Fantastic Four – Trailer Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews the first teaser trailer for Fantastic Four!


Titus Orelius says:

It looks like shit.
Doom is a blogger.


dylan helsing says:

im really upset that this trailer was awesome because i wanted this to suck
so BAD 

zSyDz says:

For me, the teaser of F4 is better than the teaser of Antman

Artyom Bogomaz says:

Okay, that is the worst fucking trailer for a superhero movie I’ve ever
seen. You dont even get a sense of who’s giving the narration. The suits
look fucking terrible. And no, I dont give a shit about racism or whatever,
but you cant fucking make Johnny storm black, while his sister is white,
fucking make Ben grimm black guy, but ooh, you cant because then it’d be
fucking racist to turn the black guy into a monster, and you cant have a
black guy lead the team of white guys because that’d be somehow racist to
the white people. So by making Johnny storm the token black guy for no
particular reason, and for no contextual difference beyond the “character
diversity” and “making the movie more hip”, which subsequently, actually
MAKES it racist, because you’re aknowledging t these notions, and are
simply doing it to mass appeal to a wider market, ugh.

We didnt get any photos because everything looks like crap. The thing looks
like a fucking turd on steroids, they didnt show any of Mr. Fantastic or
Invisible girl or even Doom’s powers, mostly because they sucks, If I had
to guess. Also, really nice tactic to trick people into thinking this FF
goes into space with all the space shots and space-looking suits.

Don’t even get me started on how terrible the title is: I mean, for fuck’s
sake, you’d think that in a movie called Fantastic Four, you’d maybe expect
them to use the F4, or FF, or just a bland fucking 4 design for the logo,
but no, they had to make it “Fant4stic”. What. the. actual. fuck. This
makes “2fast2furious” sound nuanced and subtle. Fucking really? You’d
replace only ONE letter “a” in the “Fantastic” and not the other? Fucking
geniuses. And of course, they had to make it square shaped, because by God,
the Fantastic Four are well known for using square designs on their chests
and symbolica, right? Isn’t that just so fucking more iconic and visually
pleasent to look at, then a perfect circle shape? Fuck circles, am I right?
Might as well change the X-men to the Z-men, I might, X is so out style,

Not even gonna bother with wooden dialogue and pretentious bullshit. Even
ant-man had that, what can ya do.

Dr. Doom. Oh, I’m sorry, I meant Victor Domaschew, whatever, do I even
really need to say anything? No, for real, do I HAVE to add anything to the
complete fuck-butchery of Marvel’s greatest villain? (And no, you may have
opinions about how Magneto is better and whatever, but even Stan THE MAN
Lee himself said that he prefers Dr. Doom, and Dr. Doom himself is the
quintessential marvel bad guy – He is so incredibly powerful, has a nation,
arguably the smartest man on Earth, one of the greatest magic users, has
noble goals in his mind to create a perfect world without evil but uses
violent means to achieve his goals, and ultimately his villainous arrogance
always leads to his downfall) Isn’t being turned into a fucking asocial
4chan neckbeard hacker just a so much better alternative interpretation of
a character such as Victor Von Doom? No further fucking comment needed.

Does this movie even have to exist? Do we honestly need a serious movie
version of the FF? Arent they all about crazy ass, lighthearted space
adventures and marvelous sci-fi action? Y’know, Galactus, the srkulls,
inhumans, the mole man, the negative zone, mixed with human elements? This
isn’t The Dark Knight material, guys. This is the first fucking family of
marvel, give it a proper fucking movie adaption.

Or better yet, just give it to fucking Marvel back. Fucking bitch ass

Gabriel Rangel says:

I hope one day we’ll see a (serious) superhero film as good as “The Dark
Knight”, probably not in a long while. I’m sorta tired of marvel’s “comedy”
movies, some are entertaining but they are usually very bad, Iron man 2 and
3, both Captain America’s, both Thor’s are all terrible. Even the Avengers
and Guardians of the Galaxy, that are fun to watch, give zero fucks if the
story makes the least bit of sense.

The Goddamn Batman says:

I have one major problem with this teaser, it showed nothing.

Now I know this is just a teaser but at least the Ant-Man trailer showed,
well, Ant-Man and the character doing stuff. This looks like they are
trying far to hard to be like a Christopher Nolan movie.

Even the Star Wars trailer had more to show. Hopefully the theatrical
trailer shows a little more. As it stands I’m impartial. 

11sdownie says:

Trailer was decent, not childish like the MCU movies.

Jesse Gerrits says:

Marvel blew up the actors of this in The Punisher #12 thats how mad they
are at this movie 

kack bratze says:

Can’t stand this big budget Marvel movies anymore. It’s always the same.
Please wake up Hollywood, make some fresh shit!

yanxtar says:

“Faith restored” prefectly summarises my reaction to watching this trailer.
Cautiously optimistic now.

DarklordofDOOM57 says:

I have no idea why people would be hating on this film. The trailer looks
pretty okay, but more importantly –
1. Josh Trank is a talented director.
2. The cast, minus Jamie Bell who’s just okay and Dr. Doom who I don’t
know, is fantastic.
3. Every other FF movie ever released was really bad. The franchise
actually deserves a reboot, opposing to all the other uneccesary remakes
and re-franchisings. (khm Spiderman khm 1000 other movies khm). 

SomeonesReviews says:

I really want this movie to be amazing. I’m a huge fan of Chronicle, and I
love Miles Teller, Kate Mara, and Michael B. Jordan. The only thing that’s
got me worried is that there are SIX writers listed on IMDb. That could be
a really bad sign.

Superscrull says:

I’m very unsure of this movie!

Iron McMuffin says:

Wow, this was the worst trailer I’ve seen for a big budget superhero movie
in a long, long time. Even the movies that end up as shit(TDK, TDKR, MoS,
GL, TASM2, TW, etc.) can almost always at least make a halfway decent
teaser/trailer. I can’t remember the last one that was this bad.

superherofanboy24 says:

I’m really upset that they made Johnny Storm black. Now, before you call me
a racist, how would you like if they made Superman Asian of Batman Latino?
It’s not about race, but it’s about staying close to the source material.
Johnny Storm is a very popular character, and the Johnny Storm we all know
and love is white. There are many talented white actors who can pull off
playing Johnny Storm. That’s not to say that Michael B. Jordan isn’t
talented, but this is a huge miscast. Many African-American comic book fans
out there hated the fact that they casted Michael B. Jordan.

Chris Stuckmann says:
Eric Carter says:

My main concern with the movie is one of the cast members. Say what you
will about the other two Fantastic Four movies but Chris Evans did a great
job at portraying Johnny Storm. He is one of the best parts of the movies
to me and the fact that he is being played as a black character here really
does not make any sense. Now don’t get me wrong I do not have anything
against black actors or anything but there is a major difference between
comedy from a white and black person. I just don’t think that Chris Tucker
or Chris Rock kind of comedy is going to work for this character. I really
hope they get the comedy right. It also does not make sense as his direct
sibling is white. I know this does not sound good but do you get my point?
I hope that this has been taken into account by the studios and that they
end up being great decisions nonetheless.
One thing about The Thing, I know we have only seen his back but I don’t
like the fact that they are going to use typical fake looking CG. In the
other two movies they it was all practical and it looked quite good for the
time, a little bit dated now but good for the time. I really hope it ends
up looking great here.
I also thought that the backgrounds looked so obviously green screened. I
hope that this will be fixed and is not a result of the movie being done in
3D as for some reason 3D always makes effects look fake for some reason.

Anyway I am more curious about this movie than excited. Lets hope its good.
Also I really hope that Doctor Doom is the main villain of this movie.

CosmicUndeadElf says:

The film looks like it is trying to be too dark, clearly there is some kind
of catastrophe that occurs killing lots of innocent people except the 4 who
develop super powers.
No matter how dark and serious this film is it’s still titled Fantastic 4,
based on a campy comicbook by Stan Lee. So in my humble opinion, I don’t
think that is fitting for a Batman Begins type film.

Anthony Gordon says:

Some things work as serious comic book films like Nolan’s Batman films and
Bryan Singers X-men, others don’t like the 2012 Spider-Man and the most
recent Superman. I feel like FF fits more into the Spider-Man and Superman
category and should be more fun, exciting and be about that family aspect
that FF really pulls off. 

HeroDannyPhantom says:

It’s ok but, the Fantastic four were cool in the cartoons they were in.
Side note, I wonder how the world destroyer will look in this franchise,
not a glowing hurricane. 

Glitcher2000 says:

I hated the trailer. Apart from the usual complaints (the cast is too
young, Ben Grimm is black, Doom is a blogger…), the voice-over sounded
incredibly vague and generic, like some portentous superhero guff that can
be applied to any big-budget film these days.

Wintermute01001 says:

I’m worried about a serious Fantastic Four movie. Mr. Fantastic’s
stretching powers just seem like something inherently funny. You can’t look
at him without laughing.

GhostyKid says:

I like what I’ve heard about them taking inspiration from Cronenberg films
like The Fly in terms of this being a science fiction film about people
whose bodies change as a result of scientific accidents.

If nothing else, the trailer moved me from the “not gonna think twice about
skipping it” camp into “I’m interested, show me more.”

bkLEGION3000 says:

NOPE! I still think this looks fucking terrible and nothing in the trailer
turned that around. the worst thing is this ISN’T THE FANTASTIC FUCKING 4!
This is 4 twenty somethings that get powers similar to the fantastic four.
period. These characters are supposed to be old and established
scientists. These actors look barely out of high school. Reed Richards
had grey hair, GREY FREAKING HAIR! Miles teller is 27 and looks about 17,
(he was supposed to be 16 in Divergent if that tells you anything.) I
don’t even care that the Torch is black since he is the only one that even
looks the correct age, since johnny is supposed to be WAY younger than the
rest. The cast looks like fucking twilight turned superhero.

The Nolan Batman was great because as grim and real as it was, at the end
of the day Christian Bale was still believable as millionaire playboy Bruce
Wayne AND Nolan actually used a lot from the source material. This movie
basically took all the names from the source material and the took a big
steaming dump on everything else.

How are they going to make a guy that stretches into a serious gritty film?
That is inherently stupid and silly. All of Marvel is inherently silly
and comedic, THATS THE POINT! Leave the serious soul crushing to DC. Its
what Superman and Batman are good at. Marvel has Norse gods, atomic green
monsters a dude dressed as the American flag, and a gun toting raccoon.
This is not serious folks, its supposed to be fun and stupidawesome. Let
Superman cry about killing his countryman while the Hulk wisecracks about
Loki’s jock size.

And I love how it says from the studio that brought us Days of future past.
Oh yay! Its also from the studio that brought us Wolverine and X3:
destroyer of franchise past.

John R says:

Why would you cast a black actor for Johnny Storm? He’s not adopted in the
comics, so in order to justify the decision to cast a black guy they have
to change the backstory for not just Jonny, but also Sue Storm.
It might have worked if he played the Thing since his origin isn’t tied
into another characters storyline. But as Johnny Storm, no.

Tici Toty Tony says:

I okay i somewhat like the trailer but at the same time it was nothing
special to me, i felt a lot like the Ant-Man trailer that came out and even
that movie trailer didn’t get me all excited about the movie. Time will
tell maybe they will throw us some curve balls in the movie maybe we were
all blowing everything out of proportion. Josh Trank’s Chronicle is a
fucking experience ^_^. Besides when has there been a good Fantastic Four
movie? It can’t get worse the last one……….remember Parallax i mean

Victor Von Doom Jr. says:

This teaser trailer showed us nothing at all. Story? Character
interaction/development? And what’s with the constant and utterly pointless
narration? They could have shown us the butt of the *Thing* the whole time
and we had more information than with this trailer.
Even if I skip away the information and images I had before the trailer, as
standalone source of the reboot it sucks badly – it is like an empty bucket
of popcorn with “Next to be filled” written on the bottom. The Ant-Man
teaser showed us at least some superhero action and character insights.
And why again do you have hope now Chris?

tknick90 says:

Nolan’s films work partly because the incredible performances elevated the
material beyond anything anybody could have expected from a comic book
movie. It’s also because the Batman universe was already a very dark and
mature place, so it lends itself very well to being adapted as realistic
film. Nolan understood the source material and interpreted it very

I don’t think completely straight realism is the appropriate tone for a
Fantastic Four movie, it just doesn’t seem to have the source materiel to
justify it. Almost in the same way that the Hobbit movies have no right
being tonally the same as the Lotr movies. 

Em Chan says:

Personally I’m looking to boycott 20th century fox comic movies (doing my
part to hopefully get their products such as spider man over to the walt
disney movie line) but not everybody is going to do so.

But then it seemed like spider man will be appearing in WD marvel movies,
which means my boycotting of 20th century fox might just seem mean.

I’m still going to do it. Who wants to join me? :o


Chris are you green screened in a fake room. the outline of your body looks
off, and your sweat shirt is flickering. 

Sore loser who spends huge amounts of his time posting comments on YouTube. says:

Pretty weird seeing a Marvel trailer with a serious vibe like this. I bet
Josh Trank doesn’t know a single joke. But if Marvel can own two sides of
the coin, D.C. has a lot of work to do.

Real Human Bean says:

The suits are terrible. They don’t even have a “4” on the chest. Doom as a
blogger is enough said. Human Torch is back?! (Dude’s a good actor but I’m
sick of changing character races for the sake of “diversity”)
Even if it’s a well made movie, it just isn’t the Fantastic Four. 

KicksForGames says:

You are nuts. Everyone i know who has seen this trailer agreed it looks
terrible. For me that voiceover told me all i had to know. The voiceover is
a hack job, sounds like shit, read like the person never heard a voiceover
before. The voiceover told me they are trying to hide the faults of the
movie behind a fence built a foot off the ground with flimsy wood in which
it’s not stopping anyone from seeing what’s behind it. Fantastic 4 will be
a bad bad movie.

Mr. GMAN's Channel says:

Since Fox has made me a fan of them because of the recent X-Men films, I
will try to go in with an open mind. The problems that I have with the
trailer, is that the tone is taking it WAY TOO seriously, and that’s the
problem I had with the Ant Man trailer. It doesn’t look like it has a sense
of fun, it doesn’t really get me excited. And it looks more like a space
exploration movie, not the kind like Guardians Of The Galaxy, more like
Interstellar, instead of a superhero movie, which could be interesting, but
still. Not a bad trailer, but not a very good one either.

Romero SanFran says:

My first impression is that this is another Marvel movie with TEENS in it.
Or at least they look like in their early twenties, I guess to appeal to
the PG14 audience, because Avengers Team is in their 40’s I guess.

Rabbitearsblog says:

Great review! I thought this trailer was interesting, even though like you
said, it didn’t exactly wow me, but I am interested in seeing where they
will take the characters in this film.

Charley says:

If you watch house of card you know the voice over. It’s freddy, you
recognize that voice instantly 

Kris Russell says:

I feel skeptically optimistic about this FF movie, based on what I saw in
the trailer. I think I can appreciate that Trank/Vaughn is trying to make
FF serious following how cartoonishly goofy the past two films were. On the
flipside, I am a bit fatigued with the solemn grittiness the trailer hints
at — and considering that Avengers and Guardians have proven that you can
make an unabashedly fun comic book movie post Dark Knight, I think Marvel
(whether owned by Marvel Studios or from other studios) can only benefit to
strive for a good balance of the somber and entertaining in future films–
after Age of Apocalypse, I want X-Men to get an Avengers-esque treatment.
Hell, give Batman some breathing room to do something outside the typical

That’s me. It’s understandable that trailers can often be misleading (lest
we forget about Brave) and I hope we’ll have a better look at what tone
this new FF hopes to achieve in the near future.

Lew Archer 1949 says:

I don’t want to see Fantastic Four babies. I hated the Ultmates version of
the FF, which this seems to be copying. I dislike the Ultimates universe in

I want to see the traditional 616 FF presented in a respectful manner, not
some trendy bullshit. This looks boring and generic.

swanpride says:

The thing with the trailer is that just based on its content I would never,
ever guess that it is about Fantastic Four. It is so gerneric, it could
just as well be for Interstellar 2 or anything else along the line. There
have been so many complains about the Ant-man teaser, but that one did what
a teaser is supposed to do: It summoned up what the movie will be about,
that it will be about a man who shrinks, who used to be in prison and now
gets a second chance, and about a father/daughter relationship. I have
still no idea what the Fantastic Four movie will be about. You can do that
with a movie with everyone really, really wants to see, but what Fox now
needs to do is to show the fans anything which makes them think “this looks
pretty cool”. There was nothing in this trailer which made me want to see
the movie.
I don’t care if the movie is serious or not. But I need to see something
which convinces me “hey, those people have a pretty good idea what the
fantastic four are really about”. But the only thing I have seen so far
makes me wonder if this is a fantastic four movie in name only, and the
teaser did nothing to convince me otherwise. If anything it convinced me
even more that movie will miss its mark. Because otherwise I would be able
to recognize what the the teaser is for before they slap the name over it.

Agustin Gamez says:

I’m gonna have to agree with you on the trailer not blowing you away;
neither did I get much of a thrill out of this or the Ant-Man teaser.
Initially, like with the prior incarnation, The Fantastic Four films were
awful. I will admit, they were like a guilty pleasure, but more so as a
cheap and cheesy comedy. To watch either back-to-back or more than once
every long period of time is just inconceivable. When I heard of the reboot
cast, I was and still am a bit skeptical. I do love more serious comic
flicks, but as talented as the cast is, they also don’t make much sense.
However, the teaser kind of left some worries away because of how the
direction is looking. I still am not quite thrilled at whom they put to
each character, but there is a shred of hope that Fox had learned what not
to do with this version like the joke of a film franchise that’s flame
quickly got blown out by the second film. Seeing their huge success with
the X-Men franchise with Days of Future Past, I think they can still invest
well in a more substantial comic book movie and hopefully a successful
franchise for The Fantastic Four. It would be a shame if Fox were to
regress like they did with the abomination, Dragon Ball (YEESH). I guess
we’ll just have to wait and see when there are more substantial trailers
and the movie itself hits theaters. For now, I’ll have a reserved sort of

MrDman21 says:

Pfft. Whatever. You guys really need to stop putting these directors on a
pedestal like they can do no wrong. A dark and gritty Fantastic 4 equals
FAIL! Non of these fucking comic book movies are gonna matter once the new
STAR WARS comes out anyway.

extragirth64 says:

Okay, I haven’t seen the Fantastic Four sequel but what’s wrong with the
first movie? I am not even saying the first movie was incredible but it’s
at least a *good* film. And when was it *”unintentionally hilarious”*? When
it wanted to be funny, it was funny.

For the most part the movie was a live-action adaptation of the Fantastic
Four. What more do you want?

Flako Lopez says:

The trailer looks good…hope the movie will!

Sid Jones says:

The voice is Johnny’s father, the bald black guy.

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