Exodus: Gods and Kings movie review

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The story of Moses is being brought to the big screen in a more grand yet more “accessable” fashion. But does it work? Jeremy reviews “Exodus: Gods and Kings”

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Kai P says:

Not only are the main characters disgustingly whitewashed, but it doesn’t
even look Egyptian.
It looks fucking Greek.
Since we’re changing the races of historical figures, can Will Smith play
George Washington with white slaves? Can we do that? Or would that be a

Pers Godiva says:

Yeah, I’m not seeing this movie. The whitewashing is just insane, nothing
about it looks even remotely egyptian (clothing etc.) and let’s be real:
Moses was a shephard. Why is he running around with armour and a sword? WTH

Dale Doback says:

Why would anyone ever complain about fantastic actors being cast in a
movie? Joel is phenomenal and Bale is simply a world class actor with
incredible range and commitment to roles.

People act like white characters don’t get portrayed by those from other
races. Smh.

The fact you can’t discuss this movie without whitewashing coming up shows
how sad our society is. I think in 2014 there is more racism towards whites
than any other race in america. We should be trying to eradicate racism all
together people, get informed. 

TheCookiezPlz says:

So many people complaining the movie had too many white people, and I’m
just here thinking that if someone complained that a movie had too many
black people the same people complaining now would probably be losing their
goddamn minds…

Kami Nkurunziza says:

Wish they could have cast actual Egyptian actors for the lead roles. It
didn’t bother me that the cast for The 10 Commandments were white because
that was a long ass time ago. This was a great opportunity to find new
Middle Eastern and North African talent instead of using the same old white
actors. Imagine if an Egyptian actor was playing Mel Gibson’s role in
Braveheart. If it is about the box office as some people suggest then why
not hire Egyptian actors and then build a marketing campaign around Bale.
Surely Bale is a big enough star that it doesn’t matter if an unknown is
playing Ramsey because people are already going to see the movie because of
Christian Bale who is an A-List actor. 

sonnytots says:

Dude, Prince of Egypt is the ULTIMATE movie about exodus! Not only are the
characters not pasty white, but it’s got great characters and some
absolutely stunning animation.
This Exodus movie was just kinda meh for me, I mean the directing was good
and the cinematography was beautiful, but I wasn’t too keen on the script,
and I think the movie was pretty miscast.

Ayinde Butler says:

It must be awesome to be white. To see racially insensitive and inaccurate
casting and just not give a single fuck about it.

Otávio Oliveira Bopp says:

A: north africa is mostly middle eastern in race.
B: But there a considerable amount blacks living there
C: europeans are unlikely
D: don’t to pissed of about noah being white, it doesn’t change the
history, adds or takes anything away from the movie except possibly wrong
historical accuracy
E: The executives wanted a big name for noah and hollywood lacks big name
middle eastern actors.
F: Just because it’s africa doesn’t mean all people there are black

Judge Fredd says:

Egyptians were not black! They were tan, middle eastern, much like today!
They intermixed with semetic-speakers, the Nubians were black in the
traditional sense, the kingdoms south of Egypt were black, Egypt, however,
was not black!

This is a public service announcement! Thank you for listening.

helpmeplease402 says:

Getting real sick of these false movies defacing the bible like this.

Shanoriya Robinson says:

Another white man playing Moses? Ahhh no thanks

Zach Morley says:

What’s wrong with you people? Ramesses II had red hair, long skull, and an
aquiline nose in real life (hence Caucasoid). The actor playing him in here
looks even less white than the real body. Edgerton is tan, not pasty white
in this film. John Turturro, who plays Seti I, has olive skin and curly
black hair. Christian Bale is the whitest character in the movie, and even
he has a thick dark beard in this film (giving him a more Hebrew look).
Where on Earth are you getting the idea that these people are pasty white,
or that the Egyptians were less white? Ignorance.

Sam says:

All the Bible movies are always about One of three things: Jesus, Moses, or
I would like to see a film about Samson. It could be pretty emotional and
bad ass at the same time. Jason Momoa would be awesome in that role.

nudl3Zz says:

god made science so it’s not really a big thing that he uses it :-D

iLift WithMyFins says:

Whitewashed? Does no one know history at all? All of northern Egypt was
populated by ARABS (Caucasians) in ancient times. Evidence?
Pyramids/statues, paintings and skeletons/mummies! Think logically, black
people can’t even make a proper house made from sticks and mud, what makes
you think they can move 2.5 tons of solid stone to make over 100 pyramids?
The ancient paintings and statues showed all the pharaohs to have a
caucasoid facial structure (pointy nose) and they also had a RED skin tan.
Mummies and skeletons are HUGE evidence that they were white simply for the
fact of the skeletal structures. You people are fucking idiots, as soon as
you hear “Africa”, you automatically think black culture. Well, woopty doo!
Go look at a map and you would see that Egypt is literally connected to the
Middle East at walking distance. That’s like saying the people of Detroit
are white because it’s in America LMAO.

P.S. I see that you idiots take the red skin tan as a black color. Well,
does that mean East Indians are black? Last time I checked, skin tone
doesn’t determine race, skeletal structure does. Yes, ancient Egyptians had
a very dark skin tone, but their skeletal/facial structure is classified as
caucasian. SIMPLE OSTEOLOGY!!!

lambo pickle says:

I’ve seen a surprising lack of religious comment wars, a few, but not near
the comment sections of some other videos.
Thumbs up to the Jeremy fan-base.

triple double homicide says:

As a black man I can not complain when white men produce a big budget movie
and cast white actors. I say black people should request that black movie
producers like Antoine Fuqua, Tyler Perry, Spike lee, Tim Story, Oprah,
Denzel ect. start a kick starter campaign, and we can tell our damn history
on the big screen. Black people are the only people in history that seek
justice and equality from people that hate you. Look, white people are our
enemy, always have been, utilize the same racism they project and do for

Drake Santiago says:

I am glad to hear from this review that Christian Bale is portraying Moses
as being morally conflicted, as opposed to the way Charlton Heston played
Moses in the “Ten Commandments”, as this person who robotically followed
God’s psychotic agenda without any moral reservations. While the book of
Exodus, like much of the Bible, is highly fictional, it is nice to see
Biblical characters behave in a believable way on screen. No person, with
any sense of compassion, who hasn’t been brainwashed by religious
dogmatism, would look at God’s targeting of innocent people and think it
was this great and noble act. They would look at it, and see it for what it
was – a vile act of terrorism. 

oscar guzman says:

Jeremy jahns is my homie.Like if you agree

Edward Irra says:

Ten Commandments didnt feature a primarily black cast. The Egyptians in
Prince of Egypt were not colored black, nor were they voiced by black
actors. Why in the fuck is this now an issue? Leave it to the public to
make something out of nothing again, just like Mike Brown. 

Darran Kern says:

Liking this video just to spite all the libtards who are whining about
“whitewashing.” It’s a movie. It’s not even biblically accurate, let alone
“racially accurate.” It’s an action film. It’s an adaptation.

Please go fuck yourselves. You’re whiney and stupid and easily distracted.
Go be offended at something that matters.

cattledogandstaffy says:

As soon as I saw the amount of whitewashing this movie had, I refused to
see it.

Honestly, the best Moses retelling in a movie form is DreamWorks’ ‘The
Prince Of Egypt’, it has beautiful music and GORGEOUSLY STUNNING animation
not to mention there’s NO WHITE PEOPLE

Don’t waste your time watching Exodus, watch Prince of Egypt =)

JeremyJahns says:
Thane3999 says:

Personally, my main problem with this movie isn’t isn’t whitewashing.
Hollywood done this million times before, and will do this million times
after. Ande beside, Ten Commandants had white actors too, Where were black
people back than to complain,heh?
My main problem is that this movie can be directed by anyone, literally.
Ridley Scott does not bring anything new to this story, that any other
random person from the street could, beside militant Moses and God in
child’s body (which I’m sure was done because it’s opossite of an old wise
man,like a lot ofpeople imagines God to look like). His version of this
story is uncreative,and his “radical theological” questions and answers,
were already questioned and answered by EVERY person alive, who actully
read a Bible. Beside good visuals (which are even better in 3D) it was
waste of time and for manny even insulting (just not for me). Even acting
was pretty damn bland, only thing that didn’t made me snore was dialog.

Duma945 says:

Holy shit all the people in the comments freaking out cause of
“whitewashing”… Dude, enjoy the movie, it’s not like I was bothered by
that black Heimdall(?) god-dude in Thor, and Vikings were Caucasoids. Why
do people get so bothered by this stuff?

Gymeny Hyde says:

This movie was completely bull shit, they didn’t even attempt to be loyal
to the source material
They turned the story of Moses into a gladiator action movie
They took the staff away and gave Moses a sword, the Nile river became red
because crocodiles started attacking
The red sea didn’t get parted, IT WAS DRAINED like a big ass tub
During the plagues instead of balls of fire raining down we get HAIL
Yeah we get the burning bush but it only served as a back drop, yeah god
came in the form of a little kid
Moses put the 10 commandments on the stone tablets
wanna watch a real movie about the story of Moses then watch THE PRINCE OF

MegaDragonslayer1997 says:

I’ll see the movie for the action and acting. Don’t really care about it
being accurate. Movies don’t need to be loyal to any source material.
That’s why they’re called ‘adaptations’. It may not be accurate as it is to
the book, but you get the gist of it.

I’m seeing a lot of hateful comments saying: “They’re white, it’s obviously
going to be an inaccurate shit film, this movie doesn’t have anything on
‘The Prince of Egypt’ ” an animated film ironically voiced by white people,
so you’re really just contradicting yourselves. 

Rage Dulexe says:

If people can complain that Moses is white, then we can complaine that
Annie is black 

cherrygirl542 says:

Why are black people so upset about the actors being white? The egyptians
were more middle eastern looking so really it should be the arabs making a
big deal out of this, not black people. When they make a movie about
Frederick Douglas being played by a white guy, then you guys can complain.
Until then, let the arabs fight this battle, not you. 

15heartz says:

WHOA JUST WANNA SAY I LOVE YOUR WORK. Now yes I’m sure now in the 21st
century they will allow blacks as side show characters. but sometimes I
wonder if whites actually read the bible because if they did they would
know pretty much everyone in the bible is black,hebrews,jews, and the rich
whites and few blacks pigs,dogs,vultures,snakes whispers oh my bad! I mean
celebs, would help lift the poor not put down, as we all know sharing is
caring”meaning by helping us I help myself”. But whites have taught
minorities with their own stolen books! and teaching( Meaning HIS-TORY)
that everything(WHITE IS RIGHT) which is BS completely. these are just a
few lies, world map size and upside down earth. black cave men monkey,world
climate change plus where running out of food and water,”shining sun” thats
the hint meaning energy sun is a flaming ball!huh sun a fire ball, there is
no devil but their is aliens( now I’m no genius but if the devil never got
created or born on earth what does that make him!? a Alien. so yes the
devil is real plus JESUS OUR SAVIOUR/LORD GOD.

Chris Bays says:

It’s a movie not a historical biopic, if you have a problem with it being
“whitewashed” God to college get a degree in film etc and make the movie
how you see fit 

Kollin Pork Chop says:

The second time a Batman has played Moses! Haha

Jacob Voronkov says:

I don’t care about the casting. The original Ten Commandments movie. How
many Egyptians were there? Almost the entire cast was white!

Samuel Mumm says:

A fuckton people here are complaining about whitewashing… yeah, *that*
really ruined the movie. Like Charlton Heston ruined the ten commandments

What really destroyed the movie was the pacing and the lousy take on the
portrayal of God. I’m an atheist, but the thing that I’m excited the most
about to see in those bible flicks are god and miracles and shit.
And then they show this annyoing kid… well, maybe it’s really deep and
they intended to portray god as an ill tempered brat making poor decisions.
Who knows?

Billie4Mozzarella says:

I like how people are comparing real life historical figures/very important
religious+historical figures to “Nick Fury and Perry White” Um ok then
guys. Because Moses and Rameses II are so comparable to Perry White from
Superman and Nick Fury who was black in at least one of the Marvel
universes. All the Egyptians were black, the hebrews were Jewish, and I’ve
met people who are so uneducated and deluded they think white people
existed in Africa back then, so… yeesh. And the worst part? The slaves
were still black. Double yeesh. 

Mermaid Motel says:

“It’s not about race11!! it’s about acti8ng skill11!!” Bitch, Egypt EGYPT
the place the damn movie is set in banned this movie. Nigga bye

Filip Rasic says:

brotherhood was torn apart when he told ramzes that he need to look after
his child and the next day the child dies, so he orders them to leave so he
can kill them all outside of town…

gears117 says:

while i don’t believe in the bible, i do think it’s a great epic fantasy so
might still see this :) 

Mario Pendic says:

Great take.on a mythological story. Especially Moses. Although Hercules is.
Better and less derranged. But undoubtedly the religious will cry about how
it doesn’t add up to the book. It is MYTHOLOGY. Same with Noah.

R. Downgrade says:

The grand scope of the movie aside, I was rather disappointed with the
interpretation of the story, especially how an entire civilization built
upon a veritable slave race should be seen as unduly put upon when karma
strikes the f*** back. Seriously, is there simply no longer an accepted
point of personal responsibility and everyone is just always allowed to say
it’s someone else’s problem, that they are apart from the community and
not a part of it? 

djbackspin911 says:


Phoenix Oroboros says:

what the fuck is this?? you are hyping the movie for 3 minutes without an
end and then you are giving it a C?? Dafuqing motherfucking hell????????
you are like IGN. the whole review they are pointing out the goo, the best
and fantastic, they mention one bad thing and then its a 7.5/10, LIKE WHAT
THE FUCK. I expected an awesometacular or a buy on blu ray during your

Godneyproductionss says:

i loved the movie!!!!!!!

Mad Dek says:

The Prince of Egypt still takes the cake…

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