the Four have any other arch enemies?

Ryan montgomery says:

I hope this is all a troll from marvel they should’ve never changed the
origins of the fantastic 4 I am not buying this at all smh, a black human
torch, changing the premise of the whole movie smh terrible 

MrDman21 says:

lol. Comparing this to the ANT-MAN trailer is not really saying much. This
is why Marvel is so fucking stupid, letting FOX and Sony have properties
like FF, X-men, and Spider-man and then get mad when they make shitty
movies. They should have kept them all in-house but whatever, fuck these
comic book movies, 2015 is the year of STAR WARS!

Hillary W says:

Man, people really don’t like white characters being black. Glad that we
live in such a post-racist world- oh wait… 

alaster boneman says:

hummm well I just saw the trailer and it looked ok. not shore about Jony
storm being played buy a black dude not that I have anything adjust that is
just rises concerns on how they will make him and sue storm bro and sister.
and well if doctor doom his just this internet troll every one is saying he
is….. just no… just no. its Dr Doom how is it they keep fucking him up?
it amazes me!

Arkane says:

So did anyone complain when Jessica Alba and Chris Evans we’re siblings in
first film because I sure don’t remember it happening.

Anyway I thought the trailer was just alright and like others have said
they do indeed look way too young. Who knows though maybe they’ll pull it

DoomRulz says:

The trailer sucked. It was boring and flat. There was nothing in it that
got me excited. If a trailer doesn’t give me goosebumps like for example,
Pacific Rim, Godzilla, Jurassic World, Avengers 2, and so on, I won’t
bother with the movie. 

Honest Cigar Reviews says:

My problem is that they look too young.

Cory Weston says:

HTC One M8! You are now more awesome than before

Freidrich Heisne says:

Not a F4 fan cause I don’t understand the chemistry between the four of
them at all and they have ( not torch ) weird abilities almost like an Xmen
rejects .. I wanted a movie that could drag me into them but I don’t think
I want anymore .. though I’m entitled to the end of the movie to give a
final reaction 

Zeal lewis says:

Boy people hate when there is a black person in a main movie roll. Green
lantern, Storm trooper/jedi, spiderman, and now the torch…..oh yeah and
Annie. How does someone gets so salty over something like that??

Adam Gomez says:

I’ll only see this movie if Dr. Doom has the foot dive from Marvel Super
Heroes all the way to Marvel vs Capcom 3. 

spideralexandre2099 says:

Ok, first of all, the movie is based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four. They
did not go into space, they were testing Reed’s teleportation technology.
It malfunctioned then boom super powers. I also have a theory for Doom. In
the trailer, he is one of the test subjects for the teleporter with Reed
and them. So I think he was either a hacker for the military who some how
got in with the experiment, OR he was threatening the dudes with hacker
stuff and was included in the test against their will.

Nolan Hickey says:

Doctor Doom? As a hacker? **Throws up a little in my mouth** Sorry I must
have misheard you Jeremy.

Gaming With Karma says:

I don’t see why people are hyped for this movie. I saw barely anything of
interest in the trailer. Am I missing something?

DFCMAD77 says:

why do people get pumped for films like I’m pumped for tomorrow for a
football match and shouldn’t you nerds do that too? I mean obviously I’m
not trying to be rude and not necessarily saying get into football (though
it’s like a better kind of film if you grey what I mean) I’m merely saying
that with so much shitty and repetitive movies coming out get out and get
pumper for that kind of shit it’s almost the same but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
better and I have nothing against nerds you’re nerds y’know props for you
I’m not trying to be a dick here I just ask why you would not do this
instead of just keep going back to the films like have you heard of the Old
Firm? if not I suggest you look at it and look at what the fans are doing
and experiencing and think you can get that

BTW Old Firm= Rangers vs Celtic

Game I’m looking forward too tomorrow Dundee vs Celtic I’ll tell you if we
lose or not haha

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